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MARS Studio: Mr. MaNing, founder of MARS Studio, has been invited as a member of the Art Committee to participate in the “2023 Beijing 751 Drama Festival.” The members of the art committee for this theater festival collaborate and provide guidance in the fields of drama, dance, music, and spatial art to collectively depict the realm of this summer’s theater.


▽装置夜景 Overview



MARS Studio has designed a spatial art installation called “Weave of Light” for the drama event. The design draws inspiration from light and shadow, utilizing lines and surfaces as mediums, and incorporates natural colors from the environment to create a multidimensional space, interpreting the design’s understanding of theater.


▽阳光穿过装置投射出朦胧的光影 Sunlight casts a hazy light




“I treat light as a material, but perception is my medium.” James Turrell

Light, through its two-dimensional transmission, shapes space, emerging from chaos, transforming, blending, cutting, and conversing, ultimately fading away gradually. The ceaseless interplay of light and darkness day and night defines our perception of time and influences our emotions.


▽7种线性光源编织成多维的空间 7 colors of lines woven into a multidimensional space



In this Case, we endeavor to blend visual, auditory, and spiritual perceptions bit by bit, weaving them together to create this magnificent realm. We aim to carve and shape space within the established environment using the effects of linear lighting that permeate and diffuse, thus evoking abstract emotional associations.


▽傍晚灯光装置展示效果 Lighting installation display effect in the evening

▽装置与游客产生互动 Installation interacts with visitors



The installation for this drama festival is located on the large lawn of the festival’s main venue, “751 Power Square.” To complement the site and enclose the outdoor stage for the festival behind the installation, we designed a 15-meter-long rectangular central space. Linear elements intersect and intertwine in the space, creating a hazy and blurred texture. Inside the framework, seven different colors of linear light sources are woven into a multidimensional space. Through the gradual modulation of brightness, color, and the rhythm of flickering lights, it showcases a splendid realm where light interweaves.


▽光与线交迭下映射出绚丽场域 A brilliant site mapped out by the interplay of light and line



By merging linear geometric rhythms with natural light and shadow, the installation evokes various levels of exploration and sensations among the audience regarding space, light, and rhythm. The installation is not static; it brims with dynamism and melody. Over time, the brightness and flickering of the lights continuously change, presenting a delightful rhythm that evolves beneath the surface of the rhythm itself. It allows the audience to associate with and feel the rhythm and narrative of “drama” within the flickering of the lights.


▽细部展示 Zoom-in view



Within the expansive space, the lighting installation changes and interlaces with the flow of rhythm and time, flickering in a choreographed manner. The light transcends visual imagination, blurring the boundaries between two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms, offering an interpretation of our understanding of drama.





设计单位:星球建筑设计 MARS Studio
摄影:UK Studio

Project Name: 2023 Drama Festival Art Installation – Weave of Light
Design Firm: MARS Studio
Design Time: 2023.09
Project Location: Beijing, China
Building Area: 37.5 sqm
Principal Architects: Ma Ning
Design Team:  Wang Tianqi, Chen Yue
Photography:  UK Studio



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