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A&N Shangyuan landscape:Behind every city, there will be an old town with many vicissitudes, which is mottled and decadent. The urban life and civilization hidden in it are the spirit of the city. After several times of tempering, the city recovers and the prosperity returns with a new face. Knowing Baiyun District of Guangzhou old town with awe, what we expect is not only a display area, but also a renewal and molding of spiritual place, endowing the old town with vitality and achieving the recovery of the whole community by changing the local parts.



新与旧、传统与未来在老城对话 A dialogue between the old and the new



The metropolitan style, which symbolizes art and fashion, touches the community lightly, like a magnet to update the living conditions of the community and activate the neighborhood. Pay homage to classics, emphasize concise and clear lines, pay attention to quality, color and details, and show the modern art of American postmodernism.

The landscape of the demonstration area is in line with the metropolitan architectural style to ensure the geometric composition of the structure. The sales department is the boundary, the front court reflects the layout of the urban garden, focusing on etiquette; the back field is the modern park, which pays attention to the continuity of community life atmosphere and the transmission of natural atmosphere. The hierarchy of the ritual order extends to the modern garden, the space layer evolves progressively.


▼总体鸟瞰 Aerial view


引道:自然空间衔接老城与场地 The road: natural space connects old city and site


To sort out and retain the basic elements of the existing site, starting from the spiritual fortress, point out the spirit of the site and keep the original natural style. The pure shady avenue guides the transition space and creates a relatively relaxed front streamline atmosphere.



礼赞轴线:地道都会风情 Paean axis: authentic urban style


▼入口轴线鸟瞰 Aerial view of the axis


落客广场 The arrival square


After the avenue, the dignified urban life gradually presents, and the rigorous and symmetrical spatial layout forms the visitors’ first impression of the site order. The two sides are designed in a symmetrical style with flower pots and trees. The central waterscape and landscape wall create a metropolitan atmosphere. Pop art combines modern and simple stone texture and metal details to depict the unique massiveness and fashion of metropolis style.



迎宾水轴 The welcome axis


The welcome axis continued the design language, and restrained at the axis level to highlight the momentum of the gate house. By combining low walls with waterscape, the etiquette of meeting guests was created. The spring ornamentation was interesting. The symmetrical trees with large crown were selected on both sides to form a soft and hard contrast with the gatehouse, so as to construct a sense of balance and order in the entire space.




The gatehouse at the end of the axis connects with the whole axis. The gatehouse echoes the three-section layout of the building. It depicts the details of the city with the skillful molding and exquisite logo, and creates a smooth spatial experience sequence. While carrying out the etiquette of the major axis, it also carries the life, sunny afternoon and quiet time.



礼遇长轴 The etiquette axis


Through the gatehouse is the back-end axis space created by tree array, landscape wall and tree pool. The symmetrical elements on both sides and the axis waterscape render elegant etiquette. Between the trees, we present our interpretation of the city plot and the respect of etiquette. Through the private space enclosed by the tree array and landscape wall, the sense of dignity and privacy of urban art are rendered for visitors, which are closely linked to achieve perfection.



中央广场 The central square


The architecture is combined with the classic metropolitan geometric plaza as the end and core of the entire axis. The design takes the central waterscape and the building as the axis to shape the whole space order. The surrounding is enclosed by exquisite low walls combined with hierarchical greening, highlighting the unique solemnity and sequence of the metropolis. The square is presented in a reorganization of classical geometric patterns, and the scale and details are taken into consideration to present a new style of classicality and simplicity.



水光庭院:轻奢品质的洽谈空间 Water courtyard: luxurious negotiation space


The reception area behind the sales department is different from other venues. Sculpture greets the guests, creating a flexible and solemn sense of ceremony. You will inadvertently feel the beauty of exquisite and luxurious ingenuity.



摩登花园:邂逅静谧的共享空间 Modern garden: encounter quiet shared space


The backyard garden is a place to lighten up the mood, and also a shared activity site reserved for the urban area in the future. With art brush of nature, the community can start a conversation. What we can see is the pure and clean interface of lawn. The curtain, porch and Green Court bear the harmonious scene of human and nature. When the prosperity of the city precipitates into the tranquility of time, the real value of life gradually emerges.





项目名称:广州万科 金域悦府



Project name: Guangzhou Vanke Golden Mansion
Client: Guangzhou Wanjin Real Estate Co., Ltd
Location: Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Project design: June to July, 2019
Completion: May 2020
Design area: 15000㎡
Landscape design: A&N Shangyuan landscape (E-mail: sypr@sycq.net)
Architectural design: PT Design (Shanghai)
Photo credit: Prism Image (some are provided by Shanghai PT Design)

Design team of Client:
Architectural design director: Xu Teng; Landscape design director: Guo Xiaolei, Hong Ge; Interior design director: Xu Xiaoyu

Design team of A&N:
Program: Zou Yuda, Ke Yudong, Yan Zuming, Liu Zengxi, Su Shengtang, Cheng Yunsheng, Ti Xuelan, Guo Shiqi
Construction drawings: Ye Huiping, Zhao Qing, Xiong Chunyan, Yang Kai, Yang Sen, Jian Xianping, Tian Guihua, Li Nan, Wang Xiuquan
Post-service staff: Yan Lun


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