Shma :奥尼克斯位于曼谷最繁忙的街区之一,毗邻繁忙的主干道,四周都是拥挤的建筑。“通道”的概念旨在创造一个独特的旅程,穿越城市与项目之间的各种过渡空间。在外部和内部空间之间。这种过渡空间不仅有助于人们在穿越这些空间时慢慢调整情绪,而且为建筑和设施提供了独特的环境。

Shma :Onyx is situated at one of Bangkok’s busiest neighborhood next to the main busy road and surrounded by congested building blocks. “Passage” is the concept aims to create a unique journey through various transitional spaces between city and the project. Between exterior and interior space. This transitional space is not only help to slowly adjust people’s mood while they move through these spaces but also provide a unique setting for building as well as facilities.





Different spaces are layered to create these transitional spaces. On ground floor, residents move from a busy road, slowly cross over “stone garden” which celebrates the arrival moment then walk through a twelve meter tall perforated wall that forms a gateway. “The wall” helps to filter noise pollution and screen public visual from the main road. It is also perform as project landmark standing out of the monotonous rows of shop house along the main road.




After passing through the “gate wall”, residents enter to “Forest” area where lush tropical plants are planted here. There are rows of water feature strips laid in between to introduce moist and sound of water to the space. The journey is ended here where tranquility is found before entering into the lobby.


平面图  Plan
五楼平面  5th Floor Plan



At the facility area on 5th floor, sunken “stone garden” is introduced not only to form a transitional space between the residential area and swimming pool area but also helps to provide a unique setting for the swimming pool space. Residents have to move across a stone garden before entering pool deck where it is floating over a 50 meter long lap pool.





At the roof garden on 18th 19th and 20th floor, series of stepping lawns and planters are introduced to connect these three separated gardens to become one continuous space. As a result, the resident has a larger space to move around and connect. It becomes a unique artificial hill in the sky where resident can relax with great view of Bangkok‘s Skyline.

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摄影:Wison Tungthunya
Photographer: Wison Tungthunya