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未止工作室:「森的岛屿」美茵湖店 —— 是七日食与未止的第三次合作。如今,七日食已成为深耕洛阳本土不可忽略的轻食餐饮品牌。随着人们对健康饮食的追求,轻食——依旧深受现代年轻消费者的青睐。

WAY Design Studio: 「Cobblue」Meiyin Lake store is the third collaboration between the Seven Time Light Food and the Way. Nowadays, the Seven Time Light Food has become a well-known light food and beverage brand in Luoyang. With people’s pursuit of a healthy diet, light food is still favoured by modern young consumers.




This case is located in Jianye Mayin Lake, a street-facing store with a strong hustle and bustle atmosphere. It integrates community culture and combines nature and space, creating a light food restaurant and an aesthetic space to convey a healthy lifestyle.




The design of the door is based on the original structure, with an open layout of the green frame and a combination of large French windows to introduce light and vision into the room to the maximum extent, and the light facade fully presents a healthy, young, and casual expression.




Leisure chairs are placed outdoors, and people come and go in busy streets, blowing the cool breeze by the lake and consciously substituting the comfort and freedom of camping wind.




Lush natural vegetation is introduced indoors, echoing the four seasons by the lake. Here, you can enjoy the flow of time and the comfort of a fine life.




Combined with concrete and environmentally friendly wood, the natural atmosphere of the space has been fully expressed.




Glass brick design makes direct natural light liquefied and soft, blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors.




The green spiral staircase stands quietly, creating a brighter and more relaxed atmosphere between the light and shadow, leading people upstairs to explore.




The spatial structure presents openness, with concrete and cement paving as the base colour of the space, and the natural texture of the space is enhanced by the colour of logs and green. The visual hierarchy is presented through different materials and textures of different thicknesses.




The original load-bearing structure is retained, and the bare cement column presents natural beauty, free and smooth moving line layout, while maintaining an effective and comfortable distance between people and tables. You can enjoy healthy food and cosy social interaction no matter where you are indoors.




This is a cosy place where you can take off the tired, take a sip of fragrant coffee, and taste the steaks and salads with a lingering fragrance. Friends can check in or have a group dinner, and couples can come here for dates.




Soft light and shadow are derived to every corner, and hidden lights are used as embellishments to reflect the natural texture of the wall, showing the original charm of nature.




On the second floor, outdoor terrace space is deliberately set aside to combine indoor and outdoor activities better. The street view of the city is unobstructed and full of green sets each other off. A portion of light food with a glass of juice, immersed in the romantic brunch in the quiet and comfortable little corner.


▽原始平面图 Plan


▽平面布置图 Plan




项目地点:河南 洛阳
联系邮箱: 372456579@qq.com

Project name: LIGHTFOOD Cobblue Forest Island
Completion Year: 2023.03
Gross built area: 358㎡
Project location: Luoyang, Henan
Design: WAY Design Studio
Contact e-mail: 372456579@qq.com
Leader designer: Alex Wang、Ace Yang
Project location: Henan LuoYang
Photo credit: Ruchu Space Photography Studio



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