LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects开发了一种新的设计,将当代大胆对比的建筑与精心修复的、位于马萨诸塞州布鲁克莱恩(Brookline)陡峭山坡上的殖民复兴风格住宅结合在一起。景观设计不是试图最小化建筑和地形的明显差异,而是利用了这些差异所固有的戏剧性。在一个相对较小的半英亩土地上,我们将平坦的平面与陡峭的斜坡、光滑的表面和粗糙的墙壁并列在一起。铺路和简单的集体种植决定了一系列的室外梯田,既与现有的房子,也与当代的增加。大胆而实用的景观设计利用了后院里30英尺的高度变化,创造了一系列动态空间和令人惊讶的有利位置。

We developed a new design to unify boldly contrasting contemporary additions to a meticulously restored Colonial Revival house on a steep hillside in Brookline, Massachusetts. Rather than attempting to minimize the obvious differences in the architecture and terrain, the landscape design exploits the drama inherent in these contrasts. On a relatively small, half-acre site, we juxtaposed flat planes with steep slopes, smooth and refined surfaces with rough-and-tumble walls. Paving and simple massed plantings define a series of outdoor terraces that relate to both the existing house and its contemporary addition. Bold yet functional, the landscape design takes advantage of the 30-foot elevation change in the rear yard, creating a series of dynamic spaces and surprising vantage points.




Photos by LJLA.

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