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L49:Wan Vayla Huahin-Khaotao是华欣的一个低层住宅项目,其设计主要围绕场地原始树木,为人们创造提供阴凉和放松的空间。

L49:Wan Vayla Huahin-Khaotao is a low-rise residential project at Hua Hin. Focusing on the importance of the original trees which provides shade as well as relaxation areas.


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Landscape architects had the opportunity to see the area from the beginning and realized the value of the existing trees in these areas. Joined team of designers and project owners designed layout of the building to avoid these existing trees, including reducing some building areas to maintain the original trees.


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The design principles are as follows:

Open space: are designed to provide superior living standards. Emphasize on the continuity of the area by the rhythm. The circulation is smoothly designed to influence users to feel the differences of each part.
Design view: Each area is designed to have beautiful point of views and a visual sequence to other particular areas.
Landscape elements: emphasis on simple lines with connections to nature. Long-term and low-maintenance materials are used.
The plants: using some of local plants in combination with extra trees provide more greenery, and to conform to different concept of each area.


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Design concepts for each area are divided by the physical characteristics and atmospheres of each project: Activities areas with panoramic touch, Public areas with gentle touch, Swimming areas with amusement touch, Garden areas with serene touch.


1. 全景感

1. Panoramic Touch
The design aims to provide an open view of the sea and create unobstructed panoramic views. Activities areas is in the shade under the trees on both left and right side, and a large pool at the back. The design of this area is to alter the landscape contours as little as possible, to maintain the original trees, and added salt-tolerant plants.


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2. 静谧感

2. Gentle Touch
To create a calm, relaxing atmosphere, pool and public areas in are designed to avoid disturbance to rooms on the 1st floor.


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3. Amusement Touch
This area is similar to the previous area in terms of the method used to create privacy. Since this area has large trees in the middle, therefore, swimming pool has a zigzag style to avoid the trees. Some trees areas became a virtual island. In addition, the pool has a variety of water features to provide users with a rich and diverse experiences.


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4. 沉静感

4. Serene Touch
This area is located lower than the rest and is also adjacent to many other areas. Consequently, landscape architects chose to use this space as a peaceful garden for relaxing, reading or talking with each other. Retaining wall is used to stabilize the trees along it.


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▼住宅总平面 Master Plan

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▼设计过程示意 Diagram

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项目名称:Wan Vayla Huahin-Khaotao
项目地点:泰国 华欣

景观事务所:Landscape Architects 49 Limited
首席景观设计师:Arrak Ouiyamaphan
设计团队:Suttida Tharanatham , Witsarut Ditpae

客户:Land and Houses Public Company Limited
建筑事务所:The Office of Bangkok Architects(OBA)
结构工程:Ritta Co.Ltd.
机电工程:Bewcon Co.Ltd
图片来源:W Workspace Co., Ltd. / Rungkit Charoenwat / L49

Project name: Wan Vayla Huahin-Khaotao
Completion Year: 2015
Design Area: 24,280 sq. m. (Landscape Area)
Project location: Huahin 101, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand

Landscape Firm: Landscape Architects 49 Limited
Website: www.L49.co.th
Contact e-mail: L49@L49.co.th
Lead Landscape Architects: Arrak Ouiyamaphan
Design Team: Suttida Tharanatham , Witsarut Ditpae

Clients: Land and Houses Public Company Limited
Architect: The Office of Bangkok Architects (OBA)
Interior Design: Bananey
Structure Engineering: Ritta Co.Ltd.
M&E Engineering: Bewcon Co.Ltd
Photo credits: W Workspace Co., Ltd. / Rungkit Charoenwat / L49


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