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BJF International DesignRomance in the forest, relaxation in nature.”Easy LIFE· Jiangfu Paradise” jointly designed by Yuange Culture, Yunyan Amusement and BJF is located on Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, a stone’s throw away from the 798 Art District. Here you can experience thousands of different ways to play and explore the secret base under the forest. It is a small An activity park that is loved by both adults and children.



01 项目背景 Project background


Yi Life Jiangfu Paradise is located in the north area of ​​Jiangfu Park, covering an area of ​​nearly 40,000 square meters. It is designed to create a relaxing, low-intervention, hands-off parent-child paradise, creating a place closer to nature, where both adults and children can enjoy Can be closely connected with nature. Allowing children to experience the fun of “jungle adventure”, we hope to create a unique “wild fun” children’s paradise, and through this project can stimulate children’s enthusiasm and curiosity, encourage children to open their senses and use their imagination , get outdoors and discover the magic of nature.


▽项目总平图 Plan



This project makes full use of the original natural environment, retains the existing plant resources on the site, protects ecological diversity, and maintains the ecological balance of the base. The existing tall trees provide natural shade for tourists active in the forest, creating an environment for children to have close contact with nature.



02 标识设计 Logo design


The text on the entrance signboard is made of acrylic material, and the entire shape is a super loudspeaker, as if calling the children to come and explore the fun of nature.



标牌主要以木、石、瓦等乡土材料为主,通用防腐、防裂处理,体现自然、生态、独特的风格。整体设计结构简洁,融合公园特质, 反映各个节点功能特色。造型、文字及图表简明、 醒目、准确,力求达到功能与美观相统一。

The signs are mainly made of local materials such as wood, stone, and tiles, and are generally treated with anti-corrosion and anti-cracking treatments to reflect the natural, ecological, and unique style. The overall design structure is simple, integrating the characteristics of the park and reflecting the functional characteristics of each node. The shape, text and graphics are concise, eye-catching and accurate, and strive to achieve the unity of function and beauty.



03 Y港 Y port


Use the placement of small wooden boxes to form an interesting door head, and make local changes to add a sense of hierarchy to the placement of small wooden boxes. It is both a paradise made of wooden boxes and a small maze with no fixed route. Children can change routes at will and encounter various strange tasks in the process of finding the exit. : Climb, slide, climb, build, graffiti, hide…




The design aims to stimulate children’s characteristics of discovery, challenge, sports and adventure, and guide children to build a secret base full of wisdom.



04 渔村 Fishing village


The seine nets are deployed according to the existing big tree points, and the fishing nets are tied together with the big trees to enclose the space in different lengths.




In the fishing village, between the trees, colorful fishing nets weave a dazzling aerial world, and children can shuttle freely among the trees.




You can fly over cliffs and walls in the air, run and jump freely, releasing the energy of the naughty children~




After having enough fun in the air, you can rush down from the mysterious passage. There are also lights that can be lit hidden among the fishing nets.



05 泥湾 Mud Bay


Sand and mud, ditches to build dams; sand piles to dig tunnels are waiting for you to create! Don’t let the shackles of “keeping it clean” limit your imagination. Guide children to play independently, release their playful nature, and open the door to a new world.



06 矿坑 Mine


Broken trucks and those “clinking” pots and pans that are often seen on “scrap” recycling trucks are turned into treasures. Not only that, you can also play games with these things. You can be bold. Come to transform everything here, come to the mines to dig for treasure.



07 赤脚小径 Barefoot trail


Nowadays, people in cities live in reinforced concrete jungles, far away from the fragrance of soil. They rarely have the opportunity to contact nature, and they have no chance to take their children barefoot to experience the feelings from the soles of their feet.




Ecological experience themes such as sand, grass, stone, bricks, wood, pine cones, sawdust, and bark are set up here, which not only creates a visual experience, but also makes the touch of those who experience it in person more sensitive. Here every child goes barefoot, stepping on the field paved with pine cones, stones, sand, wood, etc., and feels the stimulation of every nerve in the body being activated.



08 游园会 Garden party


The garden party unlocks new ways to play street stalls and creates new passwords for traffic, giving the park experience more dimensions. The park also gathers more popularity and expands the park’s service areas. At the same time, it makes the garden party activities based on the park more down-to-earth and popular.


▽地铁车厢里的木头人 The wooden man in the subway car

▽百米艺术长桌 100-meter long art table


▽带货舞台 Carrying stage

▽集市 Market




The BJF design team hopes to provide a unique and immersive space close to nature for children living in the city by creating a sense of relaxation and an original ecological landscape, allowing them to learn to explore and explore while playing. Experiment and socialize, and gradually enrich your knowledge of the natural environment.

The entire site was designed with low intervention to maintain the natural ecology. The plain soil floor maintains the ecological performance and landscape effect of the original soil, ensuring natural harmony with the surrounding environment. We are here to unlock more novel ways to play and give the park more “wild fun”.





Project name:Beijing Yi LIFE·Jiangfu Paradise
Project location:Beijing
Total landscape area:68063 square meters
Owner:Beijing Yuange Culture Operation Management Co., Ltd.
Landscape architecture firm:BJF International Architecture and Landscape Design Co. Ltd.
landscape designer: Kou Hang、Ma Teng、Wang Xiaojuan、Shi Yifan、Lei Dongran、Yang Gang、Jiang Huimin、Tan Dong、Chen Mingtao、Li Jiajuan、Xu Chunmei
Amusement equipment unit: Shandong Yunyan Environmental Engineering Co., LTD
Landscape photography:Pictures provided by Beijing Yuange Culture Operation Management Co., Ltd.
Completion time:October 2023




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