bauchplan ).(:在双城拉德和戈尔的两端进入河流,以激进的方式重新解释。 在铁幕落下之前,河流是一个空间分离的河流,现在它正在联合双方。 在整修桥梁的过程中,基础设施元素转变为城镇广场和公共聚会场所,河岸上的防洪和通道平台是更新的重要组成部分。

bauchplan ).(:the access to the river mur on both ends of the twin cities rad and gor become reinterpreted in a radical way. before the fall of the iron curtain the river mur was a spatial separation, now it is uniting both sides. in the course of the refurbishment of the bridge the infrastructural element is transformed into a town square and a common meeting place, the flood protection and access platforms on both river banks are essential parts of the renewal.
bridge as a joint . border as a site,refurbishment of border bridge, water accesses, riverside promenades and city gates



客户:坏雷克斯堡市和施蒂里亚联邦省gornja radgona市
展览:流畅 – 中东欧建筑,2011年10月
出版物:garten + landschaft,callway 10/2012; anthos 3/2012; beton und zement 04/2012
照片来源:).(, b.bozic

client: municipality of bad radkersburg and the city of gornja radgona, federal province of styria
size: 1.540 qm
costs: 2,2 m euros (in 2 stages incl. mur bridge refurbishment)
project stages: lph 1-9
cooperation: michellerundschalk (munich), wörle sparowitz ingenieure (graz)
award: 1. prize international competition
exhibition: fluencies – middle eastern europe architecture, october 2011
publication: garten+landschaft, callway 10/2012; anthos 3/2012; beton und zement 04/2012
photo credits: ).(, b.bozic


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