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HOOOLDESIGN: Under the change of cities, Express Hotels emerge in endlessly, and how to advance steadily in the changeable hotel market, the shopkeepers who rely on their keen market sense are also constantly thinking. As the owner of the Express Hotel, he came to us and wanted to design a whisky bar next to the Express Hotel, so that the two types of business can integrate and coexist with each other.


▽室内外的边界,Indoor and outdoor boundaries 


01 商业的未来是社交 The future of business is social



The project is located near the business district of Taiyuan Mixc, which is the core business and play area of the whole city development, and also in the area of urban tourist attractions, making it quiet and independent and maintaining convenient transportation. As a central location gathered in the city, relying on the bars in the surrounding commercial centers, the design is like making this place an informal communication place, creating a place for people to relax, seek identity and social isolation.

After completion, it will appear as a semi outdoor shelter. In order to meet the long winter in the north, but also to ensure the indoor and outdoor intercommunication in summer, the folding door is designed to control the indoor and outdoor boundaries, so that the commercial buildings can naturally integrate into the daily life of the city and integrate with the brand space and Community streets.


▽轴测图,Analysis diagram

▽入口空间,Entrance space

▽自然轻松的场景氛围,Natural and relaxed scene atmosphere



Shelter gives people a sense of security, which is the desire for architecture in human genes. The gray space created by the ceiling of the facade allows people to find a peaceful place to stay. The stairs and platforms under the ceiling also provide a rich social experience outside the space as much as possible.




How to create and awaken the vitality of the brand and make it a major focus of the city? The design integrates the community spirit and makes Whiskey Bar and Express Hotel link and coexist. Structural factors play a decisive role in the composition and effect of the space. The space structure is divided into indoor and outdoor. The space accommodates and organizes people, and infects people with various spatial methods. This is the essential characteristic of the design of this case.



02 传统建构与想象 Traditional construction and imagination


Through the valley corridor of the bar, it seems that it has passed through time and space, from the reinforced concrete to the universe, which makes people put down the camouflage and fatigue in the city. The huge purple light circle on the bar represents fantasy, romance, light and the unknown. The arc-shaped bar counter and the arc-shaped device ceiling are interlocked, as if they have rotated time and space, transformed dimensions, and reached another world.


▽圆弧形吧台 Circular bar

▽穿过山谷廊道 Through the valley gallery

▽圆弧形的吧台与圆弧形的装置吊顶环环相扣 The circular bar counter is interlocked with the circular device ceiling



The contrast between “emptiness” and “reality”, that is, the encirclement and penetration of space, is the concrete presentation of “emptiness” and “inter”, which complement each other and are integrated with each other. The floor and the glass half wall in the sofa area can consciously attract people’s attention to the place where they need to express due to the passage of the line of sight, creating a rich spatial level.


▽隐匿于沙发区的地台与玻璃半墙 Hidden in the sofa area floor and glass half wall




“Square” and “circle” can be regarded as classic techniques in space design. “Square” and “circle” are contradictory and unified communities, reflecting the Oriental philosophical temperament – “heaven is round and the place is round”. In the specific design, the square box is used to control the overall effect of the space, while the circle is used as an active element to show the character characteristics of the space, which is rigorous, romantic, stable and modern.


▽相互交错的立面空间关系 Spatial elevation relation

▽层次丰富的场地空间 Rich level of site space


03 天圆地方” “The sky is round”


“Modeling” is to create the image of objects. It contains the visible form that can be seen and touched, and the conceptual form that can not be felt by vision and touch. How to transform the conceptual form into the visual form, which not only meets different use functions, but also has the aesthetic value reflected by the specific art form, is the focus of the design.


▽元素的碰撞 Collision of elements



“Styling” is the idea of creating the image of an object. It contains the visual form that can be seen and touched and the conceptual form that can not be felt by sight and touch. How to transform the conceptual form into visual form, which not only satisfies different functions, but also has the aesthetic value reflected by the specific art form, is the focus of design.




项目名称:自然庇护 – 谷Cereal Whisky Bar

Project name: Nature Sanctuary – Cereal Whisky Bar
Project location: Taiyuan, Shanxi
Design firm: HOOOLDESIGN
Chief Designer: Han Lei
Designer team: Jing Chao, Huang Debin, Li Jingyi, Zhi Pengfei, Zhang Wei, Zheng Tianyang
Lighting Team: LST Commercial Lighting Design
Art wall material: JCC Fine creative Color Design Center
Project area: 370 square meters
Project type: Dining space
Photography: Wu Jianquan (WuSpace)




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