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易亚源境:置身千鹤湖 ,开启一篇优雅华章。每一个迎风起舞的日子,都是对生命的一种礼赞

YAS DESIGN: Be in Qianhehu Lake and open an elegant chapter life. Days dancing in the wind are a tribute to life. With “origami” as a form of evolution in the design, we incorporate “crane” and “lake” as elements into the landscape and create a poetic and picturesque Wanghu Mansion.


© 丘文建筑摄影


以折纸的形态演变为设计空间 Changes in origami’s shape are transformed into a design space


Origami has variable combinations to not only shape a specific image but also form different space combinations, reflecting the diverse hierarchies.


© 丘文建筑摄影


层峦叠翠 Range upon range of green hills


The continuous form with hills up and down depicts the impression of the first encounter. The far-reaching mountains, in the mystery, outline the dreamland.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影



Mountains and water are the sources of the oriental inspiration. The project is facing Qianhehu Lake Park, owning natural resource advantages. In the entrance space, we use the up and down shapes of the hills and continue the spiritual fortress into a cutting method of the site. The undulating texture of the broken lines echoes the pedestrian ramps and the facade of the building, creating an entry image that fades into prosperity and returns to nature.


© 金笑辉


门头由于红线边界的变化,大门立面东西向尺度由原来的100 m缩短为60m。在这个尺寸下,景观与建筑尺度相协调,入口空间更为紧凑。而保留不变的,是精神堡垒大尺度的折线形态与入口景墙相连,一体化的设计延长了景观界面,营造出具有艺术辨别度的标志性景观入口。

Due to the change of the property line at the door head, the east-west dimension of the door facade was shortened from the original 100 m to 60 m. Thus, the entrance space is more compact. What remains unchanged is that the large-scale polyline form of the spiritual fortress is connected to the entrance landscape wall. The integrated design extends the landscape interface and creates an iconic landscape entrance with artistic discrimination.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影



The changes in the design of the facade and the top surface affect the light and shadow effect. After several rounds of review, the final design reflects the ingenious fusion of light and shadow’ visual impact and pedestrian experience.


© 金笑辉


艺术装置 Art Installation


The art installation at the intersection is composed of a houndstooth structure. It combines luxury fashion with modern style, as well as artistic expressions refined by traditions and history. It not only implies the brand and regional culture and history from the elegant white appearance of the entrance space but also presents the tone of the entire demonstration area.


© 丘文建筑摄影


庭光郦影 Courtyard mottled shadows


The lighting breaks the edges of the spaces. The daylight becomes the paintbrush of the art of the time. Under the glorious reflection of the houndstooth lattice, the graceful thousands of gestures of lights rippled into a luxurious lifestyle.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影


玄关 Porch


After the visual impact of the entrance, a more splendid space is about to be opened. The porch entrance plan has been adjusted several times and finally presented as an elegant bamboo environment.


© 丘文建筑摄影


瀑歌拾音 Waterfall


Encounter at the corner to have a beautiful dream. Step up to meet the cascading water and the leisure as a harp and a song that illustrating the quiet moments.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影



Walking through the main entrance, people can enter the “Songs of the Waterfall.” The challenge is the question of using the form of cascading water drops as the first display interface after the transition, or using the waterfall water feature created by the height difference of the flower pond to enhance the visual experience? We chose the latter. The interpretation of the form of water in our space should be diverse and changing. The transition between movement, static, and height is the rich and multi-level interpretation of the whole space.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影


悠溪兰谷 Leisurely valley

信步谷间,绿林掩映,偶得 “清唳”“高寻”“碧霄”三岛,扶摇直上,遥想蓬莱仙境,抒写野鹤行云。

Wandering in the valley, hidden under the green forest, people can occasionally hear the birding singing, wondering the fairyland.


© 丘文建筑摄影



The use of cascading water, plants, and stepped platforms creates a high staggered space and offer a richer landscape spatial experience, allowing the space to have more possibilities here. The height change of the steps to match the waterscape platform horizon or to interlock with the platform surface is to imitate the babbling brooks and lush green islands of the forest, creating a mountainous landscape that is rare in the city. Despite the seemingly restrictive conditions, it is also a natural advantage to pay tribute to nature.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影



People can explore the valley to fin peace and moves to view different scenes. The relationship between green islands, streams, and steps is more subtle. Through the height difference of the site and the close relationship between them, we determined the ratio and space relationship after many times discussion and modeling. Now the space along the water and island presents a twisted water line with a literal atmosphere.


© 金笑辉


凌云镜湖 The mirror lake


When reaching the summit, people can view the landscape without the hustle and bustle of the city to feel gentle time and find a dreamland to live.


© 金笑辉



Entering the foggy valley, stepping up to the lake, people can suddenly enter an open space and enjoy the precious tranquility of life. The visitors following the “mountain climbing” tour line can view every landscape node to achieve the effect of changing scenes with movement, and wake up the soul that not active for a long time in the city. The scale of the lake’s water features has been selected many times. The final design is the plan with a wide view without conflict with the building structure.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影



Fairy Crane Feathering: Using origami’s expression technique to reflect the dynamics of the pre-flying crane spirit, using virtual and real techniques to deal with the overall sculpture shape change, the design has a feeling of thousands of cranes flying in the rear. Echoing Qianhehu Lake, the site location, the combination of motion and static creates a momentary sense of a frozen image of a film.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 丘文建筑摄影



The waterscape like a mirror reflects the entire sales office building on the water surface. A paper crane named “Wish” is flying to welcome the visitors and create a poetic ceremonial entrance space.


© 丘文建筑摄影
© 金笑辉



景观设计:易亚源境 YAS DESIGN

Project Name: Yancheng Jinke·Jimei Wanghu Mansion
Project address: Xingfu Avenue, Sheyang County, Yancheng
Developer: Yancheng Baijun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Party A team: Zhang Yu, Yu Lili, Wang Hao, Wang Yunhang
Landscape Design: YAS DESIGN
Landscape design team: Wang Yun, Ma Xiaoli, Zhang Tengfeifei, Sun Yiyun, Shen Yuwen (schematic design); Song Lu, Zhang Meiteng, Wang Shuo (construction drawings); Wang Haiyuan (planting design)
Architectural design: Shanghai Botao Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Logo system design: Shenzhen Shuyuan Art Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Shenzhen City Green Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.
Design time: 2019
Completion time: 2020
Photography: Arch-QW Photography, Jin Xiaohui


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