Department :芭堤雅希尔顿酒店位于芭堤雅CentralFestival芭堤雅海滩的34层楼上,这是东南亚最大的海滨购物中心。屡获殊荣的酒店提供现代豪华,可立即通往海滩,商店,餐厅和景点。这家时尚的芭堤雅酒店距曼谷素万那普机场(BKK)仅90分钟路程。

Department :Hilton Pattaya soaring 34 levels above Pattaya’s CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, southeast Asia’s largest beachfront shopping complex.  award-winning hotel offers contemporary luxury alongside instant access to beaches, shops, restaurants and attractions. Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is only 90 minutes from this stylish Pattaya hotel.



‘Edge’餐厅:一间供应国际美食和多个大型开放式厨房的餐厅位于第14层,面向海景。 其主要的空间组织策略是最大限度地向客人开放海景,充分利用其优越位置的景观。 该空间沿着面向大海的玻璃幕墙线性延伸,并具有近8米高的天花板。 室内休息区分为两层,其中朝后的楼层较高,以确保前部的良好视野。 户外露台的正面让人印象深刻,可以让海景不断向内侧流动,并将其地板放低一点。

‘Edge’ Restaurant:A restaurant serving international food with multiple large open kitchens is situated on floor fourteenth facing the ocean view. Its main spatial organization strategy is to open up the ocean view to the guests at its maximum to take advantage of the view from its prime location. The space is stretched linearly along the glass wall facing the sea with an almost 8 meter-high ceiling. The indoor seating area is organized into two tiers where the floor towards the back is higher up to ensure a good view over the front part. The outdoor terrace with its impressive panoramic view in the front lets the ocean vista flows uninterruptedly to the inside by arranging its floor plate a step lower.







建筑设计: Department
开发商:Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Project name: Hilton Pattaya :  ‘Edge’ Restaurant
Location: Chonburi, Thailand
Completed: 2010
Area: 16500㎡
Architects: Department
Client :  Hilton Hotels & Resorts

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