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querkraft architekten维也纳社会公共住房项目设想在一个长400米,宽20米的地块上进行建造。2017年,querkraft architekten 以其连续的花园平台方案赢得了一项设计竞赛,并在此基础上开发了七个住宅区。

querkraft architekten400 metres long, a good 20 metres wide – an unusual site, on which Viennese social housing was envisaged. In 2017 querkraft architekten won the limited entry implementation competition with their design for a continuous garden deck out of which seven residential blocks develop.



querkraft 的主要目标是为现有居民和新搬来的居民创造高质量的生活,其核心是要实现“人人享有多瑙河景观”的愿望,设计将通过狭长的建筑布局和建造不同高度的新建筑来实现。具有吸引力的共享室外空间将作为第五立面,鼓励新老用户在其中消磨时光、种植花草或锻炼。

The main aim of querkraft was to create quality for both the existing and the new residents. The central element in this regard – “a view of the Danube for all” was to be achieved through slender buildings and by adapting the different heights of the new buildings. The inviting sharedoutdoor space functions as a fifth facade that encourages new and existing users to spend time there, to garden, or to exercise.




The existing public housing behind was treated with respect. The top floor of the garage block in front of it was removed so that more light and sun can penetrate than previously. The undulating rhythm of the existing buildings is continued by the stepped heights of the seven new blocks. The intelligent positioning of these blocks also guarantees sufficient light for the living areas in the buildings behind them.




The activated – and consequently enhanced – residential street that runs between the existing buildings and the new public housing is both a connecting and a structuring element for the entire complex. Generously sized outdoor staircases provide access to the garden deck of the new buildings on which attractive leisure time facilities encourage communication and exchange. As a kind of planted connecting platform these outdoor spaces create communicative zones where all the residents can spend time. The connection to the surroundings is improved and attractive visual relationships are created. The outdoor space comes alive and invites interaction.




在混凝土工程中,每个带有锥形墙壁的凉廊都是作为一个整体制作的。凉廊在现场悬挂就位,仅固定在 4 个支承点上。通过几何形状的巧妙变化,阳台和凉廊式公寓形成了一个生动的混合体。阳台区域的这一特殊“装置”鼓励新住户积极参与塑造他们的私人户外空间。

The cantilevered loggias are perhaps the most immediately striking feature of the new housing. These prefabricated concrete elements are mounted on the north-western and south-eastern fronts of each building. By swivelling them the views outside and into the private area are deliberately directed towards the Danube. Consequently, the outdoor space remains private, and the special view is given the attention that this site calls for.

Each loggia with its tapering walls was produced as a single piece in the concrete works. The loggias were hung in place on site, fixed to just 4 bearing points. Through a clever variation of the geometry a lively hybrid of balcony and loggia type apartment was made. Special fixtures for equipping the balcony area encourage the new residents to become actively involved in shaping their private outdoor space.



艺术家 Ingo Nussbaumer 在其作品中对色彩及其效果进行了深入的研究,通过与他的密切合作,我们开发出了一种特别适合场地和周围环境的建筑色调。当人们漫步在建筑群中时,不同颜色的空间就会产生不同的效果,根据光线和时间的不同,这些空间也会对观众产生不同的影响。

In close collaboration with artist Ingo Nussbaumer, who in his work deals intensively with colours and their effects, a colour palette was developed that is specially adapted to the site and the surroundings. As one walks through the complex, differently coloured spaces are created, which, depending on the light and the time of day, have a different effect on the viewers.



2022 年 7 月,在 Handelskai 214A 号建筑工地上,维也纳建造了新的公共住房,它既继承了维也纳的社会住房传统,又对当地的具体情况做出了相当细致的回应。多瑙河的美景、吸引人的室外连接空间、引人注目的建筑外观,这些都成为了必要的优势,促使居民将这些建筑视为自己的家,并认同由 querkraft architekten 设计的 新公共住房——Karlheinz Hora Hof。

On the building site Handelskai 214A in July 2022 new public housing in Vienna has been made that relates to the city’s social housing tradition, while also responding to the specific local situation with a considerable degree of sophistication. A virtue was made of necessity –the view towards the Danube, the attractive connecting outdoor space, the striking exterior encourage the residents to make the buildings their own and to identify with the Karlheinz Hora Hof designed by querkraft architekten.



“400 米长的交流花园平台不仅是现有建筑和新建筑之间的连接元素,也是一个公共活动区,所有游客都可以通过三个室外楼梯和连接多瑙河畔的桥梁进入该活动区。通过降低车库的高度,住宅区的街道得到了改造和绿化,人们可以在这里进行交流,也为所有年龄段的人创造了户外活动区域”。Peter Sapp说道。

“The 400-metre-long communicative garden deck is not only a connecting element between the existing and the new buildings but is also a communal area of action to which all visitors are invited by the three outdoor staircases and the bridge that connects to the Danube banks. Reducing the height of the garage block enabled the residential street to be upgraded and greened, communicative zones where people can spend time were made, and outdoor areas for all age groups were created.” Quote Peter Sapp




项目名称:New public housing for Vienna on Handelskai
尺寸(NFA-WNFL/GFA):WNFL 19,287 m²
BGF gesamt 45,770 m²
BGF oberirdisch 37,120 m²

项目建筑师:Magdalena Süss, Guillermo Alvarez, Irene Carles, Michael Voit, Johannes Zotter, Franziska Däuble
结构工程:Dorr-Schober & Partner
建筑物理学:Dorr-Schober & Partner
景观规划:Kieran Fraser Landscape Design
HKLS:Kainer Gebäudetechnik GmbH
建设协调:Fuith Werner Baumeister
色彩概念:Ingo Nussbauer
消防:Norbert Rabl
照片:Hertha Hurnaus, Tollerian
模型建筑:Gerhard Stocker Modellwerkstatt

Project Name: New public housing for Vienna on Handelskai
Completion: 06/2022
Country: AUT
City: Handelskai 214A, 1020 Wien
Size (NFA / WNFL/ GFA): WNFL 19.287 m²
BGF gesamt 45.770 m²
BGF oberirdisch 37.120 m²
Use: living

Client: WIGEBA
Project architect: Zsuzsanna Takacsy, Robert Haranza
Team: Magdalena Süss, Guillermo Alvarez, Irene Carles, Michael Voit, Johannes Zotter, Franziska Däuble
Structural engineering: Dorr-Schober & Partner
Building physics: Dorr-Schober & Partner
Landscape planning: Kieran Fraser Landscape Design
HKLS: Kainer Gebäudetechnik GmbH
Electronical planning: PHI
General contractor: GERSTL BAU GmbH & Co KG
Building coordination: Fuith Werner Baumeister
Colour concept: Ingo Nussbaumer
Fire protection: Norbert Rabl
Photos: Hertha Hurnaus, Tollerian
Modell building: Gerhard Stocker Modellwerkstatt


400 米长的交流花园平台不仅是现有建筑和新建筑之间的连接元素,也是一个公共活动区。


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