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Collective Landscape Design:Oriental Villa is about 5 kilometers away from Xixi Wetland Park. The Xixi is based on the wetland landscape where the houses, the rivers, the marshes, the patches are scattered and streams are interlaced. Since the island vegetation encloses ponds and ripples, the space is converged. Compared to the openness of the West Lake, it can be said that Xixi is a hidden landscape.


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The architectural design of Oriental Villa is a scene picture related to the eaves. Modern forms such as large glass windows and horizontal line frames are hidden under the Oriental style of large roofs and large eaves.

The site is about 5000 square meters which is long and narrow. In this space, the design attempts to dialogue with the site in the aspects of sense, hearing and touch to deduce the hidden landscape stories.


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Design often comes from life, fragments of memory, or mental pictures. When switching to move, besides what we have seen and seen , we hope that the landscape stories depicted by Oriental Villa are related to Xixi and the Orient.

The site is not big and its continuous triangular features are particularly strong. The narrowest part is less than 6 meters, which makes the space narrow and cramped. Undoubtedly, how to resolve or even eliminate this kind of discomfort is a challenge for designers.




The drop-off area is adjacent to the city lane, and the straight line distance is only 30 meters. We hope this space can be separated from the city to some extent. The entrance is selected on the northernmost side of the site. By circuitous roads, the circulation is stretched. The semi-transparent bamboo is used as the boundary to allow people to perceive the next space and help realize the extension of this space in the sense of experience.




The distance from the drop-off area to the entrance of the building is about 50 meters. There are three objective conditions in the long and narrow road that need rational analysis to solve. One is the sense of constraints in the acute triangle area; the other is the sense of oppression close to the building; and the third is the influence of urban roads and construction sites. Learn from the space sequence building method of Chinese traditional garden, the courtyard is composed of two independent and permeable courtyards with continuous walls and corridors. Two courtyards, one facing east and one facing west, are named “East Courtyard” and “West Courtyard”. The light and shadow of the two courtyards change with the shift of sunlight in the morning and evening.




By means of two courtyards, two spaces, two artistic conceptions and two lights and shadows, we want to depict the daily and seasonal changes of light and weather.




With gravel, green vegetation and natural stone placement, we simulate the geomorphological texture of Xixi which includes islands, beachs, ponds, bridges and dykes. Gray and white gravel are used as the main color tone to describe Xixi after winter and snow in the “East Courtyard”, while in the “West Courtyard”, green plants are the main characters, showing the vigorous spring of Xixi. We try to show the great power of nature through the strong contrast between two courtyards.




The design of the space in front of Oriental Villa is another description of light and shadow. Due to the limitation of space scale, it is difficult to see the whole building from the outside, and at the same time, it is difficult to see the luxuriant landscape from the inside to the outside.




The depth of this space is narrow, and the land is unstable triangle. Because it is not suitable to be used in the sense of behavior, it gives people more spiritual resonance that can be viewed as a background or from the interior of the building. Therefore, the relationship with the buildings is particularly important in form. Under the strong form of horizontal lines on large eaves, it is crucial to deal with the oblique boundary of triangular land use.


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The two landscape walls, together with the outward extension of the water surface boundary which is the same width as the building surface, re-establish the balance and levels of space. We lower the elevation of the crape myrtle planting area at the end of the space, making it unable to recognize the slope of the triangle. At the same time, the height of crape myrtle is selected specially that is above the wall a little to blur the tilt feeling of walls.




Crossing the clubhouse, there is the starting space of the central axis extending westward and the transformation from the public space to the exclusive space. We use the black reflecting pool and two rows of spreading Chinese tallow trees, hoping to present a more cordial and flexible space atmosphere.




The recreational courtyard outside the negotiation area continues the formal vocabulary of the building. The parallel embedded horizontal stone strips and the long linear texture formed on the gravel surface correspond to the horizontal louvers in the chamber, while the bamboos in the garden correspond to the vertical lines which separate the building glass. Over here, horizontal and vertical lines together make up an geometric picture. One long and one short pieces of stone interlace with bamboos in the picture so that the boundary between the interior and the courtyard becomes blurry.




Design needs a “degree”. For landscape design in the architectural context, “moderation” is one of the basic demands. Architecture, interior and landscape are not isolated individuals. The process and state of their dialogue is undoubtedly an important reflection of this demand. In the design process of Oriental Villa, “moderation” is an important consideration for landscape design.




Landscape design is rigorous and objective, according to existing conditions and building temperament, to establish a matching systematic landscape. Landscape design is also lively and vivid, permeating the culture of sites, artistic conception and rich functions.


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Project Name: Oriental Villa
Client: Greentown & CIRE
Landscape Designers: Haoqing Zhang, Yongde Liang, Jiaji Li, Jing Sun, Yueping Gu
Architect: GOA
Interior: HWCD
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Completion Date: 201905
Photo credits: Hai Zhang, GOA


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