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nimtim architects:该项目位于米内特庄园保护区(Minet estate Conservation Area)内,旨在对典型的伦敦维多利亚时期的小别墅进行重新改造,使其成为一个让人反思和远离城市的避护所。

该项目最重要的是与客户的合作。Nimtim 在方案确定后开始项目工作,在已获批准的围护结构限制范围内制定了内部布局和所用材料色调。

nimtim architects:A reimagining of a typical London Victorian maisonette, within the Minet estate Conservation Area, as a place of reflection and sanctuary from the city.

The project was above all a collaboration with our clients. Nimtim began work on the project after planning had been secured. We worked closely to develop the internal layouts and material palette within the constraints of the approved envelope.


© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson



Our clients wanted the home to feel open and connected but not cavernous. On the upper floor a master suite is created with private living space, bespoke joinery and a large bathroom affording views of the garden. We introduced an internal timber slatted balcony that permitted a dialogue between the bedrooms, the living space and the garden lending an almost civic quality to the flat.


© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson




We were able to partition off part of the flat as a separate annexe for guests, complete with its own separate entrance. This was achieved through a discretely located door and kitchenette.

Generous openings to the rear create a focal point and frame views from the living spaces and the main bedroom to the secluded rear garden; still defined and wrapped by the original stockbrick wall.


© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson


Collectively, we wanted the materials to have a rich and timeless quality and to be discrete enough to provide a backdrop to the client’s collection of art, books and furniture. A natural plaster was used for all new walls and partitions which gave a soft and diffuse quality to the light. Douglas fir timber screens and slatted floor planks allow light to permeate permitting glimpses between spaces reinforcing this sense of connection. In contrast against this natural palette is the stainless steel kitchen creating visual interest and reflecting light.


© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson



A datum, defined by the height of the walls in the rear garden is continued throughout. Initially by the continuation of a similar brick internally and then by the introduction of a picture rail or a change in material texture. An exposed aggregate concrete floor extends from the principle living space into the garden to reinforce the connection with the walled garden.


© Jim Stephenson
© Jim Stephenson


Nimtim 对花园的设计理念是既要有美丽的外观,又要能定义其中的“时刻”。我们设计了枝繁叶茂的观赏草和蕨类植物,它们既能承受朝南的朝向,又能在庭院外树木投下的斑驳光线中茁壮成长。花园里,两个座位区被一个生态池和一条与植物交织的小路隔开,为人们创造了停顿和沉思的时刻。

Nimtim’s concept for the garden was to create something that would be beautiful to look at but that also defined ‘moments’ within it. We proposed lush foliage, ornamental grasses and ferns that could withstand the South facing aspect and equally thrive in the dappled light beneath the canopies of established trees beyond the property. Within this, two seating areas are defined, separated by a wildlife pond and path interwoven with the planting creating moments for pause and contemplation.


▽设计图纸 Design drawings

© nimtim architects
© nimtim architects
© nimtim architects
© nimtim architects
© nimtim architects
© nimtim architects




项目名称:Walled Garden
建筑设计:nimtim architects
更多信息请联系:Sarah McIntosh, sarah@nimtim.co.uk
结构工程师:SD Structures
主承包商:PB Building Contractors Ltd
家具与造型:Steffan Studio
门窗:PB Building Contractors Ltd
厨房:MPM Engineering
赤陶地砖:Maitland & Poate
厨房防溅瓷砖:Topps Tiles
黑色浴室瓷砖:Best Tile Boutique
奶油浴室瓷砖:Best Tile Boutique
卫浴用品:Alternative Bathrooms & Samuel Heath
植物种植:Dulwich Pot & Plant Garden
摄影:Jim Stephenson


Project Name: Walled Garden
Location: London
Architects: nimtim architects
For further information contact: Sarah McIntosh, Studio Manager at nimtim on sarah@nimtim.co.uk
Structural Engineers: SD Structures
Main Contractor: PB Building Contractors Ltd
Furnishings & Styling: Steffan Studio
Doors & windows: PB Building Contractors Ltd
Kitchen: MPM Engineering
Concrete floor: Lazenby
Plaster: Clayworks
Terracotta floor tiles: Maitland & Poate
Kitchen splash back tiles: Topps Tiles
Black bathroom tiles: Best Tile Boutique
Cream bathroom tiles: Best Tile Boutique
Douglas fir: Dinesen
Bricks: Weinerberger
Sanitary ware: Alternative Bathrooms & Samuel Heath
Planting: Dulwich Pot & Plant Garden
Photography: Jim Stephenson

Link to photos: https://nimtimarchitects.pixieset.com/walledgarden/
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