KMDG :   肯德尔广场里麻省理工学院只有咫尺之遥,是全球创新企业最密集的地区之一。但在其发展历史上,也因为没有系统的规划,其布局已经跟不上时代发展的潮流。

KMDG :   The Massachusetts institute of technology in Kendall square is only a short distance away, and it is one of the areas with the most innovative enterprises in the world. However, in its development history, its layout has not kept up with the trend of the times because there is no systematic planning.




According to reports, the Massachusetts institute of technology is preparing to invest 700 million us dollars in the reconstruction of eight sites owned by the school in Kendall square. Through this move, it is hoped that Kendall square will be transformed into a more commercial multi-functional comprehensive area. Cambridge city municipal manager Robert hill said: ” the new development ideas proposed by MIT will make Kendall square a vibrant place.




In Kendall square, most of MIT’s projects will be around the main street promenade near the subway red line station. The total construction planning area of the eight locations is about 11 million square feet, including two large office areas, laboratories and retail shops along the street. Other facilities will be built in the parking lot near No. 1 kuanjie and the southern end of main street of the Massachusetts institute of technology.




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