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Fuses Viader Arquitectes:该项目占地1.3公顷,北面和东面可以观赏海景,该项目是为一个五口之家而建的1300平方米的建筑,还可为客人和家庭服务提供补充空间。

Fuses Viader Arquitectes:On a plot of 1.3ha oriented north and east with good views over the sea, the plan is for a 1300m2 building with a program for a family of five, with complementary spaces for guests and home service.



平面图 Master Plan



The geographic situation of the plot conditions the location of the house in two aspects: the access from the street is in the back at the higher level of the plot, and the best views are towards the most unfavorable orientations, north and east.




From this circumstance the house deploys an irregularly shaped layout that creates a large access patio, isolated from the street and at a lower level, acting as a filter between the entrance garden and the core of the house, which is located on the lowest level of the plo, closer to the sea. The house then is distributed in two wings connected by the entrance hall, where the main stairway is also located. The bedrooms, facing north, but with excellent views of the nearby beach have also a south oriented skylight which provides a second entry of daylight, while the lounge, dining room and kitchen, are facing east and overlooking the open sea. On the lower floor there is the service area, as well as a guests room, a pool with complementary spaces like a sauna and a fitness room, and other leisure areas like that include a cellar and a wine tasting room.




With the location of the house in the lower part of the plot, the roof of the building becomes a fifth facade, perhaps the most significant one, covered in cooper and being visible from the moment of accessing the property from the street. The overall geometry awards the house with a “topographical” condition in continuity with the rest of the large existing garden.




The most significant part of the house, regarding orientation and views is the day-zone area. the living room and dining room are accessed from the entrance by walking around an inner pool-courtyard that visually sets the central space of the living room between two sheets of water, the artificial pool and the sea.















The house is generously glazed as it is a summer residence in which priority was given to the physical and visual connection with the surrounding gardens and the sea. It is supported by thin inclined steel pillars, similar on section and height to the neighboring pinewoods. Walls and ceilings are made of exposed concrete, casted with wood planks, alternating with Carrara marble and gray granite. The roof covered with copper, wraps the two main volumes and extends around the access patio, forming a semi cloister- like area along with the porch designed as an open garage.









基地位置 Location基地 Site



底层-花园层 Groundfloor – Garden level


一楼-入口 First floor- Access


主楼层-入口层 Main Floor – Access Level


底层-花园层 Lower Floor – Garden Level


东立面和北立面 East and North elevations


南立面和西南立面 South and South-west elevations


建筑设计: Fuses-Viader Arquitectes (Josep Fuses, Joan M. Viader)
项目团队: Carla Arruebo, Silvina Mayer, Jordi Serra, Josep Ribes, Dolors Bosch, Pilar Arbonés.
室内设计: Montserrat Nogués Arquitecte
结构工程: Blázquez-Guanter Arquitectes SLP
数量测量员: Jaume Vila
摄影: Duccio Malagamba
地点: 阿文古达·安道尔, 圣安东尼·德卡隆热-西班牙
建筑面积: 1,380平方米
场地面积: 13,200平方米
项目年份: 2007年
建筑施工: 2008 – 2011年

Architects: Fuses-Viader Arquitectes (Josep Fuses, Joan M. Viader)
Project team: Carla Arruebo, Silvina Mayer, Jordi Serra, Josep Ribes, Dolors Bosch, Pilar Arbonés.
Interior design: Montserrat Nogués Arquitecte
Structural engineering: Blázquez-Guanter Arquitectes SLP
Quantity surveyor: Jaume Vila
Photography: Duccio Malagamba
Location: Avinguda d’Andorra, 15. Sant Antoni de Calonge – Spain
Built area: 1,380 sqm
Site area: 13,200 sqm
Project: 2007
Construction: 2008-2011


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