Shma :该项目位于泰国曼谷南部一个叫华欣的海滨小镇,公寓离海滩有一段距离,且有一半的住户单元看不到海滩,负责景观设计的为Shma。Shma的景观设计策略是营造海景氛围,让住户感觉更接近大海。设计概念源自海浪拍打岸边所产生的泡沫,设计中以气泡为形式语言来进行整体设计。该项目面积近1万平米,建筑围合形成不规则庭院,其景观以泳池为中心展开设计,巧妙之处是将景观水池与泳池融为一体,气泡形的汀步构成主要通道。

Shma :The project is located in a seaside town called Hua Xin in the south of Bangkok, Thailand. the apartment is some distance from the beach and half of the residential units cannot see the beach. shma is in charge of landscape design. Shma’s landscape design strategy is to create a seascape atmosphere so that residents feel closer to the sea. The concept of design originates from the foam generated by waves lapping the shore. the design uses bubbles as the formal language to carry out the overall design. The project covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters and the building is enclosed to form an irregular courtyard. its landscape is designed with the swimming pool as the center. the ingenious thing is to integrate the landscape pool with the swimming pool, and the bubble-shaped tingbu forms the main channel.





The whole courtyard landscape uses air bubbles as its design language and adopts curved composition. the green road border surrounded by pebbles is like a coastline, but these curved sharp corners are not so grouped. if more consideration is given to design, it is believed that the effect is better. The white landscape architecture can be well integrated into the architectural environment. the author thinks it would be more interesting if the landscape architecture could be designed in the form of whales or dolphins showing their tails in the water. From the facade of the building to the framework of the landscape, railings, decorative surface color are chosen white, even parts are no exception.

summer-by-shma平面图   Master plan


summer-by-shma summer-by-shmasummer-by-shmasummer-by-shma summer-by-shma


顾客: 尚思瑞

Project name: Huaxin Summer Apartment Hotel
Project type:Apartment
Location: Thailand
Client: Sansiri