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或然景观Kleeklee是我们工作室对外发表的第一个项目,因为它是我们真实意义上第一个全项目不分阶段完整落成的项目,亦同时呈现我们工作室想要做的许多事情:生物多样性、低碳设计和循环经济几大内容。除此之外,在城市空间里,它也体现了我们所希望表达的tactical urbanism的态度,以及 urban prototyping和回收再利用概念的整体落实。

Possibilism Design Studio:  This is the first project we published on our Wechat official account, not only for it is the first completely built project of our studio but also presents a lot of things that our studio aims at: biodiversity, low-carbon design and circular economy. In addition, located in the urban renewal area , a formal industrial complex and a nowaday cultural district, it also embodies our attitude of tactical urbanism as well as the overall implementation of the concepts of urban prototyping and recycling.


© 朱润资
© 朱润资



In the process of this project, every professionals is working together to implement the same idea from the owner, the designer and the construction team, which in reality, very few projects could manage to put all these contents on the same page. Another reason is quite personal that the project is located in ‘Columbia Circle’, which I used to participate in. It is of special significance for me to intervene it again after its operation.


▽项目与周边环境 Project and Surrounding Environment

© 朱润资


“上生·新所”这个项目涉及到好几个层面:工业园区和街区的复合式更新;具有文化、商业、办公等多种功能;周边还有很多的住宅,综合来看呈现出小城区的概念。在这样子环境中, 再去做一个单体建筑商业门店租户的景观设计介入的话,我们认为应该采用相对环保、能适应现在社会和经济环境、可变动性高的设计手法。这种变动性景观或者是能够灵活应用各种不同的使用需求跟空间环境的设计也正是我们工作室在探索的方向之一。

‘Columbia Circle’ is a project involves several aspects: complex renewal of industrial parks and blocks; multiple functions of culture, commercial and office; a complete concept of small town with surrounding residential area. To intervene in the landscape design of the store for the tenant, we should adopt relatively environmental protecting design techniques with high flexibility and accommodated to current social and economic environment. This kind of dynamic landscape or design with flexible adoption to different use requirements and built environment is also one of the directions that our studio is exploring.


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当初接触项目的时候,其实我是很担心的,因为“上生·新所”是商业环境非常成熟的地块,它对于景观设计的内容,植栽设计的内容,还有空间氛围是有一定的要求的。上生·新所”的原本的设计方向跟植栽呈现的整体状态,与业主方Kleeklee找到我们并希望做出的比较荒野、自然的整体氛围是有点背冲的。尤其是我们认为 “荒野”或“自然”是不同于现在商业景观大量运用的花境的。它所呈现的是更野、更没有秩序的空间,更多的自然作物,没有那么多的人工管理所形成出来的环境。

At the start of this project, I was quite worried for ‘Columbia Circle’ being a very mature commercial area with certain requirements for landscape design, planting design and atmosphere of space. The original design direction and overall condition presented by existing planting is a little contrary to the wilderness atmosphere that klee klee, the client, came to us and hoped to make. When we talk about ‘Wilderness’, differ from the flower landscape often used in commercial landscapes, it presents a wilder space with less order, more native crops and less management.


▽近距离接触自然 Close contact with nature

© 朱润资
© 朱润资


在这种情况之下,我很担心我们设计师提出的“荒野和自然”,与业主的理解和想象是否一致?因此在项目正式启动前,我带业主到城市荒野工作室位于浦江郊野工公园的上海乡土生态科普示范基地去稍稍感知一下景观设计师所说的“荒野”:它不是色彩非常丰富的,也不一定是四季有绿有花, 而是秋冬季节会自然荣枯的状态。在大家的理解达成一致以后,我们才正式着手设计。

In this case, it is important to make sure if the understanding and imagination of the ‘Wildness’ is consistent between the client and designers before officially launching the project. We had a trip to the Shanghai Urban Biodiversity Education Base managed by Forest City Studio in Pujiang Country Park to feel the ‘Wildness.’ After we all reached an agreement that the landscape does not have to be colorful with evergreen and flowers, but will grow and decline according to season changes.


© 朱润资


模块化的设计策略 Modular Design Strategy

项目的另一个难点是屋顶的绿化,那其实是一个轻构造的挑空屋檐,所以基本考虑不上人。面层是很大的金属面板,不仅很会吸热还需要定期维护,所以不适合做覆土种植这类固定式的设计, 也不适合不耐热耐旱的植物;再加上店门口,园区内的地面空间也是不允许改变“上生·新所”原来的地面跟设计的,即室外不能做任何的基础去固定景观。我们只能考虑做一种可以“放置”在屋面和店门口的景观去呈现门店的氛围,因此我们提出了模块化的设计去扣合这些内容。

Another difficulty of this project is the green roof, which should be laid on a cantilever with light structure. The large metal panel on the surface not only absorbs heat but also needs regular maintenance, where is suitable for flexible design and is suitable to grow heat-resistant, drought-resistant plants. In addition, at the entrance of the store, we are not allowed to any foundation to break the original ground surface and design of ‘Columbia Circle’. We came up with the idea of modular design that can be ‘placed’ on the roof and at the entrance to solve these problems.


▽模块化设计 Modular design


▽店门口的景观绿化 Landscaping at the store entrance

© 朱润资



When looking for the prototype of modular design, we did a lot of tests and find the triangular modular to be the most stable and variable, which is also our core concept. It not only meets the needs of a flexible green roof, but also at the entrance can be placed or combined into pots, chairs, tables and other functions, and it somehow fits with the symbol of environmental protection. A real country garden at the backyard is designed in a similar way. We also did some exploration on the selection of material, which has to be recyclable, light, weather-resistant and movable. After a comprehensive consideration of the cost and a long experiment of different materials, we decided to use recycled plastic to 3D print flower pots and wooden chairs, instead of gabion walls, terrazzo or rammed earth.


▽多元性模块化设计随场地功能可自由变动 Diversified modular design can be changed freely with site functions

© 朱润资
© 朱润资


整个项目的设计面积不大,但却包含了三种不同的环境类型:很热的薄层屋面、完全背阴的后场小花园、以及面对人群、人为干扰较多的, 有大树的小广场。作为景观设计师,我们希望把这三个环境作为“城市微生境”来营造, 并且以采用上海本地的植物为优先选项。

The whole project is not covering a large area but contains three totally different types of built environments and microclimates: a very hot but light metal roof, a completely shaded garden and a small granite paving square with large trees in front of the crowd by which also with more human interference. As the landscape architects, we preferred to shape these three environments as ‘urban microhabitats’ with native plants in Shanghai.


© 朱润资


自然生态的植栽策略 Ecological Planting Strategies


We conducted three levels of exploration in different environments: testing cold, drought and sun resistant plants on the roof; testing shade and cold resistant plants in the backyard; at the same time, to use native plants as much as possible, which eventually accounting for 80%. Different from the conventional way of construction, our planting strategy is relatively slow, giving the plants time to grow naturally, presenting a different aesthetic but simple scenery.


▽自然生态的植栽策略 Ecological Planting Strategies

© klee klee



In the process of waiting for the seedling, planting growing and observation, we also deliberately selected some plants to attract birds and insects, hoping to see bees, butterflies and other insects to come by. A compost bucket is set up in the backyard garden, which can be used to dispose of fallen leaves in future maintenance. Small pools provide drinking water to butterflies, birds and cats; and helps to keep balance of the moisture and heat in the backyard garden. The whole backyard garden presents a detailed habitat garden rather than a state of flowering.


▽后院花园 Backyard garden

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In the area facing the main square of ‘Columbia Circle’, these movable seats and flowerpots can be combined into different patterns at any time according to different needs, such as the appearance of a small corner space in ordinary times, and can be transformed into a runway when holding a fashion show. We hope this kind of reusable, movable and flexible design can be used as a reference for modular or prefabricated furniture design in future urban spaces.


▽以不同需求组成不同的场地功能 Composition of different site functions with different needs

© klee klee



The final planting design here is the compromise between us and the property of ‘Columbia Circle’. Our original design was rawer and wilder, without so many flowers and colorful leaves as we see now, but after managing and coordinating with the overall style of site, the proportion of native plants was reduced to 50%. At last, the small square in front of the store not only has the intention of conventional ‘naturalistic planting design,’ but also integrates the relatively wild and original planting method we hope to introduce. All plants are planted in units in customized flowerpots, making the overall planting module more controllable and easier to see the rhythm.


▽城市中的自然式荒野花境 Natural wilderness in the city

© 朱润资
© 朱润资
© 朱润资
© 朱润资


在落实3D打印回收塑料概念的过程中,我们尝试了非常多的厂商,要不就是技术层面有困难,要不就是造价太高无法承受。最后还是仰赖业主和TRASHAUS (乐设科技)找到了合适的回收塑料和技术,在可控的造价预算内将我们设计的三角形花箱模块成功开发出来。

We contacted quite a lot manufactures to implement the concept of 3D printing recycled plastics, but either there was technical difficulty, or the cost was too high to bear. Finally, the owner and TRASHAUS found the appropriate recycled plastic and technology to successfully develop our triangular module of flowerpot within budget.


▽栽植过程 Planting process

© klee klee



同时, 在整个项目里面,业主在费用上面的把控力很不错,我们现在的这些植物、3D打印的灰色塑料花箱都是控在一个可销售的价格上,可复制可循环的产品, 呼应了kleeklee本身的品牌气质。

Due to the difficulty of getting native plants on the market and the expertise of Forest City Studio in ecosystem research, we specially invited Mr. Taoran Guo to be the overall planting consultant (actually I prefer to call him Bio-environment consultant), and we adopted many of their suggestions on planting design. This cooperation also let us find the difference of planting design between the perspective of landscape design and landscape /ecology; its configuration and methodology are quite different from our conventional landscape engineering. We still have a long way to go to learn to reflect these into the plan and construction drawings. When waiting for the cultivation of native plants, we really look forward to and hope the structural transformation of seedling market will happen one day, which pays more attention to the introduction and cultivation of native plants.

Our client has a good control over the cost throughout the whole project. These plants and 3D printed recycled plastic flowerpots are all reproducible and recyclable products at a marketable price, which echo the brand temperament of klee klee itself.


© klee klee




In my opinion, this built landscape project is always changing, which its performance and existence needs to be observed, accepted and embraced as a period of time. In the district of ‘Columbia Circle’, we provide a space for plants to grow and a garden environment that attracts birds, cats and butterflies. How many people can accept the aesthetic of wildness? How many plants and animals could safely live in it?

This also expresses our studio’s attitude towards landscape projects: landscape is of course fluid and not constant, but has its own spatial structure. Some plants, like big trees, may be lucky enough to stay there forever, but others will die and come back again and again. The same as urban space, which changes and becomes more balanced with different needs.



“上生·新所”Klee klee这个项目很好地反映了这个自然变动的过程,我们所采取的介入手法和工程手段都是相对来说适应变化性更高、费用更可控的。如果有一天,业主从这边搬走,那么这些植物、花箱和家具也可以一起移动而不会浪费,在另一个地方开始进入下一个循环……

The klee klee project is a good reflection of this process of landscape change. The intervention and construction methods we have adopted are relatively more adaptable and cost controllable. If one day, the client moves away from this district, the plants, flowerpots and furniture can be moved together and start the next cycle in another place…


© 朱润资


最后的最后,我希望加上这篇城市中国的文章链接,希望有一天生态的美与生活的美都能被重视,能有更多的研究与探索支撑彼此的对话与合作:“生态修复 | 本地种子与苗木供应难题”。

The last but not least, I’d like to add this article from ‘Urban Wisdom Advancing with China’, hoping one day the beauty of both ecology and life can be valued with more research and exploration to support dialogue and cooperation in between: ‘Ecological Restoration | Supply Problem of Local Seed and Seedling’.




项目名称:klee klee& friends 店铺景观提升改造
设计团队:郭怡妦 张昌夷
回收塑料3D打印植栽盆技术顾问与施工:TRASHAUS (乐设科技)
摄影:朱润资,klee klee

Project Name: Landscape Renovation of klee klee & friends
Project Location: Building No.3, ‘Columbia Circle’
Project Type: Commercial Landscape
Project Area: 157m2
Landscape Design: Possibilism Design Studio
Design Team: Kuo Yifong, Zhang Changyi
Planting/ Habitat Construction Consultant: Forest City Studio
Technology and Construction Consultant of 3D Printed Planting Pots: TRASHAUS
Photography: Zhu Runzi, klee klee




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