<2028年国家花园展:评审团决定A24景观工作室获胜 State Garden Show 2028: The jury decides on the A24 landscape>


2028年国家花园展核心区设计开放空间规划竞赛已经结束。5月7日,15位评委从25个设计概念中选出了获奖作品,本次共颁发四个奖项和两个表彰,最终,来自柏林的A24景观工作室(Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH)取得了成功。从5月8日起,所有提交参赛的概念作品都可以在Stadthalle网站中查看。

The competition of the open space planning realization competition for the design of the core area of ​​the State Garden Show 2028 has ended. The 15 judges selected the winning design from 25 design concepts. In the end, the office A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH from Berlin made the running. All submitted concepts can be viewed in the Stadthalle from Sunday, May 8th. Public tours are also planned.



© A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH


本次核心区竞赛由景观设计体现部分和城市发展概念部分组成。以2021年通过的框架规划与2017年罗特韦尔市国家花园展的申请文件作为基础。景观设计规划包括核心区域的设计,该核心区域延伸到内卡维森、部分德国铁路的轨道和城市护城河的区域。此外,Prim河口和Schindelbrücke In der Au之间的内卡河岸近乎自然的开放空间设计是评估草案的主题。另一方面,城市规划部分包括一个初步的城市规划概念,用于开发罗特韦尔市能源供应 (ENRW) 旧址。


国家花园展项目经理Micha Sonnenfroh对于提交的概念强调说:“比赛的最大挑战是将我们对面向未来、可持续的城市和绿色发展的想法和愿望与一个可以接待数千名参观者的有吸引力的展览区结合起来。”此外,这些作品还根据其景观设计和城市规划的中心思想进行了评判。评审团特别关注概念方案与现有城乡空间的相容性,并将可持续性、生态和环境相容性等方面纳入评估。

“所决定的评选结果完全符合我们的期望,为我们的进一步规划奠定了良好的基础,”市长Christian Ruf博士说。下一步,还将与获奖者就该概念的进一步完善进行会谈。在评委会议期间,评审团的意见被记录下来,这些意见以及市政府的任何其他意见都将被纳入概念中。

The competition for the core area consisted of a landscape architectural realization part and an urban development idea part. The framework plan adopted in 2021 served as the basis in conjunction with the application documents for the state garden show of the city of Rottweil from 2017. The landscape architectural planning includes the design of the core area, which extends over the Neckarwiesen, parts of the tracks of the Deutsche Bahn and areas of the city moat. Furthermore, the near-natural open space design of the Neckar between the Prim estuary and the Schindelbrücke In der Au is the subject of the evaluated drafts. The urban planning part, on the other hand, includes an initial urban planning concept for the development of the previous site of Energieversorgung Rottweil (ENRW).

After a total of 14 hours, the 15-strong expert jury was able to award the six prizes to the participating architects. “The large number and the consistently high quality of the submitted concepts did not make the decision easy for our jury. After a few days of intensive exchange, however, we came to a result that is already making us want to go to the State Horticultural Show 2028,” says Mayor Ralf Bross happily. In addition to landscape architects and urban planners, the jury also included numerous experts in specialist areas such as water bodies, species protection and monument protection, as well as representatives of the public, the state, the district office, the city and the municipal council.

“The biggest challenge of the competition was to combine our ideas and wishes for a future-oriented, sustainable urban and green development with an attractive exhibition area that can receive several thousand visitors,” emphasizes the State Garden Show project manager Micha Sonnenfroh the claim to the submitted concepts. Furthermore, the works were judged with regard to their landscape architecture and urban planning central idea. Particular attention was paid to the compatibility of the concept with the existing urban and rural space, and the aspects of sustainability, ecology and environmental compatibility were also included in the assessment.

“The result decision made fully meets our expectations and forms an excellent starting point for our further planning,” said Mayor Dr. Christian Ruf. In the next step, talks will be held with the award winners regarding the further development of the concept. During the judges’ meeting, the jury’s comments were recorded; these and any other comments from the city administration are to be incorporated into the concept. The award procedure is then to be carried out in the summer.


▽获胜作品设计图纸 Drawings of winning works

© A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH
© A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH


下面是由DTP景观设计师Friedhelm Terfruits主持的评审团证明柏林A24景观工作室获胜的决定(摘录):

“作者成功地以出色的方式展现了内卡河谷的风景潜力。内卡河的振兴是新景观公园的关键要素。作者对这个地方的地形非常敏感,并将积极使用的区域安排在恰当的地方。从带有公园舞台的城市花园开始,Hochmaiengasse广场式的拓宽场地成为进入城市护城河的成功起点。从那里开始,Hochbrücke及其周围设有无障碍连接,又通过楼梯连接到Hochbrücktorstraße。(…)优雅的人行天桥延伸至楼梯,所设置的位置恰当,是连接内卡劳的重要纽带。横跨Tafelgasse和Langen Berg对面风景优美的迎宾区,连同长廊,形成了一幅十分温馨和谐的画面。(…)桥上设置了一部电梯 。(…)护城河本身在谷底呈现出一种安静的绿色结构,城市一侧的斜坡与南侧的暴露相匹配,将城市带出植被很少,而阴凉的对面斜坡则根据自然植被种植了茂密的树木。(…)护城河与火车站也已连接成功。规划中的环形车站与通往医院庭院的重要通道相得益彰,创造了一个独特的停留区域,可以欣赏到新公园的景色。通过利用两侧具有吸引力的高品质休闲娱乐开放空间,以及缩短自行车道一侧的长度,使地下通道获得了必要的改善和提升(变得更安全)。原铁轨上的自行车道被赋予了宜人的树木结构,包括内卡河的斜坡,同时为另一侧水域创造了新的滞留潜力,促进了水生态健康。引人入胜、井然有序且位置优越的全景小径环绕着Schindelbrücke和ENRW场地之间的宽敞草地景观,并结合了不同的休息点,提供了Neckarwiesen令人惊叹的景色和城市轮廓。(…) 总体而言,该草案为许多不同的问题找到了一个极好的、综合的答案。”

This is how the jury, chaired by Friedhelm Terfruits, DTP landscape architects, justified the decision in favor of A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH from Berlin (excerpt):

“The author succeeds in working out the scenic potential of the Neckar valley in an excellent way. The revitalization of the Neckar is the main element of the new landscape park. The authors are very sensitive to the topography of the place and put the areas that are actively used in the right places. Beginning in the city garden with park stage, the square-like widening of Hochmaiengasse is a successful start into the city moat. From there, there is a barrier-free connection to and around the Hochbrücke, which in turn is connected to Hochbrücktorstraße by a staircase. (…) The elegant footbridge continuing to the stairs appears to be in the right position and is an important connection to the Neckaraue. The scenic welcome on the opposite side across Tafelgasse to Langen Berg, together with the promenade, is very inviting and harmonious. (…) An elevator completes the development at the high bridge (…). The moat itself shows a quiet green structure in the valley floor, the slope on the city side matching the southern exposure brings out the city with little vegetation, while the shady opposite slope is densely treed according to the natural vegetation. (…) The new connection to the train station with a continuation through the moat has been successful. The planned ring train stop fits in and the important access route to the hospital courtyard creates a special place to stay with a view of the new park. The underpass receives the necessary upgrading and revitalization (safety) through the use of the open space on both sides with attractive play and leisure quality and the shortening on the cycle path side. The cycle path on the former railway tracks is given a pleasant tree structure and includes the slope of the Neckar, while new potential for retention and water ecology is created for the water on the other side. The inviting, orderly and well-placed panorama path encompasses the spacious meadow landscape between Schindelbrücke and the ENRW site and, in connection with a varied stay quality, offers a surprising view of the Neckarwiesen and the city silhouette. (…) Overall, the draft finds an excellent, consolidating answer to the many different questions.


▽获胜作品效果图展示 Renderings of winning works

© A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH
© A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH
© A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH


第2名:ver.de landscape architects, city planners, Kröniger Rümpelein Wenk PartG mbB(弗赖辛)
第3名:PLANORAMA landscape architecture Maik Böhmer(柏林)
第4名:GROW Joachim Evers,Johannes Czerniejewski partnership mbB(科隆)

relais landscape architects Heck Mommsen Part GmbG(柏林)
Beate Engeser – 3Landschaft landscape architecture(勒拉赫)

The other prizes go to : 2. ver.de landscape architects, city planners, Kröniger Rümpelein Wenk PartG mbB, Freising; 3. PLANORAMA landscape architecture Maik Böhmer, Berlin and 4. GROW Joachim Evers, Johannes Czerniejewski partnership mbB, Cologne.

Recognition awards received : relais landscape architects Heck Mommsen Part GmbG, Berlin and Beate Engeser – 3Landschaft landscape architecture, Lörrach.


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