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物候设计: 时代背景下的实体商业之变——时代天街应该如何切实回应人们对于实体商业的新需求?保持区域向心力的同时,让人们从网络到真实生活的回归,同样也是开发商与设计师共同的命题。

WEHO design : The Transformation of Physical Commerce in the Context of the Times – How should Times Square effectively respond to people’s new needs for physical commerce? Maintaining regional appeal while enabling people to return from the virtual world to real life is a common goal for both developers and designers.




At the end of 2012, with the opening of A/B Hall in Daping Times Square, Chongqing, this project emerged as the largest urban super complex in Asia, it is also one of Chongqing’s commercial landmarks. The Transformation of Physical Commerce in the Context of the Times – How should Times Square effectively respond to people’s new needs for physical commerce? Maintaining regional appeal while enabling people to return from the virtual world to real life is a common goal for both developers and designers.


▽项目与周边环境夜景鸟瞰 Aerial view





Introduction – A Diverse and Open Urban Stage, a Natural Lifestyle.

The design aims to achieve the iterative upgrading of urban commerce through this renovation project. The renewed Times Square has seen a significant increase in popularity, driven by visible positive changes, becoming a widely recognized new lifestyle and gathering space.



01 重塑形象的城市窗口——城市广场气质重塑与审美提升


A Window to Reshape the Image of the City- Reshaping the Character and Aesthetic Enhancement of Urban Squares

As time passes, the recognition of commercial spaces gradually diminishes. To improve overall spatial quality, the owner decided to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the front square—combining the exterior façade with the landscape. The landscape needs to be preserved and innovated on the original basis, creating a brand-new urban space that captures the public’s attention. Besides enhancing aesthetics and functionality, it is also necessary to consider the impact of the project implementation progress on the city, the public, and operations.


▽项目痛点1:前广场整体空间老旧,氛围感弱。 Project pain point 1: The overall space of the front square is old and lake atmosphere.

▽项目痛点2:引入空间灰暗,且导视凌乱。Pain point 2 of the project: The entrance space is dull, and signage is disorganized.



The warmth of a city is not only reflected in eye-catching aesthetics or creating brand-new display spaces but also comes from the “shared experience” with the city. Therefore, transformation and updating should not only be limited to visual novelty but also resonate with multiple emotional values.



02 森林感的亲自然街区——让空间回归到人与日常的温度感


A Forest-like and Natural Neighborhood – Returning the Space to the Warmth of People and Daily Life

Times Avenue was the main road leading to the garage entrance and exit in the past. To meet the demand, the initially planned two-way four-lane road occupied a large space, with narrow street spaces on both sides and a single outdoor layout, resulting in a poor experience. After sorting the overall traffic flow in the area and testing traffic volume, the design decision was to narrow the vehicular road, reserve sufficient street scale, and activate commercial space.


▽项目痛点1:街区较为空旷、夏热冬凉,顾客停留时间较短。项目痛点2:四车道导致外摆区过窄,街区较为局促。Project Pain Point 1: The neighborhood is relatively open, hot in summer, and cold in winter, leading to shorter customer stay times. Project Pain Point 2: Four lanes lead to a narrow outdoor dining area, making the neighborhood cramped.

▽街道剖面设计分析 Street section design analysis

▽改造后的街道景象 The street after the transformation



We hope the shopping experience is leisurely and relaxed, just like strolling in a forest. Therefore, green patches are placed on both sides of the street, combined with commercial outdoor displays, to form a street space that can be enjoyed for leisure. At the same time, through the opening and closing of the space, it brings a richer experience to the commercial outdoor display.



03 自然肌理的车行体验延续——松弛而温馨的车行街区


Continuing the Driving Experience with Natural Textures – A Relaxed and Warm Car Street Block

The road continues to the underpass section, and the side façade of the road has a poor image, squeezing the pedestrian space on the first floor. The design narrows the original 14-meter four-lane road to a 9-meter double lane and covers the façade of the side elevated space to prevent traffic interference. At the same time, pedestrian space is added on both sides of the underpass to ensure commercial accessibility.


▽项目痛点1:车行下穿道空间灰暗,且设施比较陈旧、空间消极。Project pain point 1: The underpass space is dark, the facilities are relatively old, and the space feels passive.

▽街道空间尺度策略 Street spatial scale strategy

▽更新后的街道空间 The updated street space


04 浸沐于丰富的自然韵律——感受植物自然场域带来的四季变化


Immersed in Rich Natural Rhythms  Experience the Seasonal Changes Brought by the Natural Field of Plants

Plant design starts from three perspectives: spatial perception, color atmosphere, and texture experience, creating a flowing and diverse plant landscape. Plants enter people’s vision in various postures and combinations, making them willing to slow down the pace and feel the relaxation brought by the natural field of plants.




The color of the leaf tree changes throughout the four seasons – The upper layer of trees adopts umbrella-shaped color-leaf trees, planted in groups of three or five to form a natural forest. Time passes, allowing the experience of seasonal changes.


▽色系搭配 Color scheme matching



The lower vegetation is composed of free blocks with a loose and delicate texture. The color combination is natural and elegant, with simple natural green (pine leaf green, deep bud green, light grass green) as the base, embellished with fashionable high-end gray (mugwort gray, morning mist gray).


▽高低错落混合斑块穿插种植 High and low mixed patches interspersed planting


05 商业街区细节的魅力——人与景观细节的互动性


The Charm of Commercial District Details – The Interactivity Between People and Landscape Details

The design adheres to a people-oriented concept, where details can determine the quality of the landscape plan and its realization. It requires a lot of effort to conceive and refine. Only carefully examined landscapes can withstand the test of time, showcasing their delicacy and beauty.




Water outlets: Starting from details, the refined design ensures the effect, while the hydrophilic interface is treated with anti-slip, allowing participants to integrate with safety and experience the changes firsthand.



铺装:在铺装细节上我们结合功能分区利用石材规格去划分外摆和人流动线。广场我们希望通过“地毯式”的方式强化城市界面的整体性,而步行内街采用弧形路段叠加小规格铺装。我们希望在不同区域能够用不同铺装方式 ,来满足不同商业空间的使用需求。

Paving:In terms of paving details, we combine functional zoning and use stone specifications to divide the exterior and pedestrian flow lines. We aim to enhance the overall urban interface of the square through a “carpet style” approach, while the pedestrian inner street adopts curved sections overlaid with small-sized paving. Different paving methods are used in different areas to meet the needs of various commercial spaces.


▽移动式花箱细节图 Detailed drawing of mobile flower box



Mobile Tree Pond:Due to the continuous improvement and adjustment of fire safety regulations, urban renovation projects need to comply with new regulatory requirements. The movable flower box design meets fire protection needs and helps create green spaces. The flower boxes are designed to be modular and easy to move, ensuring both integrity and convenience.




树池:兼顾铺装整体性的同时,我们考虑到大树根系的透气性以及渗水性。所以将乔木周边树池篦子做了细节增加。让植物未来的存活性更好 。

Waterscape: Simulating the leaf morphology during growth, considering issues such as water leakage, and demonstrating feasibility through model refinement with different material textures and details.

Tree Pond: While considering the overall pavement, we also account for the breathability and water permeability of large tree roots. Additional details have been added to the tree pond grates around the trees to improve the future survival rate of the plants.



06 亲自然设计赋能商运多元可行性——绿色链接更多活动和人

商业不再是一个封闭的购物空间的时代 ,时代天街通过绿色链接更多的活动和人,同时也带来了更多元的日常活动。

Pronatural Design Empowers Diverse Possibilities for Commercial Operations – Green Can Link More Activities and People

Business is no longer confined to closed shopping spaces. Times Square links more activities and people through green spaces, bringing a variety of daily activities.





Through the introduction of nature, people can reopen the gate of Times Square, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment, akin to entering an indoor space. It provides a more comfortable environment, a friendly atmosphere, and a refreshing sense of surprise.




At present, the first phase of A/B Hall on Times Street has been updated. We hope to gradually achieve commercial iteration and upgrading through this renovation. Although the phased renovation of the landscape space is not fully complete, the popularity of Times Square has significantly rebounded after the first phase of renovation. Slowly strolling through Times Square has become a leisure habit for residents after meals and a rendezvous point for young people. We look forward to the continuous growth of this project in the future.



项目类型:景观改造 15000㎡

Name:Chongqing LONGFOR Times Paradise Walk A/B Landscape Transformation
Type:Landscape transformation 15000㎡
Completion time:March 2024
Developer:Chong Qing LONGFOR
Landscape design:WEHO DESIGN
Design team:Bo Feng, Linfei Wang, Qiao Li, Qianpeng Liu, Da Song,
Hongguang Li, Wei Yuan
Editor:Xue Xia, Yanrong Chen
Engineering construction:GSE
Architecture design:UDG




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