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Ross Barney Architects:在沃尔顿家族基金会 (Walton Family Foundation) 的资助下,阿肯色州罗杰斯市开始着手规划崭新的市区公园,该公园将促进地区的经济发展、鼓励场所营造和提升区域连通性。新公园位于罗杰斯历史悠久的市中心区东边,将有机会整合近期对城市其他公共空间的投资,并推动罗杰斯市中心成为一块区域胜地。

Ross Barney Architects: With a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, the City of Rogers, Arkansas has embarked on a project to design a new downtown park that will enhance economic development, spur placemaking, and improve connectivity. Situated on the east boundary of Rogers’ historic downtown district, the new park has the potential to capitalize on recent public space investments and help to make downtown Rogers a regional destination.


▼公园游戏场 Playard

courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects



The project utilized a robust community outreach effort, which has helped build a sense of ownership and pride from city staff and the residents. Through a digital survey that collected over 1,000 responses and inperson charrettes the design team has helped define the park’s desired outcomes and objectives through the words of the community. This shared vision has resulted in five emerging priorities: Inviting, Memorable, Challenging, Beautiful, and Authentic.


courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects



Rogers, as a city, has been defined both economically and physically by the railroad. The first plat of survey, completed in 1881, uses the rail to create a strong dividing line. The plat organizes fifteen square blocks around the tracks. Unlike most town plans of this era there was no town square; the railroad served that purpose. The park’s design ignores the rail as a barrier and stitches the east and west together. The result is a series of plazas that can transform throughout the day, week, month, and year. These versatile and flexible spaces create a new and distinct rhythm that extends beyond the park into adjacent streets.


courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects



Following an intense data gathering period the design team developed four dramatically different approaches that programmed the disparate parcels of land into a cohesive urban park. The selected design accentuates the narrow land through forced vistas on the east and accommodates larger programs on the west. Each space takes on a unique identity as an urban room: Frisco Plaza, Water Plaza, Playard, and Butterfield Stage.


courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects



Between the ribbons, which are formed by the adjacent city context, a “room” is created. These densely vegetated and programmed spaces help create unique experiences throughout the park and further frame this piece of downtown as the new center instead of the edge.


courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects



The project utilized a robust community engagement strategy. Attendees at an initial Open House were asked to identify with a colored dot where they lived, worked, and played. 70% of those who attended lived within a two-mile radius of the park, helping inform the spirit of comments received.


courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects
courtesy Ross Barney Architects





建筑与景观设计:Ross Barney Architects, Chicago, IL
土木工程与土地测量:CEI Engineering Associates, Bentonville, AR
结构工程:Goodfriend Magruder Structure, Chicago, IL
MEP工程:HP Engineering, Rogers, AR
照明设计:Schuler Shook, Chicago, IL
品牌与环境图案:SPAN (formerly Thirst) Chicago, IL
合作建筑师:AFJH Architects, Fayetteville, AR
视听顾问:Crowne Group, Fayetteville, AR
承包商/施工监理:Nabholz Construction, Rogers, AR

Project Name: Railyard
Location: Rogers, Arkansas
Client: City of Rogers
Size: 5 Acres/200,000 sqft

Project Team:
Ross Barney Architects, Chicago, IL – Architecture and Landscape Architecture
CEI Engineering Associates, Bentonville, AR – Civil Engineering and Land Surveying
Goodfriend Magruder Structure, Chicago, IL – Structural Engineering
HP Engineering, Rogers, AR – MEP Engineering
Schuler Shook, Chicago, IL – Lighting Design
SPAN (formerly Thirst) Chicago, IL – Branding and Environmental Graphics
AFJH Architects, Fayetteville, AR – Associate Architect
Crowne Group, Fayetteville, AR – AV Consultant
Nabholz Construction, Rogers, AR -Contractor/Construction Manager


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