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Z+T Studio: Tangshan Quarry Park, a former abandoned stone mining site, demonstrates how strong landscape design could transform a human activity destination to the different purpose, and catalyze local community revitalization. It’s the largest scale project that Z+T Studio currently involved, as well as one of the very few non-private development in our portfolio.





The 40 hectares site is one-hour driving from Nanjing, at the south of Tangshan National Tourism Resort. Identified with three stunning scale of excavated craters, it could be visualized from miles away. The original intention of the project was to cover up the excavation with Geo-slope protection and make the craters invisible. However, after viewing the beautiful stone textures combined with newly sprout plants from cracks, we decided to preserve the dramatic momentum and let the derelict cured by itself.


▼基地现状 Existing







▼项目平面图 Master Plan

▼场地实景 Real scene



Responding to the existing topography and hydrology, the site was regraded and transformed into a vibrant experimenting destination, including four different reused quarry sites, meadow field, playground and Sandie (Three Drops) Lake. Due to their distinctive geological features, each pit was introduced with different functions: the far eastern side quarry is deep and concealed, which is positioned as a quiet and relaxing spa area belong to a hotel; the west side quarry is open and abroad that perfectly functions for music festival and camping; the two middle craters are mostly visual significant, and become the new perspectives exposed to the public. Moreover, hiking system has been taking into consideration based on safety, cost, maintenance, different type of experience and the sensitivity of ecology. The safety issue is one of the most important concern all the time. To eliminate future collapse anchoring devices of erosion control is specialized by engineers and slope protection specialists.




Passing through the gateway of entrance, visitors will first encounter a pond with wetland functioned with storm run-off. Following the zigzag ramp and meandering through the meadow field, people will arrive at the bottom of one quarry through a “Time Tunnel”. Alongside the cor-ten steel stair case, which evokes the rough texture of rocks and color, people eventually reach a platform overlooking the whole park. Another adjacent quarry needs to be reached by walking through a connecting corridor. Visitors will come out of it and land to the Quarry playground at the end.


▼三叠湖 The Pond


▼阡陌花涧 The Rain Garden


▼观景平台 The Platform


▼沿壁栈道 The Corridor



The playground featured with industrial characteristic, is designed for all ages by climbing, slides, swing, trampoline under the unique background. As original crush stone pileup, the existing slopes is reinforced for heavy duty facilities and playground equipment.


▼矿野拾趣乐园 The Quarry Playground



项目见解 Some insights of the project


City parks used to play a role of upgrading land value and promoting real estate development in the past decades. The short-term purpose development always creates dysfunction by lacking of maintenance. However, Nanjing Tangshan Quarry Park has introduced multilevel of tenants and facilities, either hot spring hotel and restaurants for tourists, or music festival, camping ground, playground for families and communities, which will finance future management in a positive way. It well-establishes a potential city park model for the communities in China.




The resilience of nature is extremely challenge as the undermining geological feature as mountains. Intervening the natural renovation process with covering Geo-cells with dirt and green is always controversial for the unpredictable effect, without thinking about overall cost. If concealing mistakes cannot prevent less unsophisticated development in the future, this park will bring a positive impact of education for how human beings should balance environmental challenge and encourage more sustainable solutions of development.






Project name: Nanjing – Tangshan Quarry Park
Landscape design: Z+T Studio
Design team: Dong Zhang, Ziying Tang, Qing Zhang, Min Xu, Yifan Chen, Shuai Yuan, Yupeng Yang, Xin Liu, Shaohao Bian
Installation design: Art Workshop (Z+T Studio)
Design team: Hongchao Liu, Jialin Zheng, Yanjie Fan, Chuan Sun
Ecological design: Biophilic Lab (Z+T Studio)
Design team: Mo Wang, Min Xu
Client: Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Resort Management Committee
Urban planning: Southeast University, Nanjing Southeast University Urban Design and Research Institute co., LTD., ToTao Design
Photography: Hai Zhang
Project location: 200 meters west of the junction of Meiquan road and Quandu street, Tangshan street, Jiangning district, Nanjing, China


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