Shma :绿色空间从水平蔓延到垂直。地面层宁静的水池开启了绿色空间的前奏,立面上布置了绿化植栽,空中花园也种满了植物。设计师化弊为利,为居民和城市带来美丽环境。

Shma :Green space extends from horizontal to vertical. The tranquil pool on the ground floor opens the prelude to green space. greenery plants are arranged on the facade and the garden in the air is also full of plants. Designers turn evils into benefits and bring beautiful environment to residents and cities.




和其它公寓景观项目一样,Green Camouflage花园也是为了给居民提供良好的生活环境而设计的。这个梦幻般的花园位于泰国曼谷最繁华的Blocs 77公寓中,5244平方米的用地容纳了467户住宅单元。

Like other apartment landscape projects, the green camouflage garden is designed to provide a good living environment for residents. This dreamy garden is located in the most prosperous apartment block in Bangkok, Thailand, with 5,244 square meters of land accommodating 467 residential units.





There are many shopping malls around the apartment, which face noisy streets every day, while behind them are quiet canals and traditional residential compounds. Because of the high density of land, the project needs to set aside 6 meters of fire-fighting passages and some ground parking lots around, which means that the ground floor needs more hard pavement. The exterior finish of apartment buildings will cause the urban heat island effect and glare. Therefore, designers need to add as much green space as possible on the ground and inside apartments.blocs-77-by-shma设计分析





Because the apartment is located close to the canal, and the previous move to turn permeable materials into hard surfaces in urban planning has caused difficulties in rainwater drainage and increased surface runoff. In order to solve this problem, the designer raised most of the planting areas to 450 mm above the ground, thus avoiding direct contact between bulbous plants and groundwater or submerging them in the water during heavy rain. these high-rise flowerpots also formed beautiful outdoor space.






blocs-77-by-shma blocs-77-by-shma blocs-77-by-shma


项目名称:泰国曼谷Blocs 77高层住宅景观

Project name:Blocs 77
Project type:Apartment
Location: Thailand