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PDS: Reflected in the mirror water are the mottled shadow of the trees; Alongside the gleaming ripples is the magnificent building, Around which the light and shadow change as time goes by.

Located in the new city center of Changsha, being part of the Meixihu New Town project, the Stream View Palace is the final episode of the first phase.



山中围城 City in the Mountain


At the entrance, low walls and plants of different heights continue the rhythm of the architecture, creating a unique sequence of space and inviting visitors to explore for more. Landscapes are partly exposed and partly hidden to appeal to people outside.


▼转角广场的主题雕塑以梅溪湖畔的湖石为灵感来源,通过艺术的手法呈现 The theme sculpture at the corner square is inspired by the lakeside rocks of Meixihu and presented in an artistic way.


▼采用不锈钢金属材质,掩映出澄澈的蓝天、青葱的绿树与摇曳的光影,在阳光下折射出熠熠光辉 Made of stainless steel, the sculpture gleams in the sun, with the blue sky and the green trees reflected in it and the shadow swinging in the wind.


▼采用切片的处理手法,在特定的视觉角度上,雕塑如同隐身般消失不见,步随景移,又悄然出现,增加雕塑观赏的趣味性,增强其记忆载体的属性 The unique shape of the sculpture makes it invisible from a certain viewpoint and then appear again as you move a bit, which is really interesting and impressive.


▼门楼与建筑一体呼应,采用下沉式处理,两侧进入的方式 The gateway is integrated into the architecture, sunken, allowing visitors to get in from two sides.


▼顺着红色的陶棍墙,循着红色火山岩,步道向下形成缓缓的坡道,通向远处的门楼,耳边传来潺潺的水声 Along the ceramic rod curtain wall and the red lava, you can walk down the gentle slope and arrive at reception center, accompanied by the murmur of water all the way.


▼门楼采用长虹玻璃作为屏障背景,使得园中的疏影摇曳和波光粼粼朦胧却不得见,流淌着神秘的气息,吸引着人们前进探索的步伐 The reception center is screened by fluted glass, which blurs the landscapes inside and attract people to explore for more.


城中有湖 Lake in the City


Passing by the fluted glass screen, the long and narrow space becomes open and bright, with the light and shadow changing dynamically. The tall wall shelter the art gallery from noise and dust, creating a tranquil space echoes the sound of running water.




The modern and elegant building of the sales center is reflected in the mirror water, which dialogues with the setting sun and the swinging trees.



▼看风乍起,吹皱一池的光景,也荡漾了人们的心头 The light breeze blows, creating ripples in the pool and in people’s heart as well.


湖岸听水 Listening to Running Water


In the light, the dynamic cascade falls down with elegant lines and a splash, composing a music of harmonious life.



▼水汽弥漫,氤氲出浪漫的气息 Through a haze of water vapor, everything around looks romantic.


湖岸成林 Trees Around the Lake


Walking by the quiet water surrounded by swinging trees, you can fully experience the beauty of tranquility and simplicity.



湖上映霞 Glow in the Lake


The spirit of the space is integrated into the landscape, creating a breathtaking visual experience. People will enter the art gallery of glow with this mysterious experience.



湖畔戏犀 Playing with Rhino by the Lake


In the backyard of the exhibition area, we created a lovely rhino playing by the lake, which adds some color and fun to the quiet space. Here, you can start a journey with your children to find the rhino.




The “rhino” is designed with two floors in its belly where there is a bubble machine, a kaleidoscope, a distorting mirror, a slide, a climbing net and a sofa for children to enjoy themselves.




In front of the rhino, a space under the trees is provided for parents to take a rest while having an eye on their playing children. It is also an ideal place for children to make friends and play together.



选材与施工 Material and Construction


Materials are carefully selected which include the red ceramic rods, red lava gravel, fluted glass, stainless steel, and granite of Black Galaxy and Sesame Black. We kept every detail under control from the conceptual design to the final construction.



项目落地花絮 Photos During Construction


▼雕塑装吊落地,现场细节打磨 The sculpture is in place, and the workers are dealing with the details.

▼设计师现场指导施工,把控施工细节,最终实现效果的完美呈现 The designer is giving instructions on details to ensure a perfect presentation.



结语 Epilogue



Right here,
With gentle breeze and bright moon, gleaming lake and tree shadow,
You can find the pureness and the simplicity you are longing for.
Leave some space for time
And you will have the peace of mind.




甲方设计管理团队:何滔 王丹  雷健立 沈奇

Address: Northwest, Intersection of Shangyue Road and Haitong East Road, Yuelu District, Changsha
COHL Design Management Team: He Tao, Wang Dan, Lei Jianli, Shen Qi
Landscape Design: Partner Design Studio
Children’s Facilities: Partner Children’s Playground Design
Soft Furnishings and Sculpture Design: Partner Space Design
Architectural Design: HZS Design (Shanghai) Ltd.
Interior Design: DOMANI Architectural Concepts
Floodlighting Design: Fujian Hurong Group
Photography: Prism Photography
Time of Design: July, 2020
Time of Completion: November, 2020


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