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MBDI: The lively and noisy modern city, History is silently deposited here.


▽项目鸟瞰 The project have a bird’s eye view of



Seeking a quiet and high-quality living space in the irritable and fast-paced life, abandoning the tedious and complicated way, breaking the traditional enclosed space, creating the mood space with the oriental temperament aesthetics, taking nature as the medium, interpreting the beauty of modern sea style design, extrapolating the relationship between human and nature, and expressing the exquisite details of life.


▽前场水景 Frontcourt waterscape



The modern culture is injected into the architectural works, the architecture and the natural and modern living space complement each other, and the layout of lines and surfaces are displayed to open the aura of each space.


▽前场空间鸟瞰 A bird ‘s-eye view of the front space

▽转折的景墙丰富空间层次 The turning landscape wall enriches the spatial level



Introducing the concept of modern urban park design, combining urban elements with park design, drawing on the spirit of integration between East and West, and dense a natural and dynamic modern design aesthetics.


▽自然灵动的景墙水景 Natural and dynamic landscape wall waterscape


Part1 与时尚对话-时间与空间的交错 Talk to fashion-the intersection of time and space


A variety of graphic text symbols stylized in a variety of styles in the form of expression has a distinct sense of form and three-dimensional, modern window lattice pattern elements simple hard lines, and the integration of the building both simple atmosphere and slightly retro mood.


▽景墙LOGO细节处理 View wall LOGO details processing



Gray and gold is a modern classic and timeless design language, the graphic display aesthetics and openwork metal texture jump out of the inherent design thinking, to convey the meaning of cultural intermingling.




The natural integration of sculpture and space makes it not just an independent individual, but reflects the relationship between people and environment from all angles, fully integrated into the design language. The modern girl is placed into it with the order of classical modernity without losing the experience of simple beauty and generosity, and the historical and timeless modern style leaves the base to become more close to people’s life.


▽水景雕塑 Water landscape sculpture


part2 与人文对话-自然与空间的相融 Dialogue with humanities-the integration of nature and space


The quiet resting space and the retro-modern terrazzo material collide with each other, allowing nature and space to mingle and enter a worldly space, private and tranquil, outside the main building.




People stop, rest and negotiate here, just like a quiet garden in front of their homes, creating a special living atmosphere and evoking the yearning for natural life through the design language.



part3 与摩登对话-海派腔调“找到那一个” Dialogue with Modern-Shanghai style “find that one” 


Extracting the unique and classic arch-shaped elements of the old Shanghai Shikumen, the classic retro red wall tiles of the Shikumen and the grey color wall of the huge stone door frame are deep and elegant, and the combination of large modern elements creates a living atmosphere with a nautical accent.




The terrazzo wall enclosure creates a quiet and exclusive space, surrounded by ancient greenery, contrasting with the building, as if isolated from the fast-paced modern life, and setting the scene of modern life again.



The use of abstract geometric graphics and metal elements, the rust of the arch material and simple lines blend to create a delicate modern texture, placed in it, is another modern.



part4 与孩童对话-拙朴与创造力的邂逅 Dialogue with children- simple simplicity and creativity


Using abstract geometry and metal elements, the rust plate material of the arch and the simple lines intermingle to create a sophisticated modern texture, placed in it, is another kind of modern.




The children’s area adopts ancient wood as the design entry point, and the plant landscape is implanted in different and interesting shapes, creating a spatial environment by means of plant landscaping, creating a natural and pleasant space, and introducing modern facilities to enhance the fun and natural interaction of the space, stimulating children’s vitality and creativity, and allowing nature and space to meet again.


▽自然中的儿童活动场 Children’s playground in nature



设计公司:MBDI 英斯佛朗

Project Name: Yangzhong Aijia chaffee Collection
Year completed: 2021
Project area: 6114.7㎡
Location: Yangzhong, Jiangsu
Design company: MBDI
Contact email: MBDI-SH@163.COM
Lead designer: Xue Fanglei
Client: Aijia Group
Architectural Design: Shanghai Jiashi Architectural Engineering Design Co., LTD
Photographer: He Jin Photography (Lei Liang)



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