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Zinialand Design:Shang (Upper)– View above the city central, sitting around urban life, Cheng (City)– 800,000m2 metropolitan area, gathering diversity and bustling, The 1st ring road of north side, the heart of the Chengdu city, Unique and open commercial demonstration area, The exquisite miniature of future commercial street.




With the facilitate of urbanization and modernity, people’s lifestyle and pursuits have gradually changed. Nowadays, current young group are more looking for the aesthetic value of products. For our Longfor mansion|Shangcheng demonstration area- the core area of Chengdu, has the unique business value, as well as satisfied costumers’ demand for high-end and quality living environment as a pioneering project in Chengdu city.


项目场地区位 Project location



The landscape design of Longfor central demonstration area is by the artistic features of overall commercial area. Integrating with building facades design, the landscape presents an elegant, pure and top image, which also consist with the future urban imagery of Chengdu city- exquisite and impact. Keep improving the “central force” of urban growth in Chengdu.



The Longfor central | Shangcheng demonstration area is the miniature of the whole project, which also is the initial presentation of the entire project. It directly will serve as a reservation area for later phase of overall design without too much fixes or changes. Both parties try to make the boundaryless link between current site and future blueprint, at the same time, try to minimize the reconstruction at the later stage. Insisting the principle of ecological sustainability, this project embraces the urban public landscape to achieve its sustainable goals. On the one hand, it highlights the feature of commercial development. On the other hand, it represent the concepts of economic, ecological and sustainable of a brilliant landscape project.





-site & spaces-
Open and consistency, north landmark of modern city

Longfor central, located in Renmin Road North in Chengdu City, Hold the concept of commercial feature, Reshape the brand new landmark of north inner city.




Limited by current condition of the site, The total area is only 3000m2 and the “L” shape, Interact with architecture, enhance the landscape space in demonstration area, Unify inner pavement with municipal street pavement , Connect, project inside to outside as a open urban space, sharing landscape resources, Divide landscape spaces by making use of road junction corner, Adjust streetscape to architecture style, The landscape well-connected to surrounding municipal spaces.


项目场地交通 Project traffic system condition




-Design & style-
Black ink and gold, voice from nature

Continue the direction of the majestic commercial atmosphere, Using a refined method to concentrate the landscape, Open commercial demonstration area, Compact and utilization of spaces, Rationally organize the streamline in the limited space, Specify details in an ingenious way.


▼ 项目整体大区景观与示范区位置 The layout of demonstration area and overall plan


▼ 项目平面 Project master plan



The entrance to the sales center integrates the feature waterscape, Pay attention to the consistency of the color the design elements, Respond to the gold and metal texture of buildings, The black and white diamond colour is exquisite and high-end, Extract the curvilinear lines and champagne colors from the architectural language build a bustling business scene in the demonstration area, Prosperity and excellence.




The soft landscape sings the tone of nature, Present the vivid landscape of the urban life, Combined with the water features, Highlight the quality and clarity of the landscape, Emphasize the theme of “the sound of nature”, Shows a cozy urban lifestyle in the demonstration area.





-division & streamline-
Human friendly scale, guided streamline

Explore and deeply dig the site culture and connotation, Combined with the inner city location, Create an open streamline to the public space, Meet the pedestrian’s walking and experience needs in the commercial design concept.


▼ 项目空间流线演变 The process of streamline shaping



We effectively guide people from the parking spaces to the sales center, Use the planting bed to form an internal pedestrian garden, Separate the municipal roads, Guide the crowd to step closer, Poetic vegetation and sculpture, Make the entire streamline unique in its artistry and rhythm.





-CONCEPTUALIZE & materials-
Fine crafts, smooth and clear

The paving and the decorative lights echo with each other, Using a simple design language, Present a highly refined and delicate colored effect. The streamline paving interact with the ground starlight, Shape a streamlined guided tour, The warm vision draws the moving lines of trip, Warm, quiet and clear.


▼ 单独的铺装暗示道路的走向,在夜晚星光点点亮起,吸引人的目光,牵引人的脚步 The paving guide the pedestrian when the starlight in the dark


▼ 用浪淘沙围绕特色种植池,营造水墨鎏金中的水墨之感 Using the material of Langtaosha to create the gold and ink feeling




-Shadows & details-
Dappled shadows, Fine-designed details

No matter day or night, The sunlight and light shadows on architectural screens and reflective water features, They are all crystal and clear, Balance the shade and sunlight in the site, “Xin lv xing” granite is used in the main water feature, like a embedded and shiny diamond , Under the sunlight, Present crystal and transparent.




Keep improving the detail construction skill, Based on our conceptual design, focus on the reasonable scale and the details, Afford a sense of celebrating to the whole area.




-design conclusion-
Escape from the stereotype, create artistic habitat

The project area is limited, We start a brainstorm and rich landscape imagination, Use simple and pure modern design language, Extracting the true meaning of the real life, Abandon over-decoration, Integrate cultural and native languages, Avoid similar forms and templates, Return to comfort and luxury, modern life.





Project name: Longfor Central | Shangcheng Demonstration area
Project address: #12, 1st Section of Renmin Road North, Chengdu
Client: Longfor
Project scale:3000㎡
Design year:2017.10
Completed year:2018.05
Designed by:Zinialand landscape design Co., Ltd
Schematic design:Zhu Liang, Liu Ping, Huang Mengzhu, Zhang Jiabin, Li Chunli, Cao Huan, etc.
Construction drawings:Yang Kunyi, Wei chuan, Li Xuemei, Liu Xiang, Liu Bo, Zhai Piaoxue
On-site services:Zeng Junjian, Zeng Yin, Wu Can
Photography:Holi Landscape Photography


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