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ZSA-Atelier Diameter: Located within the 100-meter radius of Suzhou River, East China Formal University No.1 Village is surrounded by crowd residential quarters. The obsolescent entrance to the Village was narrow, lacking traffic diversion, and with chaotic arrangements of facilities. Facing the Inner Ring Elevated Road, it is hardly a place where people can slow down the pace and enjoy the moment.


▽提供休息椅,设置宣传栏 Offering enough space for resting benches and billboards



The Village was included in the list of 2020 Residential Quarter Renovation Project in Putuo District. The refurbishment of the residential quarter entrance needs to attend two major requirements: a new image and a good commendation for daily use. We adopted the design strategies of “space extension” and “internalization of the exterior decoration”, hoping to create a “loving community”.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽入口正面改造前后对比图 Front of entrance before and after renovation



“Space extension” is to satisfy the usage requirements by providing more space. The design breaks through the stereotype of a 2-dimensional gate, and instead extend the entrance area deeper into the residential quarter. This settles the traffic diversion of pedestrians and electro mobiles, offers enough space for resting benches and billboards, and makes a perfect cover for the messy yet vibrant life settings such as the smoke pipe of the primary school canteen next door and the garbage cans.


▽小区入口与内环高架 Entrance and Inner Ring Elevated Road

▽侧立面 Side elevation

▽纵向延伸 Longitudinal extension

▽钢结构顶棚与小区内的车道 Steel structure canopy and the driveway



“Internalization of the exterior decoration” is to do the spreading, guiding, and shielding of the architectural interface according to the above mentioned “space extension”. It resembles doing interior construction in outdoor space. In direct contact of the users are the interior interfaces that can be touched and experienced in person, sparing the exterior façade of the residential quarter, which would lack a point of view considering the site conditions.


▽钢结构顶棚与骑行的人 Steel structure canopy and a bicycalist

▽钢结构顶棚下的步道 Pedestrain beneath the steel structure canopy

▽人车分流 Saparete pedestrain and non-automatic vehicle lane



The architecture construction of the entrance doorway space is fabricated by a thin layer of white aluminum panel. The top view of the entrance is similar to a curved ruler being redirected several times to habitat all people; faux wood-colored aluminum square grilles are used to guide pedestrians while shielding negative elements (such as canteen air ducts) and providing a warm place for the residents of all ages, couriers, and office workers to gather around, chat with each other, and take a short break from the hustle and bustle everyday life.


▽鸟瞰夜景 Aerial view by night

▽人行步道夜景 Pedestrain by night

▽侧立面夜景 Side elevation by night

▽入口钢结构顶棚下 Beneath the steel structure canopy at the entrance

▽夜景 Night view


▽总平面图 Master plan

▽一层平面图 Ground Floor Plan

▽剖面图 Section

▽东立面图 East Elevation



设计公司:上海中森建筑与工程设计顾问有限公司 止境设计工作室

Project name: White Tangram – Micro-Renovation of East China Formal University No.1 Village Residential Quarter Entrance
Completion Year: 2021
Area: 70㎡
Location: 3671 N. Zhongshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Design Company: ZSA – Atelier Diameter
Website: www.zsa.com.cn
E-mail: atelierdiameter@126.com
Design Principal: Nan Zhang
Design Team: Xiaoyuan Zhang, Jiling Zhang, Zhenlin Xiong (Architecture, Landscape); Mingxing Wang, Jihua Wu (Structure)
Client/General Contractor: Shanghai Zonggong Engineering Construction Supervision Co.,Ltd.
Constructor: Shanghai Hongguang Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Photographer: Yang Chen




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