GORA : 这些雕塑形成了一个星座。一个可以被整体阅读或作为个体形式阅读的团体。有些被杆子举起来,提供了一个小屋顶居住,所有在相同的高度。头上有屋顶。一个可以将目光投向天空和周围树梢的地方。固定在地上的雕塑可以攀爬,也可以舒适地坐在上面。

GORA :The sculptures form a constellation. A group that can be read as a whole or as individual forms. Some uplifted by poles offers a small roof to dwell under, all at the same height. A roof over ones head. A place to lift the gaze towards the sky and the surrounding treetops. The sculptures anchored to the ground are available to climb, or comfortable to sit on.


Beanland by GORA


The sculptures interact with each other, the pupils at the school and visitors. The yellow-green color scheme communicates with the trees’ colours. In winter, the colours are reminders of new leaves in spring, of greener and warmer seasons.


Beanland by GORA

Beanland by GORA



At dusk and at night the sculptures shine with a warm light. Daytime the transparent material is lit up by the sunlight.

The children at the school suggested names for the sculpture constellation, and they named it ’Beanland’. The children compared the light volumes to animals, plant, places of adventure and much more. They can be compared to celestial bodies, which together form a small galaxy. Or, other things and stories impossible for me to conceive.


Beanland by GORA
Beanland by GORA
Beanland by GORABeanland by GORA


摄影师:Nils Begendal

Project name: Beanland
Project type: Sculpture
Location: Sweden
Design company: GORA
Photos: Nils Begendal