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Brusnika:Located in the centre of Yekaterinburg, Kandinsky is an apartment building sharing residential and business functions. Sited in the historic area, it neighbours the renovated Iset riverfront. In addition to its signature architecture, the project features an attractively landscaped courtyard and a green roof.



该项目的开发概念围绕建筑和周围景观之间的相互作用而建立。受著名俄罗斯艺术家瓦西里·康定斯基(Vassily Kandinsky)艺术作品的启发,设计采用相似几何图案形成了统一的构图。建筑、大厅及其景观设计均为几何构图形式。该项目运用30种植物打造了一个独特的环境,营造了从夏天到秋天,从冬天到春天平稳过渡的植物景观。通过植物的疏密配置加上不同的配色方案丰富了每个季节的景致,为庭院增添了多样性。

The development concept is built around the interaction of architecture and the surrounding landscape. A uniform composition is achieved by specially designed homogeneous geometry, inspired by the art of the renowned Russian artist Vassily Kandinsky. The geometric pattern is mirrored in the architecture, the house lobby and its landscape. The project landscape creates a unique environment comprising 30 species of plants, smoothly transitioning from summer to autumn, from winter to spring. The density and combination of plants gives variety to the courtyard by enriching each season with a different colour scheme.




Kandinsky is made up of 2 buildings of varying heights: a 17-storey residential tower and a 5-storey office block. The difference in heights has permitted to design a communal terrace for the house residents. Acting as a fifth facade, the roof of the lower office block has been transformed into a garden planted with mature Scots and mugo pines, and medlar trees. The roof is designed to maximise efficiency in the use of space. A wooden, larch-clad terrace comprises a small amphitheatre, a playground with a sandpit and individual recreational spots, devised for fitness and yoga practice in summer. The terrace can be accessed from the sixth floor of the residential building.




Planted with mature, 8-metre tall trees, the terrace and the courtyard benefit from the optimal greenery volume and density. This solution contributed to a ready-made landscape design, with no need for the house residents to wait for another 5 to 10 years to see the trees and shrubs grow. All the plants were delivered from Lorberg and Lappen, nurseries located in Europe.




The area around Kandinsky is segmented into the private zone, limited to house residents, and the public space, available for all city-dwellers. The private part is paved with dark gabbro granite, also used in facade finishes, and is complete with small larch pergolas, street furniture. It is densely planted with medlars, pines, thujas, apple and lime trees and shrubs, such as mugo pines, cotoneasters, spiraeas, roses, grape vines, Japanese sedges and hydrangeas. The paved public area comprises sparsely spaced trees and hedges, which blend into the cityscape and form a green belt around the house, protecting it from noise and dust.





项目地点:俄罗斯 叶卡捷琳堡Gogola街
室内设计:Lundwall Architects AB
施工管理:Ita Tech
照片:Ilya Teplov、Maxim Loskutov、Askar Akramov


Completion: 2013-2018
Location: Gogola street, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Contractor: Brusnika
Architecture: Aedas
Interior design: Lundwall Architects AB
Landscape design: Greenhance
Construction management: Ita Tech
Photo: Ilya Teplov, Maxim Loskutov, Askar Akramov

Volumetric data
Gross floor area: 28 425 m2
Residential premises: 9 571 m2
Non-residential premises: 4 628 m2
Apartments: 88
Parking spaces: 196



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