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VCD lab : Yao Shangtun is located in the north of Guangxi Luzhai County, adjacent to the Luoqing River and separated from the county town by a river. The area along the river is mostly an undeveloped natural village, with mountains, water, fields, forests and villages, and a beautiful natural environment. With the development of urbanization, this traditional village has entered a new stage of development and construction. The superior geographical location and the natural ecological environment have enabled the village to be preserved and renewed in the new round of rural revitalization strategy.



窑上 · 田园瞭望台是窑上屯主入口的主题形象空间,由白鹭瞭望台与炊烟观景台两部分组成。白鹭瞭望台总高12米,通过白色镂空的不锈钢板、折叠式白鹭形象来塑造生态主题的瞭望台,为窑上屯树立新的空间标志性入口形象。装置以瞭望、守望与展望为设计理念,基于乡村聚落、田园文化、自然生态为背景展开设计,以文化“重构”的方式探寻新农村的文化内核,用现代设计语言重新搭建起城市边缘的现代乡村新形象。

The installation is designed with the concept of looking, watching and looking forward, based on the background of rural settlement, idyllic culture and natural ecology, exploring the cultural core of the new countryside by means of cultural “reconstruction”, and rebuilding a new image of the modern countryside at the edge of the city with modern design language.The Yoshei Garden Lookout is a thematic image space for the main entrance of Yoshei Town, consisting of two parts: the Egret Lookout and the Smoke Lookout. The white heron observation deck is 12 meters high in total, shaping the ecological theme of the observation deck through the white hollow stainless steel plate and the folded image of the white heron, establishing a new spatial iconic entrance image for Yaoshangtun.


▽白鹭瞭望台与炊烟观景台鸟瞰 Aerial view


乡村与城市 Countryside and City


The countryside is the carrier of production and living space, and it brings together people’s ideas about the natural way of life, such as tranquility, tradition and simplicity, while the city brings together the opposing conceptual associations of the modern way of life, such as hustle and bustle, modernity and splendor.


▽白鹭瞭望台 The Egret Lookout



The countryside and the city themselves, and the relationship between them, are changing historical realities that represent two ways of life. The countryside is neither the same as backwardness and ignorance, nor is it a homeland full of joy. Reshaping the image of the countryside, restoring its vitality, and preserving its natural ecology will help perpetuate traditional rural culture and increase the spiritual paradise of urbanites.


▽与乡村融为一体的构筑 Building integrated with the countryside


▽炊烟观景台 Smoke viewing platform


乡村文化的重塑 Reinvention of Rural Culture


The process of urbanization has gradually transformed the countryside from a marginal area with a single function and far from the city to a vast hinterland that takes over the functions of the urban area and extends the urban form. The reshaping of rural cultural image is a necessary step to enhance the sense of identity and belonging to rural regional culture, and also to inherit rural spatial ecology, and to activate rural life with spatial ecology through cultural implantation and construction.


▽乡村文化形象的重塑,是对乡村地域文化认同感和归属感的提升 The reconstruction of rural cultural image is the promotion of rural regional cultural identity and sense of belonging



Based on ecological protection and idyllic culture, the watchtower function is not only a communication link between Yaoshangtun and the city road, but also an important window for the outside world to know Yaoshangtun, and an important medium to link the countryside and the city, to guide the public to return to the fields out of the city, and to experience the poetic countryside culture and idyllic scenery.



▽施工过程 Construction process

▽总平面图 Plan

▽正立面图 Elevation

▽侧立面图 Elevation

▽白鹭瞭望台立面图 Elevation




项目名称:窑上 · 田园瞭望台——时空的并置
项目地点:广西 柳州 鹿寨
设计单位:广州微介创意设计有限公司 – VCD lab
施工团队:柳州达观装饰有限公司 广西九鼎文化传媒有限公司
项目摄影:林捷骐、VCD lab

Project Name: On the Kiln · Pastoral Lookout — Juxtaposition of time and space
Project location: Luzhai, Liuzhou, Guangxi
Project area: 1200m square meters
Completion date: 2022
Project type: rural construction, art installation
Design unit: VERGE Creative Design Co., Ltd – VCD lab
Chief designer: Lin Yingjie, Zhang Yuanyuan
Design team: CAI Jingyang, Wang Haofeng, Zhou Yanxin
Construction team: Liuzhou Daguan Decoration Co., LTD. Guangxi Jiuding Culture Media Co., LTD
Project photography: Lin Jieqi, VCD lab
Building materials: steel structure, perforated aluminum plate, blue SLATE, natural face stone



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