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DAGA Architects: The ancient city of Qianzhou on the bank of the Wanrong River has a long history and is known as the first of the four ancient towns in Xiangxi. Today, the ancient city of Qianzhou is not only a cultural window of Xiangxi Prefecture, but also a gathering place for the entire intangible cultural heritage of Xiangxi, with 24 national intangible cultural heritages gathered here. Tiangongju in the ancient city of Qianzhou was originally a place for local carpentry inheritance and practice. It was dedicated to Tiangong Luban. It was an abandoned house before the renovation.




At the invitation of Beijing Capital Group and Xiangxi Prefecture Government, DAGA Architects carried out the renovation design, repair construction, and soft decoration exhibition of Tiangongju. The original ruined building was renovated, implanted with vigorous modern design symbols, and finally transformed into an exhibition space that retains the characteristics of the traditional bucket-type wooden structure and also has innovative significance.


▼万溶江畔的乾州古城 The ancient city of Qianzhou by the Wanrong River

改造前的天工居 Tiangongju before renovation



The original building is a bucket-type wooden structure, which has been in disrepair for a long time, the ground is overgrown with weeds, and most of the window frames have been deformed. However, the original architectural style is still maintained: wooden walls, wooden floors, bluestone slabs, and tiled roofs, reflecting the strong local characteristics of ethnic architecture. Our renovation design and repair construction strictly abide by the principle of repairing the old as before, keeping the traces of the original history to the greatest extent; but at the same time, we hope to reflect the times and functionality more. For this reason, we continued the red lantern, the only bright element in the venue, and planted a red glass box in it.


植入红色玻璃盒 Implant the red glass box

平面图 Plan

天工居外立面 Facade of Tiangongju

天工居主入口 Main entrance of Tiangongju

进入前院的过厅 Enter the lobby of the front yard



Red has profound meaning in Eastern culture. It represents peace, joy, prosperity, health, warmth, and prosperity. For the Chinese, red is the “national color”, but also a cultural totem and spiritual refuge of the Chinese. The addition of the red glass box also represents inheritance and innovation, the coexistence of new and old, and natural integration. It is decorated with red transparent glass boxes and placed in the original building, which breaks the closed barrier and brings more possibilities to spaces with different attributes.


第一个红色玻璃盒——连桥 The first red glass box-the bridge

连桥跨过水池 The bridge crosses the pool


连桥细节 Bridge details

连桥另一头的非遗文化交流展示区 The intangible cultural exchange exhibition area on the other side of the bridge

窗外的红色讲台Red podium outside the window


第二个红色玻璃盒——讲台 The second red glass box-the podium

讲台上古亭的倒影 Reflection of the ancient pavilion on the podium

庭院的夜晚 Courtyard night


第三个红色玻璃盒——门斗 The third red glass box- the foyer

伸入展廊的门斗 The foyer of the gallery

门斗细节 Foyer details



The building at the end of the courtyard was severely damaged, the door panels and mezzanine railings are no longer there, and the rammed earth brick walls have collapsed due to rain. To preserve the authentic elements and historical features of the historical building, we searched for local masters familiar with traditional craftsmanship to carefully restore the building and transform it into a restaurant and guest room.


庭院尽头的餐厅与客房 Restaurants and guest rooms at the end of the courtyard

餐厅改造前 Restaurant before renovation

餐厅改造后 Restaurant after renovation

餐厅细节 Restaurant details


客房 Guestroom

入口接待室 Entrance reception room

艺术工坊 Art workshop




业主团队:燕山 李跃 郭晨 刘学航

Project name: Beijing Capital Xiangxi Intangible Heritage Workstation
Client company:Beijing Capital
Client Team: Yan Shan, Li Yue, Guo Chen, Liu Xuehang
Design & Construction Company: DAGA Architects
Company Website:www.arcxtec.com
Leading Architect:Ren Xiaowei
Design Team:, Chen Chiyang, Yan Ruiqi, Yu Xiaoyu, Gou Yali
Design Time: 2019/09-2020/01
Construction Time: 2020/10
Project Location:No. 52, Dongmen Road, Qianzhou Ancient City, Jishou City, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province
Project Area: 677㎡
Photographer: Yan Ruiqi, Chen Chiyang



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