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设谷设计伟大的建筑始于不可量度的感悟,这种领悟来自建筑师对机构、对材料、对所有被造物之起源的领悟。建筑师所扮演的角色,是发现房子的存在之欲,并把它带入现实。   ——路易斯·康

Shegu Design:Great architecture begins with an unmeasurable sense, this comprehension comes from the architect’s understanding of the institution, of the materials, of the origin of all created things. The role of the architect is to discover the existential desire of the house and to bring it into reality.              — Louis.I.Kahn



设计有为,而思想无为 Use the tangible of design to outline the inaction of thought


After four years, the designer recalls the phone call at the end of 2017 and still feels that it was a good destiny. At that time, the chairman of Andromeda Hotel was struggling to find a designer with a common understanding and contacted him in a roundabout way who was still on a study tour in the UK.He returned to China three days later and inherited the quiet “meaning” of Eastern nature and combined it with the “realm” of minimalism to create a “land of inaction.



01 江天一色无纤尘 No dust has stained the water blending with the skies



The hotel is located on the shore of Taiping Lake, which is like a pure emerald, in the background of the pine forest as if it is a realm of still, Andromeda means the constellation of fairies in the sky, hazy and beautiful, just like the fairyland. Outside the hustle and bustle,River and sky, distant mountains and light boats, the dense aura on Taiping Lake, Andromeda becomes everyone’s “hometown” .

Therefore, the designer did not let this man-made building disturb the tranquility, but accompany Taiping Lake with a posture of hugging the ground, which also made the minimalist style less solemn and more intimate.


▼水天相接 Connect water day


02 自然而然 宁静中生出的深刻 Naturally. The profundity born of tranquility


The hotel responds to how architecture should be in harmony with nature with a very oriental temperament of modesty and austerity. The rationality of the geometric space is the noise reduction of the building, and the stripping away of the complicated white space is the peaceful state of “nothing to do, nothing to compete”.


▼酒店入口 The hotel entrance 



In terms of planning, the hotel is set back 10 meters from the highway, retreating from the bustle and entering the landscape to reduce the noise of the traffic and to be more in line with the tone and design style of “Luxury Hideaway”.


▼公区景观 Public area landscape


依偎着太平湖的山水澄澈,酒店成为“东方极简”设计哲学最为浪漫的诠释,也是设计师对于山水自然最为含蓄的情感表达。酒店大堂被小心地隐没在密林中,去往check in路上多了些惊喜。空间灵动交错让建筑成为光的工具,湖景透过缝隙若隐若现。

The hotel is the most romantic interpretation of the “Oriental Minimalism” design philosophy and the most subtle expression of the designer’s emotions towards the landscape and nature, nestled in the clarity of the mountains and waters of Taiping Lake. The hotel lobby is carefully concealed in the dense forest, so there are more surprises on the way to check-in. The space is interlaced so that the light is beautifully transformed by the architecture, and the lake view may be seen indistinctly through the gaps.


▼大堂水景 The lobby waterscape



The more secretive, the more fascinating”, says Amitabha Buddha,the secrecy and imperfection of the subject is the source of the viewer’s imagination. So the minimalist architecture is interwoven with the coarse and rustic concrete, old trees and light and shadow, echoing with the lake to create a beautiful image




From a distance, I was tantalized by the soft beauty presented by the concrete and geometric structure of the clear water and approached, but what I saw in my eyes was the emerald color of the landscape, and I was suddenly loss in it.




It is likely to know that the visitor’s admiration, that the view also simply quietly live in the porch, so the occupants are here all poetic tenderly wrapped, will also give birth to a lot of delight and anticipation.




All things return to nature, and the metal wall art installation is set up to bring light into the garden while creating a spatial transformation. Especially at sunset, the swaying light and shadows show the “syncretic of mind and image”. The concrete scenery changes its appearance with the footsteps, making people feel the beauty in their minds while being enchanted.


▼装置建筑庭院 Installation of architectural courtyard



“When it is manifest, it is light on human power, in accordance with nature, and when it is hidden, it is mixed with things and returns to silence.” By pursuing the Tao, people can discover a deeper meaning in the midst of inaction, and can immerse themselves in moving.


03 模糊的边界对话朦胧的美好体验 Blurred boundary and hazy aesthetic experience


Every time you move, it’s a different view, the architecture gives the whole building a sense of dynamic rhythm, the Simple and bright geometric space influence the movement of people and exhibits Phenomenon Transparency that full of interest.


▼独栋别墅 Single-family villas



The human consciousness begins to flow and wander with the light and shadow and the stone path underfoot, the space flows, the mind flows, and the journey achieves a dynamic balance between space and people in curiosity and swaying.




“The overlapping spaces make it difficult to clearly separate the interior of the building from the landscape courtyard, and this blurring of boundaries adds a hazy poetry to the building, dissolving the sense of fragmentation to achieve a discontinuous continuity between nature and architecture.


▼餐厅 The restaurant




Possession or assimilation are both forms of conquest, but the latter is more thorough and convincing. While blurring the border to become each other, the design concept of “never use two colors when you can use one” also makes the space more pure.

The designer set up an exposed wall on the balcony of the villa to symbolically separate the interior and exterior, making the room close to nature without losing its seclusion, a reflection of the wisdom of contemporary architectural aesthetics.


▼别墅阳台Villa in the balcony



The floor-to-ceiling windows further bring ambiguous feelings. At that time, the outdoor light penetrates into the room, and also makes the people inside seem to cross some boundary and merge in a whole atmosphere.


▼别墅室内 Villa indoor



The light is cleverly revealed by the designer through the space, using shadow to create a rich aesthetic that goes beyond “minimal”. In this way, the space leaves a great deal of room for the imagination of the visitor, so that the border becomes a kind of blurred state with a certain shape, and this blurring provides more possibilities for the architecture.


▼套房 Suite


04 澄明 复归 皆是心灵回归的感动 Clarity, Reentry , It’s all a touching return of the heart


This is not a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the world, but rather a mirror-like realm where “Clear distractions and return to happiness”. People can regain the “Empty Spirit” and purity of their minds here, and the clarity of childhood without desire is quietly restored.


▼湖景套房 Lake view suite



Corbusier started from the human scale, measuring the distance between us and the world, using precise data to understand the laws of nature, the art of architecture is also out of this. Each designer may have his or her own modality to eliminate the gap between visitors and nature in the most suitable way. Unlike HOSHINOYA’s “sense of non-daily stagnation”, this place continues people’s daily life and accepts the fatigue from the city like a container.





This pleasure is not independent of architecture, nature or people, but is the result of syncretic. Life, no longer confined and uncomfortable. Looking out the window from the spacious room, the view of Taiping Lake is in full view.

Watching the lake quietly, the double-decker observation deck at sunset is like a floating deck, the frozen time makes the feeling amplified and the meaning in the heart sprouted.


▼可观湖景的房间 A room with a lake view



Andromeda Hotel – outside of reality, the realm of clarity and reversion, carries the hotel owner’s love and pity for Taiping Lake and holds the reverence for nature from Shegu Design. A spiritual sculpture, a water-like warmth, a dialogue between designers and nature.


▼平面图 Plan

▼酒店鸟瞰图 Aerial view




Project Name: Andromeda Hotel, Taiping Lake
Project Address: Taiping Lake, Huangshan
Project area: 12000㎡
Design Company: Shegu Design
Lead Designer: Xie Yinqiu/Gong Haiming
Designers: Lijun Huang/ Shang Yang Li/ Yufei Ji/ Yanyan Xu/ Chen Chen/ Yanan Ni/ Zehao Liu/ Lei Cai/ Fanru Lu/ Haoxiang Bai/ Wanying Wang/ Qiang Yang/ Xiao Tan/ Wanquan Liu/ Jing Li/ Hai Ran Li/ Zhengxuan Cong
Lighting Design: Hangzhou Lehan Lighting Engineering Co.
Copywriter: Han Xiao




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