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Line+建筑事务所:绿色建筑专家威廉 • 布朗宁(Browning William)提出了亲生物设计的 3 个类别和 14 种模式,其中包括空间里的自然,即植物、水、动物、微风、声音、气味和其他自然元素;类自然事物,即有机的、非生物的、能够间接地唤起与自然的联系;空间的特性,即可以发现自然、探索自然、与自然互动的空间结构。

line+ studio:Green building expert Browning William proposed three categories and 14 patterns of Living near design, including nature in a space, i.e. plants, water, animals, breezes, sounds, smells and other natural elements; Something resembling nature, that is, organic, abiotic and capable of indirectly evoking a connection with nature; The characteristics of space, that is, the space structure that can discover, explore and interact with nature.





The project is located at the intersection of Heqing North Road and Tongtu Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, which is in a relatively central location. The south side is the municipal green space. Although it is a good green condition, the original state obstructs the line of sight from the sidewalk, and due to the influence of the municipal pipe network, the space for transforming the green belt is limited.


▽前期设计概念 Preliminary design concept



The buildings in the site are based on vertical language, simple modern, cool colors, the overall presentation of advanced, atmospheric, simple architectural quality. However, as an integrated space of business, residence and office, the landscape mainly emphasizes softening the cold colors of the building, bringing warmth and interesting space to residents and customers. At the same time, it also echoes the advanced and concise characteristics of the building, creating a landscape space with indoor and outdoor integration but with richness.


▽前期过程推演 Preliminary process deduction



The scope of this design is the space of the first open area:


▽总平面图 Plan





In the pre-design communication, since the exhibition area involves different types of business, lots and owners, the requirements of all parties and the current conditions of the site should be integrated to achieve the best design state.

First of all, the municipal green space. In the process of site investigation, it was found that the surrounding municipal green space was chaotic and could not directly penetrate the layers of tall trees to attract people to enter. And there are some immovable foundations, electrical boxes and warning signs in the surrounding greenery. At the same time, it is necessary to meet the rigid requirements of the municipal party that “it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the green space and not destroy the pipeline network directly below”, as well as the marketing requirements of the operator that “the use of green for commercial drainage and increase the use of the street park”. To create a more pure space, we included municipal greenery in the overall design.


▽改造前场地现状 Current situation of the former site




The second is the front display space. Due to the restrictions of the fire climbing surface, the square entering the indoor display space is mainly paved horizontally and decorated with tube-like mobile flower pools. The interior atrium is equipped with cascading water features and geometric sculptures to enhance the sense of high class and ornamental.

The last part is the shared block space, which is mainly composed of commercial and main entrance exhibition space. The design is mainly based on white space and leisure, which complement each other with soft installation and IP device.


▽广场及台阶场地思考 Square and step site thinking



In space design, different areas give different answers, the design does not want to use too much design sense of elements piled up, also do not need to reflect the delicacy of the corner details, but in a more relaxed way to decorate the space, casual, casual, accompanying, wherever you go there is a scene. Walking between the buildings, the landscape is enhanced by the four seasons fireworks, creating a cultural landscape suitable for all ages, elegant and popular in a straightforward way. The orientation of human behavior, future operation and commercial vision emphasizes the overall space atmosphere.





镜头一,山海礁岛,星星点点散落无垠 Shot one: Mountains and sea reefs, dotted with stars


The wind is gentle, the waves are quiet, the islands are scattered, and water drops fall into the vast ocean. In the calm water a little silver light, which belongs to the sponge of eternal joy.


▽场景思考——对话 Scene thinking — Dialogue



As a coastal city, Ningbo is deeply influenced by the sea. The design continues the concept of mountains and seas, integrates elements such as island, wave and oxygen, and evolves into sculpture, installation and greening, forming the concept of block reef island. In terms of function, the landscape layout also forms a communication and interaction space like an “island on a calm sea”.


▽山海礁岛入口水景 Water view at the entrance of Mountain and Sea Keys

▽山海礁岛开放草坪 Open lawn on Mountain and Sea Keys

▽多功能外摆广场 Multifunctional swing square

▽抱枕猫(风潮场景) Throw pillow Cat (Fashion scene)

▽打卡网红外摆场景 Punching network infrared swing scene


镜头二:空谷洞天,感知光迹沉沦深海 Lens 2: The sky is empty, perceiving light trails sinking into the deep sea


The sea – encased place of the sky, where the clear daylight penetrated, slanted down and fell on the deep trees of the sea, shining brightly.


▽场景思考——对话 Scene thinking — Dialogue



As a necessary space for apartment entry, the indoor atrium is an important ceremonial space and communication node. As the original space is limited by the roof and green space rate, the large water feature is chosen as the main design element. The atrium landscape connects the surrounding indoor display space and forms an indoor landscape space that can be toured and appreciated by combining with the corridor. When entering the atrium, the overlapping water feature comes into view. The grid sculpture presents a reflection on the huge water surface, which adds a sense of overlapping center of gravity in the quiet atmosphere of the space. The sculpture is composed of a pale gold metal grid, evolved from the cloud form, forming the final “three-dimensional cloud” design concept, floating lightly above the mirrored water feature. The modern and technological elements create a visual focus for the waterscape atrium. The transparency and visual effects of the sculpture are constantly changing according to the various combinations of elements and the movement of the visitor’s position. The visual effects of different angles and reflections in the water also enrich the spatial dimension and visual layers.


▽灰空间推导过程 Grey space derivation process

▽中庭空间实景 Real view of the atrium space


镜头三:折叠山林,步入幽径找寻烟火 Scene three: Folding the forest, into the secluded path to look for fireworks


Stack up, feel the embrace of the shadow in the wind, walk through the mountains, walk with the wind, make friends with the trees, keep laughter and leisure in the stack.


▽场景思考——对话 Scene thinking — Dialogue



The original steps of the building are still the conventional steps and tree pool, which lacks some interest and vividness in form. In the process of landscape transformation, the moving line is considered first to simulate the mountain path of climbing. At the same time, the seating function is put into the steps to create the intention of “urban stage auditorium”; Finally, the IP image sculpture is implanted and embedded in the flower landscape, which enriches the ornamental and interactive nature and also becomes a highlight of the block.


▽台阶推导过程 Step derivation process

▽纵横交错的台阶鸟瞰 A bird’s eye view of the crisscrossing steps

▽与猫共舞 Dancing with Cats

▽多功能台阶实景 Multi-functional step scene

▽营造城市开放表演舞台 Create an open stage for urban performance

▽多功能台阶夜景 Multifunctional step night view

▽花丛中的“抱枕猫” “Throw Pillow Cat” in flowers

▽抱枕猫场景图(风潮场景) Pillow cat scene (Fashion scene)

▽台阶平面图 Plan of steps


镜头四:林栖往事,幽幽林光回溯过往 Lens 4: The past of the forest, the faint forest light back in the past


“Find yourself in nature and release yourself in the mountains.” Daylight through the trees, but also through the time, the wind and leaves interweave, road and wood staggered, lead thoughts back to.


▽场景思考——对话 Scene thinking — Dialogue



In the design process of the park green space, according to the requirements of functional departments, combined with local policies, mainly green space. On the premise of retaining most of the original trees, the design rearranges the tree species and location, increases the use of node flower environment, and sets the embellishment of benches in part, so that it becomes a green park for the surrounding citizens to walk, and brings drainage effect for the future internal commercial block.


▽绿地推导过程 Derivation process of green space

▽公共绿地与市政道路的关系 The relationship between public green space and municipal road

▽保留原始乔木 Preserve the original trees

▽林下种植绿岛 Green islands are planted under the forest

▽强调林下空间 Emphasize understory space

▽绿地微改造后实景 Green space after micro transformation real scene




As a gathering place for the new generation of young people, Ningbo DAJA Center attracted a large number of surrounding residents to visit the market, watch performances, take photos and clock in on the first Open Day, becoming a new place for sharing and communication.


▽一期开放日现场吸引众多潮人打卡 The first open house attracted many hipsters to punch in



From the initial site investigation to the final plan, from the drawing to the definite landing, from the site sample determination to the site placement of plants, the construction process bit by bit culminates in the completion of this open, visual, life sense, rhythm sense, temperature comprehensive block. During the design process, Party A’s design team also assists the design with sufficient professionalism and trust until the final implementation.


▽与甲方巡视现场 Inspect the site with Party A



Explore every possibility of the site with design, integrate design into life, and arouse the interest of life. We hope that this is a future block that can return to nature, life and daily life, so that people can collide here with more vitality and fun. Taste the trend in the high quality block, and record the laughter of this block and the beauty of the future in the folding of space and the integration of scene.






Project Name: Ningbo · Everybody Center
Project address: North Heqing Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City
Landscape Design: Line+
Project Leader: Li Shangyang
Design Consultant: Zhu Peidong
Designers: Rao Feer, Jin Jianbo, Li Jun, Zhang Wenjie, Chi Xiaomei, Su Chenjuan
Design by: Jia Guanwei, Wang Yi, Shi Hongbin, Guo Yunke, Zhang Fei
Present: October 2022
Design area: Total design area of 30,447 square meters, phase I 10180 square meters (including public green space)
Construction unit: Zhejiang Zhongya Landscape Group Co., LTD
Photography team: Prism, Wang Dachou, Lu Kaikai




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