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Walllasia:空间的限制加上不同寻常的场地尺寸共同造就了这座与众不同的建筑——Oui J’aime 酒店。

Walllasia:  The Oui J’aime Hotel is a wholly unique building, the direct result oflimitations in space combined with the unusual dimensions of the property.


▽折叠金属板立面 Folded metal sheet facade


这家酒店是北柳府游客的新目的地,由经营 Tang Seng Jua (当地一家著名的糕点店,主要出售以绿豆沙为馅的中式点心 kanom pia)的同一家族所有和经营。

This new destination for visitors to Chachoengsao is owned and operated by the same family that runs Tang Seng Jua, a famous pastry shop there that sells kanom pia, a Chinese-style treat stuffed with mung-bean paste.




With its metal structure, the narrow and long rectangular building is bold and outstanding, its appearance softened by the facade of rusted metal sheets. The overall effect is almost like that of an art exhibition. The artsy facade doubles as a vast partition maintaining the guests’ privacy and as a sunshade during the day. And, because the large surface reflects streetlights, it adds to the illumination in the neighbour-hood as well.



▽大自然使坚硬的钢铁金属变得柔和 Nature soften the image of hard steel metal


这种双重功能的设计方法一直是 Walllasia 团队关注的重点,既能解决设计问题,又能最大限度地利用空间。这一概念还体现在就寝卧房和多功能厅前的金属水池上。从这些房间望去,宽阔的水面上点缀着暹罗紫檀木,为人们提供了一个静谧的角落。从实用角度看,它也是空调废水的蓄水池,是地面层的顶棚,同时有助于保持室内的私密性。

This dual-function approach is always a high priority for Walllasia, at once addressing design issues while maximising space. The concept is reflected in the metal pond in front of the dorm rooms and mul-tipurpose room. Viewed from those rooms, the broad surface of the water adorned with Siamese rose-wood offers a calm corner that’s restful for the eyes. Pragmatically, it’s also a reservoir for air-conditioner wastewater and serves as a canopy over the ground floor while helping maintain the privacy of the interior.


▽酒店入口 Hotel entrance


▽池塘阳台也作为一楼的遮蔽物 The ponds balcony also acts as shelter for the ground floor


▽让自然更贴近顾客 bringing in nature closer to the customers



Limited space has necessitated a rare rectangular form to the structure, but any disaffection at first glance disappears as you enter the building. There are trees inside that turn the compact spaces in front of the private rooms and bathrooms into personal corners and make the small building seem larger.



▽楼梯下的水池 Water pond underneath the staircase


▽在穿孔墙和树木的掩映下,走廊总是很凉爽 The coridor always cool behide the perforated wall and trees


▽框景 Framing the view


▽半透明立面,提供遮阳和通风 Translucent facade, providing shade and ventilation


▽内部柔软的装饰与外部使用的材料形成对比 Softer interior contrastign to the materials used from the outside



Consider the story behind this meticulously planned place, the way its spaces have been utilised. And consider, too, whether good fortune might derive from the green-and-red interior, whose colours come from cherished Chinese tradition.


▽就餐区 Dining area


▽具有中式美学的室内设计回应客户的产品  Chinese aesthetic interior answerign the client’s products




竣工年份:2018 年
面积:586 平方米
项目地点:泰国 北柳府 Muang

首席建筑师:Suriya Umpansiriratana
景观设计和建造:Suriya Umpansiriratana, Prawit Poolkumlung
设计团队:Preenaporn Sangsri, Panomporn Prompang
客户:Tang Seng Jua

图片来源:Spaceshift Studio/ Pirak Anurakyawachon

Project name: OUI J’AIME HOTEL
Completion Year: 2018
Size: 586 msq
Project location: Muang, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Walllasia,.Ltd.
Website: https://www.walllasia.com
Contact e-mail: walllasia@gmail.com
Lead Architects: Suriya Umpansiriratana
Landscape Design and Built: Suriya Umpansiriratana, Prawit Poolkumlung
Design Team: Preenaporn Sangsri, Panomporn Prompang
Clients: Tang Seng Jua

Photo credits: Spaceshift Studio/ Pirak Anurakyawachon
Photographer’s website: http://spaceshiftstudio.com




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