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朗道国际: 武汉万科御玺滨江做为江岸区二七板块高端住宅产品的地标性项目,在繁华的城市中心,打造一处大隐于市,别具一格的住宅类产品,力求给客户提供一种奢华不俗,独特不喧的生活态度。强调现代硬景及柔性软景之间的比例配合,既表达了生活时尚的艺术感受也体现了生活意境的惬意感受。

LANDAU: THE ONE of Wuhan Vanke as a landmark project of high-end residential products in the erqi section of jiangan district. has built a large secluded and unique residential products in a prosperous urban center. it strives to provide customers with a luxurious and unique lifestyle. Emphasizing the proportional coordination between the modern hard scene and the flexible soft scene not only expresses the artistic feeling of life style but also embodies the pleasant feeling of life artistic conception.




” Our world have great beauty but no words can express, seasons have clear rule but no need to confer, Everything has it reason but no need to telling” – from 《Zhuangzi》 – it refers to the great beauty of  world, the season sequence, everything are caused by the root – natural power, the great beauty of the world is a kind of beauty without right and wrong, without difference and similar, is the real great beauty. The  project aims to create a beautiful journey, which is tactfully like a song, and the life experience is extremely beautiful.



Through the ginkgo avenue, the quiet and elegant living atmosphere in the residential area is created with the philosophy of luxury but not noise. the tree-lined array sequence enriches the visual level and the sense of ceremony of returning home. The main entrance is elegant and composed in tone,and the material combination of stone and metal reflects the project positioning of simple, light and luxurious, quiet and restrained.




The front court of entrance uses the elements of water to form a round of ” bright moon” at the front of the overhanging eaves of the building. it expresses the core of ” All the water return to the hall and water gathering the heart” through the meaning of ” The moon is reflected in every mountain and everywhere is round”. The sight line  is transparent and seamless in everywhere, and the landscape is integrated into the room, which optimizes the architectural space feeling and enriches the visual space level.




The construction of the pavilion is  purpose of returning home and relaxing. Light and shadow overlap, allowing the architecture and landscape to blend with each other in visual freehand brushwork, the tree shadow and the wind all become a part of the landscape expression. Enjoy the carefree beauty of ” gentle wind and drizzle do not need to return”.



Great beauty has floating shadows, and all things are accepted by the court light. The core of the underground clubhouse sinks into the courtyard and uses art to install a wall of scenery to create the tone of the spring court’s tumult and its embrace of water and listening to waves. Groundwater is the sky, and a large-scale quiet ” enchantment” is constructed. it returns to the Zen river, wading and sitting, enjoying tea and playing chess. there is no blind angle in the three-sided view. the shaping of space and situation reproduces the culture of aesthetic residence. Regardless of the height of the temple, China’s accession to the world trade organization has occasionally caused dust, asking questions about worldly matters. I’m still far away from the Jianghu, looking at the clouds and rolling clouds and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sky. The space of ” great beauty” that comes in and goes out opens up in the eyes.


艺术装置景墙为图石设计 The feature wall of the artistic installation is designed by To Three



Great beauty is hidden in the backyard. Watch the flowers bloom in front of the court and with the clouds in the sky. Green plants are planted everywhere in the core garden. The landscape wall at the far-end main viewing surface of the back yard divides the two major landscape spaces of returning home and visiting garden. half of the cities are natural and half are distant mountains, close forests, pleasant skies and aerial views. it perfectly interprets the ” hiding” and ” revealing” between nature and architecture.




“天地有大美而不言,四时有明法而不议,万物有成理而不说,原天地之美而达万物之理” ——万物天地有大美,御玺滨江成佳作。

” There is great beauty in our world, but not to speak of it; there is a clear rule in season, but not to speak of it; everythings are reasonable, but not to speak of it, Through the  world original beauty to express the reason of everything” – everything has great beauty, THE ONE has become a good work.




Project name:  THE ONE
Project location: No. 1572, jiefang avenue, jiangan district, wuhan
Developer: Vanke
Design unit: LANDAU international design
Year completed: 2018


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