Openbox Architects :最初的想法是让居住者的行为将居住空间雕刻成一块整体的大理石雕塑。 主要部分看起来如此坚固,但它如此轻盈地浮动以抵抗重力,而外部景观空间则通过中心庭院流下。残留的大理石碎片落在地面上,成为景观特征的一部分,隔离,但视觉上相关如此大胆 ,因为他们曾经是大理石巨石的一部分。

Openbox Architects :The initial idea is to allow habitant’s behavior to carve a dwelling space into a monolithic piece of marble sculpture. The main piece appears so solid, yet so light it floats to defy the gravity, while external landscape space flows underneath through the center courtyard.Residual marble pieces fell onto the ground to become part of the landscape features,isolated, yet visually related so boldly, as they use to be part of the marble boulder.




The unique shape and space of the excavation was created by moving the linear and nonlinear planes of the building. The marble house is placed at one end of the rectangular block and has a large and spectacular rain tree at the other end. The visual impression of the rain tree is enhanced by pavilions of modern architecture. The simplest structure and the fully grown natural rain tree contrast on the mirrored swimming pool surface, creating an unforgettable scene for the house.



In fact, the marble finish is a large, lightweight marble-printed wall tile. Applied as an exterior wall coating in a layer of interior brick walls, it also acts as a weather cover, shielding the house from direct sunlight, and the external heat of Bangkok summer, thus helping to cool the room during the day.


The relationship between architecture and landscape is cleverly displayed everywhere. The entire square shape surrounds the center of the open courtyard, allowing natural light and ventilation to reach all corners of the distance. The bamboo movement and sway of the central courtyard represents the presence of the wind.

主导景观设计师:Wannaporn Suwannatrai
景观设计师团队:Chawannuch Jirasukprasert
室内建筑师团队:Wannapat Jenpanichkarn,Pichaya Sampanvejsobha , Chitchaya Klinkhum
照明设计师:FOS Lighting Design Studio
照片来源:Wison Tungthunya
外墙技术:Boonthavorn Facade技术
1.外墙瓷砖、地板:Boonthavorn World Ceramic Center
2.家具:LifeStyle Furniture
3.照明:Boonthavorn Lighting Center

Location: Ratchadapisake Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Approx 800sqm
Completion: early 2017
Project Name: MARBLE HOUSE
Leading Landscape Architect: Wannaporn Suwannatrai
Landscape Architect Team: Chawannuch Jirasukprasert
Team of interior architects: Wannapat Jenpanichkarn, Pichaya Sampanvejsobha, Chitchaya Klinkhum
Lighting Designer: FOS Lighting Design Studio
Customer/Owner: Private
Type: Single family
Photo source: Wison Tungthunya
Other participants
Exterior wall technology: Boonthavorn Facade technology
1. Exterior wall tiles, flooring: Boonthavorn World Ceramic Center
2. Furniture: LifeStyle Furniture
3. Lighting: Boonthavorn Lighting Center
4. Interior door: Hafele

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