Shma soen :Lan Kila Pat 1位于科隆詹经济适用房区的6号公寓和7号公寓之间。距离旁边的klong pongpauy200米左右。用地面积11200平方米,现有用地为国家房屋委员会所有的弃土。工地上还有一些现存的大树。

Shma soen :Lankila Pat 1 is located in Klongjan affordable housing district. The area is between flat number 6 and number 7. The long side is around 200 meter next to klong pongpauy. The area of the site is 11,200 sq m. Site existing is the abandon land own by the national housing authority. There are some big existing trees in the site.







Client This project is initiative by King Bhumibol Adulyadej with the thought of developing the human recourses is to have a good health and mentality by using the sports as the equipment to connect and empower the people in community. The project is supported by the corporation of many government and private parties.






The various activities from stakeholder’s requirement in participatory workshop have adopted and developed by landscape architect. Consequently, the inclusive design approach create a better relationship between communities and sense of belonging to the park.




Participatory design process with the communities and stakeholder is not only provide the programs that fit to each communities but also give the opportunities to local people to be in the part of design process, construction process and management after the park finished by this local communities will have the sense of ownership of the park.




In the future the process of this project can be the pilot of the unutilized area in the community. The uniqueness of each community can create the identity of each park and participatory design can engage the community residents and park users.


类别: 居住区公共空间
景观设计:Shma Soen Company Limited

Location:Klong Jan, Bangkok, Thailand
Project type: Residential public space
Landscape:Shma Soen Company Limited
Year of Completion:2015

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