Urban Initiatives :   墨尔本动物园的新狐猴展览园是Urban Initiatives(景观设计师)与OLA(olastudio.format.com 建筑师)和动画设计公司合作。Urban Initiatives带领设计团队在墨尔本动物园最近完成了价值420万美元的雨林入口体验区。Urban Initiatives创造了一个引人入胜的“走过”体验,狐猴和游客共享相同的空间。雨林的进入允许直接接触狐猴和它们的环境,这在传统的围场中通常是不可能的,能让访客沉浸在景观中。种植和材料引用了马达加斯加不寻常的多刺林和茂密的热带雨林,这是狐猴的自然栖息地。富有表现力的建筑和解释性的物体利用马达加斯加的自然景观。这些造型设计的目的是为狐猴提供刺激的环境,为游客提供丰富的美学体验。

Urban Initiatives :    led the design team on the recently completed $4.2M Rainforest Entry Experience Precinct at Melbourne Zoo. Working collaboratively with Snowdon Architects and Arterial Design among others, UI have created an engaging ‘walk through’ experience where lemurs and visitors share the same space. The Rainforest Entry allows a direct encounter with the lemurs and their environment, an experience usually impossible in more traditional enclosures.The visitor is immersed in a landscape where planting and materials reference the unusual spiny forests and lush rainforests of Madagascar, the lemur’s natural habitat. Expressive architectural and interpretive objects draw on natural forms of the Madagascan landscape. These forms are designed to provide a stimulating environment for the lemurs and an aesthetically rich one for the visitor.



Steel structures, seven pods, all slightly different, are made and woven in the off-site rattan field and then stand up on the base of an unconventional steel platform. The treehouse is made of boardwalk and Bridges, and the treehouse is a vantage point for visitors to see lemurs in their surrounding habitat.




工作人员:Andrew Taylor,Paul Neely,Dylan Dodds,Yan Zhao,Jason Isaks,Tim Hart
与:Ark Conservation by Design合作

Client: Zoos Victoria
Type: Restore, Victoria, Zoo
Year: 2013
Staff: Andrew Taylor, Paul Neely, Dylan Dodds, Yan Zhao, Jason Isaks, Tim Hart
Cost: $4.2 M
In collaboration with: Ark Conservation by Design

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