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山水比德 + 玖鹿设计:距今5300-4500年左右,良渚文化发展达到高峰。其中手工琢制的玉器,是先民美学的智慧结晶。玉石质地温润,其表面布满细如发丝的几何图形,显得简约质朴。项目的室外景观延承了同样的美学理念,化繁为简,于细节中见雅致。

Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd. + NCD Design Studio:Around 5300 to 4500 years ago, Liangzhu culture reached the peak of development. The manually made jade ware is the crystallization of wisdom on aesthetics by our ancestors. Jade has smooth and mild textures with simple geometric figures, which are also similar to hairlines. The outdoor landscape of the project inherits the same aesthetic concepts. Complexity is turned into simplicity, revealing elegance through details.




According to legend, Xuncius came to Liangzhu in his twilight years. He lived in Xunshan, gave lectures and focused on reading. Among every hill and every stream, innermost emotions and feelings have never changed over the millennium. Landscape designers strive to create the modern and simple art space by incorporating landscape elements.




Through the metal grills in the forefront, the indoor views appear partly hidden and partly visible. The walls on both sides look smooth and clean, as if the landscape paintings leaving blank shadows at random. Walking above the stone steps, people find the glass screen are actually two fans that look like drawing to them.




They always think artistic conception of natural landscape is just about “lofty, far-reaching, profound”. If people look around, they do not see aesthetic museum. When going to the bridge, they suddenly find the bridge floor under their feet is more worth watching.




For modern people, fast paces of life constantly interrupt personal hours and inner attention. It is extremely precious and rare for them to search for a tranquil place to hide themselves,listening to the waterfall and viewing the sky.




“With mountain chains and rivers ahead, I thought there was no way through. Shady willow trees and brilliant flowers keep one more village out of sight”. When reaching the end of winding road and turning around, they find a corridor hiding behind the wood with glass enclosure, which lead all the way down to the aesthetic museum beneath it. Seeing from inside the aesthetic center, the glass skylight looks as if a piece of amber, sealing up people’s memories. The amber is carefully observed by people under the glass skylight.



黄庭坚在《寂住阁》里感叹:“庄周梦为胡蝶,胡蝶不知庄周。” 古往今来,这份逍遥愉悦被多少人所向往,设计师通过现代手法,将良渚的山水记忆融于艺术空间,追求自然的创意生活,从意境到心境,最终营造一处心灵安放之所。

In Living in Peaceful Pavilion, Huang Tingjian sighed, “Zhuangzhou dreamed of becoming a butterfly, while the butterfly was not aware of Zhuangzhou”. From ancient to modern times, so many people have yearned for such joviality and pleasure. Designers incorporate people’s memories of landscape through modern approaches in Liangzhu. They strive for natural and creative life. Eventually, the purpose is to find a tranquil to rest their heart and soul.



The project photos and descriptions provided by NCD Design Studio.





项目设计 & 完成年份:2018年 & 2019年
设计面积:4660 ㎡ (首开区面积);94927㎡(总面积)



Project name: XUDC · Zanglongdajing in Hangzhou
Client: XUDC
Location: Liangzhu, Hangzhou, China
Project design & completion year: 2018 & 2019
Design area, 4660 ㎡ (opening area area); 94927 ㎡ (Site area)
Design company: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.(Concept design); NCD Design Studio(Detail Design and Construction drawing design)
Design team:
S.P.I Team: Zhang Weiqing, Zheng Tianhe, Zhou Wenting, Xie Yutong, Chen Yucang
NCD Team: Xu Kailing, Zhang Jiayuan, Zhao Yang, Cheng Zhi, Zhang Wei, Ye Yumin, Zhou Guoda, Yang Jingyi, Li Hong

Exterior Decoration Design: MS design studio
Photography: Wang Xiao

Project description: NCD Design Studio


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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