Hargreaves Associates与Polshek Partnership Architects(现在的Ennead Architects)合作,为位于阿肯色州小石城的William J. Clinton总统中心工作。著名的30英亩河岸总统图书馆和博物馆就坐落在小石城市中心附近。新的图书馆和博物馆坐落在一个大型的公共河边公园里,公园里有倾斜的草坪、节日空间,还有公共和私人主题公园。公园的主要功能包括河滨步道提供观赏河流的视角以及到达庆典广场,长满草的聚会空间和多功能圆形剧场,一个儿童娱乐区,净化河流和露台花园,阿肯色州乡土树种的节日以及一直延伸到河边的草坪。公园还包括沿河的大量自然化的区域,用作环境教育和野生动物栖息地。公园提供各种正式和休闲活动,包括中心和市区举办的大型聚会,城市钓鱼和野生动物研究的良好机会,临时的户外雕塑艺术节以及日常的漫步和休闲玩耍。

Hargreaves Associates collaborated with Polshek Partnership Architects (now Ennead Architects) for the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. The prominent 30-acre riverfront Presidential Library and Museum site is located immediately adjacent to downtown Little Rock. The new Library and Museum buildings are set amidst a large, public riverfront park with sloping lawns, festival spaces, and both public and private thematic gardens. Primary features of the park include upper and lower riverfront promenades that provide access to and views of the river, an arrival and celebration plaza, grassy gathering spaces and a multi-use amphitheater, a children’s play area, sweeping river and terrace gardens, a festival grove of native Arkansas trees, and lawns that stretch to the river. The park also includes substantial naturalized areas along the river for environmental education and wildlife habitat. The park accommodates a wide range of both formal and casual activities including large gatherings hosted by the Center and the City, and intimate opportunities for urban fishing and wildlife study, temporary outdoor sculpture and art festivals, and everyday wanderings and casual play.




设计公司:Hargreaves Associate

Project name: William J. Clinton Presidential Center Park
Project type: Park
Location: American
Completed: 2014
Client:William J. Clinton Presidential Center
Design company: Hargreaves Associate


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