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DAGA Architects: This project is located on the first floor of the main building of Mix Island Sicily Village in Beijing, the original building condition is a large space with open space and mezzanine, In terms of space design, we draw inspiration from the nature and adopt the concept of “taking shape in nature” to divide multiple dining areas, form a small rainforest tribe, and establish a subtropical style bar that echoes the holiday wind of Sicily Village.


▽hideseek酒吧, hideseek bar

▽夜晚从公园方向看酒馆,View of the pub from the park at night


窗外·半开放 | Outside the window · semi -open




The original three sides of the area facing the outside, from the perspective of enclosure, the west terrace is the most important, the remaining south side of the east side of the diminishing importance, was created as a different space dining area.

Three sides of the open-air windows to introduce natural daylight as the main line of the space, an entrance on the left side facing the Sicilian village, is an open-air open outdoor dining area, open the roof of the cover cover, half of the terrace for the three different forms of enclosure ascending card seating, surrounded by greenery, half of the emptying, to open up the space.The dining counter is located in the centre of the partitioned area, the greenery is divided into levels according to the line of sight, reducing the direct interference from the outside, and the ascending card seating divides the crowd into areas, but all of them can enjoy the surrounding scenery and the Sicilian village holiday “seascape”.Push the folding windows, blend in and outside, and there are large greens outside the seating area outside the folding door. Compared with other areas, it is more quiet than other areas. Without affecting structural functions, the window opens the window, so that people can feel indoors and outdoor nature. Communication; Facing the dining area on the side of the highway, the natural light seeps into the interior with the grille of the window.

Facing different outdoor design methods of the terrace, customers can always perceive the changes of outdoor.



▽重要节点示意图,Schematic diagram of important nodes

▽设计轴测图 Design axonometric maps

▽露天开放式就餐区,Open-air dining area

▽折叠门外落座区,Folding door seating area

▽窗边就餐区,Dining area by the window


白盒子 | White box


The original is a big slope roof, if follow the original shape effect, the roof is bound to be flat, also can’t be combined with the internal space organically, we take a retreat to advance in the roof to pick out a white box, the corner of the cut is extended outward on the second floor, extending the length of the internal space, and breaking the dull and heavy pointed roof. Although the sparrows are small in or internal organs, the inside of the small box is a private box space. Furniture is arranged around the box structure, and a long grille window is opened to the inside of the tavern. It stands in the small steps to look at the distance.



▽通向包厢的折线几何感楼梯,Folding line geometric stairs to the box

▽私密就餐区包厢内部,Private dining area inside the compartment

▽私密就餐区包厢内部白天与夜晚对比,Private dining area compartment interior contrast day and night


细部 | Detailed


▽吧台旁的玻璃透明酒柜,顾客与工作人员均可从不同方向进入,The glass transparent wine cabinet next to the bar, customers and staff can enter from different directions

▽隐藏在水泥盒子里的水电机器,Hydropower machine hidden in the cement box

▽装饰性酒柜,丰富立面展示设计,Decorative wine cabinet, rich display design on the facade


热带雨林 | Rainforest


The division of space seating line is the focus of the design of the whole bar, the whole is divided into four parts, including the bar, the terrace, the central seating area and the box. With the square streamline as the central active line, the designer thinks about the optimal scale of each small space, the interior is divided into multiple independent space dining areas, and the scene of different dining Spaces is connected in series, similar to the setting of hide-and-seek.,Customers can visit different small Spaces and feel different content.


▽酒吧入口处廊道,初极狭,才通人,复行数十步,豁然开朗,The corridor at the entrance of the bar is very narrow at first, but it is only passable to people, and after a few dozen steps, it opens up.





In the horizontal design, the circular booth area is the highest point and decreases to the outer space successively, and the other remaining space is the scattered seating area.We define the correlation and privacy of multiple spaces, such as the enclosed circular seating area, irregular seating area, corner seating area, private box area, etc. through a large number of greenery and exposed stone and wooden furniture partitions, the concept of partition is weakened, seal is not closed, and there is common in the interval to ensure the permeability and expansion of space and light.

In vertical design,after considering leaving the large space of the open mezzanine of the peaked roof, a part of the mezzanine space is retained by taking advantage of the difference in height, reinforcing the beams, standardising the design to ensure safety, and transforming it into a wood-wrapped private box, which can also be surrounded and overlooked by the guests through the window after ascending to the box.

From the public space on the first floor to the private box on the second floor, the layers are progressive. Using the method of from the first small beginning, the space is full of roundabout, abstract and curious, integrating into the rainforest, so that the viewer is also the scene and makes himself a part of the scene.


▽就餐区通道,Dining area access

▽环绕围合卡座,Wrap-around enclosures

▽内部就餐区,Internal dining area


新自然 | New nature


屋顶和灯光的形状和设计灵感来自充满异域风情亚热带的传统建筑, 从主楼外部楼梯进入酒吧内部,可见屋顶通过木结构的连接,传统的藤条编织手艺与灯条结合,具备半透明性和“轻”的状态,便捷地固定在原建筑的结构上,从而大大降低了建造的成本和时间。通高大厅中央由裸露的钢檩条支撑的木制梁依靠撑起,巨柱在垂直向度上暗示结构构件的受力和空间在高度上的方向感。中部隔断以大量高低不一层次分明的绿植和石材肌理打造,梁柱保留原始肌理裸露感,维持了建筑原有的特点;灯条贴于地面,起到引导作用,地面使用石材与木地板的结合,不同的铺装对应不同的动线和空间使用区域。


The bar is characterized by rich natural elements. The vegetation is given life and stones are given power.

The shape and design of the roof and lighting is inspired by exotic subtropical traditional architecture. From the exterior staircase of the main building into the interior of the bar, It can be seen that the roof is connected through the wooden structure, the traditional rattan weaving technique combined with the light strip with translucent and “light” state, which greatly reduces the cost and time of construction.The center of the double-height hall is supported by wooden beams supported by exposed steel purlins. The giant columns in the vertical dimension suggest the forces on the structural members and the orientation of the space in height.The central partition is built with a large number of stone texture and varying heights of distinct green plants , and the beams and columns retain the original texture of the bare sense, maintaining the original characteristics of the building;The light bar is attached to the ground, playing a guiding role, the ground using a combination of stone and wood flooring, different paving corresponds to different dynamic lines and space use area.

These elements work together to create immersive subtropical styles and be in the original and dense rain forests, which brings unique and unforgettable dining experience to customers.


▽屋顶夜晚大面积藤条编织和灯条结合,The roof combines large areas of rattan weaving and light strips at night

▽植被环绕用餐区域,Dining area surrounded by vegetation


结语 | Conclusion


The large-volume, high-ceilinged space in the natural interior scenario places more emphasis on the spatial field, the division of the sense of body, and provides a comfortable experience close to native nature in the high-density urban environment, and we hope to convey the concept of symbiosis with nature.


▽用餐区域望向吧台,View of the bar from the dining area

▽楼梯上俯视内部白天与夜晚对比,Rear of the building

▽二层平面图,Second plan

▽夹层平面图,Mezzanine plan



项目名称:The Bond by hide&seek
设计公司:DAGA Architects大观建筑设计
项目摄影:UK Studio

Project name : The Bond by hide&seek
Design company : DAGA Architects
Clients: hide&seek Beijing change places peek-a-boo catering management Co., Ltd
Company website: www.arcxtec.com
Design Team :Shen Jianghai,,Zhang LongXiao,Hu FangTing,Zhang Bei
Project type : Interior Design
Project area : 270m2
Design time :Mar 2023-May 2023
Construction time :May 2023-Jul 2023
Photographer : UK Studio
Writer:Hu LuYang



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