Shma :23°Estate是一个综合发展项目,由公寓,别墅和酒店组成,位于曼谷市北部205公里处的度假小镇 Khao Yai。

Shma :23° Estate is a mixed-use development consisted of condominium, villas, and hotel, situated in “Khao Yai”, a vacation town located 205 kilometer to the North of Bangkok City.



名字“Khao Yai”的字面意思是“大山”,石灰石山地形的独特地形。这个地方坐落在这些山脉的脚下,交错排列着天然的水路和水库。这个成为概念和场地规划的主要来源,以便与现有条件相结合,并将本项目可能对当地生态造成的影响降到最低。

The name “Khao Yai” which literally means “Big Mountain”, suggested a unique topography of lime stone mountainous formation. The site sits at the foot of these mountains amongst crisscrossing natural water ways and reservoir. The setting which becomes our primary parameter for our concept and site planning in order to blend in with the existing condition and to minimize impact this project might have to the local ecology.



Inspired by the jagged shape of lime stone mountain, we crafted the topography lightly with a strong irregular linear line to channel the water from the hill passing through this development into a constructed reservoir with wetland to filter the water before releasing to adjacent river. We also utilize the crafted topography to define various functions and walkways creating a beautifully composed scenery and journey which reflects the surrounding landscape very well.




Each component of condominium, villa, and hotel is manage separately, though, we propose a seamless landscape boundary (such as reservoir and mound) in order to connect every component visually connect as one whole development.The arrival court of the hotel welcome guest below leading through the lobby to be greeted with a grand view overlooking panoramic landscape view of the site with large reflecting pond in the foreground, within the pond, situated a fire place for enjoying outdoor living during winter season.










Low rise condominium compound is placed on the high ground at one corner of the site to lessen the visual impact to the 2-storey villas compound. The swimming pool interconnecting with water feature, placed in multi levels, are designed as a simplified interpretation of natural waterway. Cascading water create a soothing sound for this inverted landscape, serpentine court, for condominium area.Villa zone has its own secluded entrance with relatively much lower density featuring a sizeable private garden for each villa. The orientation of each villa are carefully planned to offer a maximum privacy and also a good view to the mountain beyond.


23° Escape 1 by Shma 23° Escape 1 by Shma 23° Escape 1 by Shma 23° Escape 1 by Shma 23° Escape 1 by Shma


项目名称:胡亚山谷公寓23°Estate 1

Project name:23°Estate 1
Project type:Apartment
Location: Thailand