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LISM LANDSCAPE DESIGNThe Noble Palace is located on the Southwest Side of Shuangbei Bridge, Shapingba District, Chongqing, which is the former address of Shuangbei Special Steel Factory and is close to the bank of Jialing River. Chongqing impression is from the scattering between mountains and cities and the life of people on riverbank. In the riverbank scenery, Ten-mile Gallery, River beach stone, Yanyu Heap and stilted building form the deep scene in memory. The building’s layout method, based on the shape of stilted building, is overlapped in bulk and well-proportioned, is presented with modern design method again and emphasizes the coordination between the building size and internal function. The flexible and balanced asymmetric composition, concise processing method and pure body type make the building appearance pure and transparent.


© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography



The landscape, by utilizing the modern technique, continues the meaning of running water, creates the atmosphere of river beach life, and hides the historical feelings and cultural connotation in landscape. In line with the building language, one arc is drawn on the site. One surrounded space is formed on the front court of which the sculpture of the main landscape is placed in the center. Pass the center of river to feel the recurrence of river beach atmosphere through the maximum spatialization of interaction with water.


▼平面图 Master Plan

© LISM Landscape Design
© Holi Landscape Photography



The elements of landscape meaning are extracted to unify the site language with modern sense. And each place on site reflects the overlap of rebirth and oldness. The Ulmus parvifolia stands erect in the water, and the shadow of tree dances in water, with the tree shape stretched and an elegant figure. Stand in the middle of mountain, born on the river beach, see the inverted image of tree in water from a distance, and restore the scenery of Chongqing river beach in old days, like such city prospering by relying on the water. The river stone stands and the riverbank has the vertical shadow. The habitable place is located in the city.


© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography


▼江心庭院 The Courtyard


▼庭院细节 Courtyard details



The corridor is established between the backfield and prototype room, and the sense of design and the architectural language are unified to emphasize internal permeability of corridor. The top surface of curve echoes the design language of front court so that the people’s shadow could interact with the river water in the front court through medium. The curve pattern of sculpture and the rounds of circle are the vertical language of site. “Dancing girl in water” represents the middle of a river as ever and embraces the story of riverbank life.


© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography



Trace the form of entrance of mountain city, and transfer the rim lock of mountain to the ceremony door head of entrance. Create the sense of space of waling from the passageway on both banks for the outer contour of door head by extracting the mountain shape in the modern technique. The circular viewing route at the entrance has organic combination with the outer contour of door head for smooth connection between plane and vertical space.


© Holi Landscape Photography




项目名称:金融街 · 融府(重庆)


Project name: The Noble Palace (Chongqing)
Project format: exhibition area, houses, high-rise
Project scale: 67,000 square meters
Location: shuangbei, shapingba district, Chongqing
Exhibition area (phase I): 6,650 square meters
Client: Finacial Street Holdings
Client team: huo Yan, Liang Feng, Huang Qianyun
Landscape team: Hu Jianfeng, Zhang Xiangsha, Wang Jiawen, Liu Juan, Song Yao, Zhang Xubin (Concept team); Feng Le, Jiang Qingpu, Han Yongqiang, Yang Linyan, Li Bing (Detail team)

Landscape construction: Chongqing Muxie garden engineering (group) co., LTD
Architectural design: Chongqing Tianhua architectural design co., LTD
Hardcover design: Shenzhen Matrix interior decoration design co., LTD


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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