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The Lab Saigon:De La Sól/Shadow项目位于越南胡志明市,是一个由展览厅、咖啡馆休息室、零售展示和永明人寿保险(本项目的主要投资者)的客户体验中心组成的混合概念空间。


The Lab Saigon:De La Sól / Shadow is a mixed concept space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A fluid intersection of exhibition halls, cafe lounge, retail displays, and client experience center of Sun Life Insurance (also the primary investor).

The Lab drew inspiration from the idea of growth — both a reference to Sun Life’s brand promise and the flourishing Ho Chi Minh City — to design different volumes in the space.


▽建筑立面 Facade



The design layers new elements in view of the old. The historical villa facade stands untouched, in contrast to a new 2-story structure of steel and glass, with both structure connected by an expressive loop staircase.


▽户外空间中的环形楼梯 Loop staircase in outdoor space


▽楼梯下方的小空间 Space below the stairs


▽煅烧过的材料表面具有独特的视觉效果,提升了耐久性和抗腐蚀性 The surface of the calcined material has a unique visual effect that enhances durability and corrosion resistance


▽楼梯与建筑紧密地联系在一起 The stairs are closely linked to the building



Bespoke rotating kinetic sculptures dot the outdoor, acting as a shading solution and a landmark — and a visual metaphor for growth.


▽概念设计图纸 Concept diagram


▽旋转动力雕塑装置 Rotating kinetic sculptures dot



A captivating discovery during the design process was of the old villa’s structure itself. After removing multiple paint-plaster layers outside, arch gates from the past, various brick types used in each renovation, and the building’s century-old history, were all revealed. The building’s history is etched into every brick, a testament to the city’s cultural heritage.


▽旧别墅楼梯 Old Villa Staircase


▽二楼会议室 Meeting Room 1F


▽二楼开放空间 Open Space 1F



Material selection is informed by the villa. Keeping the original brickwork and wooden beams, the designers chose stainless steel for visual contrast and durability through Vietnam’s rainy season.


▽底层会议室 Meeting Room GF


▽底层开放空间 Open Space GF


▽细节 Detail


以环形楼梯为框架的室外平台为聚会提供了焦点,为De La Sol的各种活动项目提供了一个多功能大厅。旋转楼梯依次成为一个观景台,可以看到下面和周围发生的不同活动。

The outdoor deck, framed by the loop staircase, provides a focal point for gatherings, providing a multi-use lobby for the various programs at De La Sol. The staircase, in turns, becomes a viewing deck to the different activities happening below and around it.


▽多功能活动大厅 A multi-use lobby


▽室内空间视角 Shadow GF


▽二楼平面布局图 Layout plan-1F

▽底层平面布局图 Layout plan-GF




项目名称:Sunlife Flagship / De La Sól / Shadow
项目地点:越南 胡志明市 第三区巴斯德244号
景观/建筑公司:The Lab Saigon
首席建筑师:Hung Le, Tram Dang
设计团队:Hung Le, Tram Dang, Hiep Tran

客户:Sunlife Vietnam
风动力装置研发顾问:Vietnam Project Architecture Interior & The Lab’s RaD team
承包商:DB Plus Creative Interior
摄影:Chim Non Studio & Kho Qua Studio
楼梯金属煅烧:Zachary Buehner
图片来源:Chim Non Studio & Kho Qua Studio
摄影师网站:https://www.chimnonstudio.com/ & https://www.instagram.com/khoqua.studio/

Project Name: Sunlife Flagship / De La Sól / Shadow
Completion Year: 2022
Scale: 1500 sqm
Project Location: 244 Pasteur, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Landscape/Architecture Firm: The Lab Saigon
Website: https://thelabsaigon.com
Contact e-mail: thelabsaigon@gmail.com
Lead Architects: Hung Le, Tram Dang
Design Team: Hung Le, Tram Dang, Hiep Tran
Clients: Sunlife Vietnam 

Wind Kinetic R&D Consultant: Vietnam Project Architecture Interior & The Lab’s RaD team
Contractor: DB Plus Creative Interior
Photography: Chim Non Studio & Kho Qua Studio
Staircase heat-colored metal artist: Zachary Buehner
Photo Credits: Chim Non Studio & Kho Qua Studio
Photographer’s Website: https://www.chimnonstudio.com/ & https://www.instagram.com/khoqua.studio/




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