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TOPOS Landscape Architects: Lakeside Garden establishes a harmonious interface between people, nature, and history. The program and design strategy have transformed the 1-hectare slope site into a dramatic spatial sequence.




Qiandao Lake, also known as Thousand Island Lake, is a freshwater lake as a result of the construction of Xin’an River Hydroelectric Dam in 1959 that flooded hundreds of villages and historical sites. It is a beautiful lake noted for its crystal clear water, ever-changing sky and verdurous mountains.


平面图  Master plan



Lakeside Garden is located on a 1-hectare site between a lakeside driveway and the future planned community of 11 high-rise residential towers, with 9 meters of elevation change. The landscape design began with overall site planning, through sculpting the terrain, created a dramatic spatial sequence meandering in a forest hills setting, unfolding a picturesque lakeside journey.


空间序列示意  Spatial sequence schematic


面图  Section


潮汐广场 Tides Plaza

访客空间体验从潮汐广场开始,一个波浪形式的聚会空间。风动雕塑“波光粼粼的湖面/Shining Lake”创造了一个迎宾序曲,也作为非正式的公共表演的背景。

Visitors start to experience the garden from Tide Plaza, a gathering space with waving form; the wind kinetic screen ‘Shining Lake’ creates a welcoming prelude. It also serves as a backdrop for informal performance.



风动雕塑“波光粼粼的湖面/Shining Lake”创造了一个迎宾序曲,也作为非正式的公共表演的背景。地面的芝麻黑、芝麻灰、芝麻白花岗岩组合形式,形成闪亮湖面的一种微妙映画。

Wind kinetic screen ‘Shining Lake’ creates a welcoming prelude, it also serves as a backdrop for informal performances. Granite stone paving pattern consists of Chinese Sesame Black, Sesame Gray, and Sesame White, reflecting a subtle image of the shining lake.


风动装置 16000cm x 5800cm,不锈钢+银色铝片 wind kinetic screen 16000cm x 5800cm, stainless steel + anodized aluminum


山林叠泉 Forest Hill Springs


Stepping up along the Forest Hill Springs, stainless steel retaining wall draws a subtle reflection of waving plants and water cascades.



微风花园 Breeze Garden


Flowering tree grove, ornamental grasses, native plants with seasonal colors, beige aggregate concrete, dark gray slate, water cascading, rock fountains…a meandering terraced garden with juxtaposition of natural rustic and refined texture.




Breeze Garden, with waving ornamental grasses and a visual art installation attracting shimmering lights, with a tone of warmth set by the exposed aggregate concrete.



深灰色板岩喷泉,成为微风花园空间转换处的视觉焦点 A dark gray slate fountain, a focal point at turning point of the Breeze Garden


深灰色板岩,米色混凝土,摇曳的观赏草类 Dark gray slate, beige aggregate concrete, waving ornamental grasses


艺术座椅“远山/Mountain”延续湖对岸山脊线 ‘Mountain’ bench, is a visual connection with the rolling mountains in distance


艺术座椅9900cm x 1100cm,不锈钢,镜面饰面 ‘Mountain’ bench 9900cm x 1100cm, stainless steel, mirror finish


静谧与光明 Silence and Light


A silent space of enclosure, surrounded by historical exhibits of “Underwater Ancient Villages” of Qiandao Lake. A skylight shines down, a hint of the upcoming infinity space. Stepping up the minimalist spiral staircase, the experience gradually unfolds to a broad open lake view, with spacious sky and mountains in distance.
As described in the Chinese classic fable of The Peach Blossom Valley, “At first it was extremely narrow, allowing for only one person to squeeze through. After walking another twenty or thirty paces, he suddenly exited onto an open clearing”.



天光云影 Sky Clouds Reflection Pool


An infinity reflection pool blends with the lake and mountains beyond. Twinkle “Starry Sky” lights at pool bottom evokes a poetic image of “underwater ancient villages”, recalling a unique and sentimental history of Qiandao Lake.



无边际镜池的水位设计为高低变化5cm,静中有微动,形成一种对千岛湖独有的季节性水位变化的隐喻。一个白色的“岛”设置在高水位以下3cm处,作为一个舞台,为独舞表演营造“漂浮于水面”的戏剧性视觉效果。当水位低时,岛屿展露。 池底的闪烁“星空”灯光装置唤起了“水下古村落”的诗意形象,这是千岛湖独特而充满情感的历史。

Water level of the reflection pool is designed to fluctuate 5cm, a metaphor of Qiandao Lake’s seasonal fluctuation. An ‘island’ is set at 3cm below high water level, a stage for solo performance that appears to be floating on water. When the water level is low, the island exposes. Twinkle “Starry Sky” lights at pool bottom evokes a poetic image of “underwater ancient villages”, a unique and sentimental history of Qiandao Lake.



水中汀步通过结构和边缘细节设计,形成漂浮于水面的效果 Stepping stones are carefully structured and detailed that appears to be floating above water


玻璃廊桥 Glass Bridge


A curve glass footbridge, crossing through the sound of shuffling bamboo leaves, creates a tranquil moment before arriving the Lakeside Gallery



湖光山色 层峦叠嶂 辽阔天空 Shining Lake, Verdurous Mountains, and Spacious Sky


Across the Glass Bridge, standing in the Lakeside Gallery lobby, looking through the panoramic window, a breath-taking view of shining lake, verdurous mountains, and spacious sky.





Located on a 1-hectare site between a lakeside driveway and the future planned community of 11 high-rise residential towers, Lakeside Garden serves as a spatial, visual, and cultural connection between the future planned community and the picturesque Qiandao Lake.

The landscape design began with site planning, through sculpting the terrain, creating a dramatic spatial sequence in a forest hills setting. Situated at northeast corner of the site is the Lakeside Gallery, “within sight, but beyond reach”, an enticing discovery experience.





景观设计团队:方明华  宋韧强  凌文琦  郑伟跃  吴让海  罗燕  司珍珍  胡姿燕  吴晓刚

Project Name:Lakeside Garden
Client: R&F China
Landscape Design Firm:TOPOS Landscape Architects
Landscape Design Scope:Site Planning + Landscape Design + Art Installation
Lead Designer:Yi Zhu RLA/ PLA, ASLA
Design Team:Minghua Fang,  Renqiang Song,   Wenqi Lin,  Weiyue Zhen,  Ranghai Wu Yan Luo, Zhenzhen Si,  Ziyan Hu,   Xiaogang Wu
Completion Year:June 2018
Site Area:10,000 square meters
Project Location:880 Sunshine Road, Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Photographer:Qi Xi
Landscape Contractor:Zhongjing
Art Contractor:Sujing


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