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BJF International Design:Yearning for nature, Get rid of fatigue, Talk to the mountains, Living by the river.



项目概况 Project profile


The project is located in Xinglong County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with roads extending in all directions. The B&B area before renovation was a traditional residential village. B&B 3# is a large block building with a partial sunroom on the second floor on the south side. The current courtyard is relatively long and narrow;The 4# B&B is divided into two front and rear courtyards. The front yard is square, and the height difference in the backyard is relatively large. Earth retaining and enclosure are considered; the 5# library is the original village middle school, and the height difference of the site is Large, we need to consider the arrangement of the retaining wall and the arrangement of the landscape behind the library.


▽项目与周边环境整体鸟瞰Aerial View

▽改造前图书馆 Pre-renovation library

▽改造前3#民宿B&B 3# before renovation

▽改造前4#民宿B&B 4# before renovation

▽总平面图 Plan


图书馆·居幽静 闻书香 Library·Living quietly and smelling the fragrance of books


Unlike other B&Bs, we have added a reading area in the B&B area. Transform the original village middle school into a library to renew and activate the countryside and inject vitality into future rural development. Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles, put aside your anxiety, and experience the joy of farming and reading in the mountains and fields. Sitting quietly in a corner of the library, you can stay peacefully for a whole day, listening to the wind blowing the fallen leaves nearby, and looking out at the shadow of the mountains outside the window.


▽改造后的溪地图书馆 The revamped Hiti Library


民宿·浅尝院中耕读乐 Residential hostel·A brief taste of the joy of reading in the courtyard


In order to retain the original flavor and be closer to nature, the renovation was carried out on the original basis. The original stones and logs were taken from nature, and the red bricks and green tiles were taken from local materials.


▽改造后的民宿入口 The renovated entrance to the homestay



Based on the original building shape, through the collision of site materials and glass and metal materials, it shows a modern country style with quality and style.


▽民宿格调 homestay



There is a dining table and chairs for ten people set up outdoors. The white tables and chairs echo the black walls to highlight the modern and simple atmosphere. Gather together with family and friends and experience modern facilities and services.


▽户外就餐空间 Outdoor dining space



The ancient well in the courtyard is preserved. In your spare time, you can carry water, grow vegetables, relax your body and mind, and experience farmhouse fun.




There is a canopy in the courtyard. Whether you want to rest quietly and enjoy leisure time; or you want to open up your heart to friends and chat about everyday things, it is an excellent leisure space.




The leisure area has built-in rattan seats, echoing the surrounding stone walls. Enjoy flowers, drink tea, chat, return to the courtyard, and live a peaceful and comfortable life.


▽毛石墙下的休闲区 A recreation area under a hairy stone wall



Using local materials, bamboo and wooden sticks are combined to form the fence. There is a bonfire device in the venue. You can light a bonfire in the evening and sit aside to read or take a rest as the sun sets in the sky to feel the wildness of the mountains in the evening.


▽因地制宜的当地材料运用 Use of local materials according to local conditions



Create a mountain B&B with a sense of life. Let people live in the mountains and wild flowers, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, empty their hearts, and live in the mountains beside the stream.




运营团队: 刘炜,孙宇心,张淑凤,范起龙,姜雨姣

Project name:Beijing Valley Village Hotel
Project location:Chengde, Hebei
Total landscape area:37890 square meters
Owner: Powerchina realestate
Owner team: Ma Shuai, Liu Jun, Zhang Pengxiang, Wang Juncheng, Lin Yue, Bian Bingbing, Zhu Yulong
Operation Team: Liu Wei, Sun Yuxin, Zhang
Landscape design:BJF Institute3
Landscape photography:Pictures provided by powerchina realestate
Design time:November 2022
Completion time:June 2023




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