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Zhaoyang Architect:The hotel is located in Shanchuan Township, Anji County, covering an area of about 30 acres and surrounded by the typical bamboo sea landscape of Anji. The boundary of the site is winding, and the terrain is high in the south and low in the north. From the perspective of planning and layout, we hope that this resort can form a certain spatial order isomorphism with the traditional village. Simply put, it is to use the organic form of traditional villages to create resort hotel products with contemporary aesthetic.




The whole land of the hotel is mainly divided into three blocks. The public area is located in the central part, including the Reception Hall, Restaurant, Bar, Tea Room, Conference room, Yoga Room and other functional Spaces, and arranges the landscape and flow according to the current situation of the complex terrain of this part. The body of water between the restaurant and bar was directly converted from the site’s current fish pond. The main guest room area is located in the higher part of the south side of the site, and is divided into two main groups facing east and west in accordance with the mountain. The north end of the site, next to the natural stream, is also the third room cluster.


▽项目整体鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽酒店公区 Hotel common area



The building refers to the scale of traditional mountain dwellings in Zhejiang province, and the layout of the house is relatively “soft” to adapt to the terrain. Rich and delicate changes in height difference are invited into the layout of the house, and participate in the space and height difference organization of each courtyard, and finally form the whole that the architecture and terrain are intertwined.


▽自然野趣的客房组团 Natural wild room group




The slope roof of traditional small green tiles is the most important architectural expression of this project, and it is also the leading architectural element. We arranged the orientation of the pitched roof according to the location, landscape conditions, sunlight direction and internal function of each individual building, and used the combination of single-slope and double-slope roofs to enrich the group outline and further reduce the building scale. Therefore, this architectural group presents a relatively relaxed and organic sense of order in traditional settlements.

The parts related to the pitched roof are all steel structure, and strive for the smallest beam and column size, with the detailed design of the cornice to achieve the lightness of the pitched roof, and through the relatively deep cornice to strengthen the formal language of the pitched roof itself. Finally, the form of the fifth façade undulating rhythm came into being.


▽轻盈的坡屋顶 Light pitched roof


▽温馨舒适的内部空间 Warm and comfortable interior space



项目面积:基地面积:25687.70平方米 建筑面积:12732.83平方米
项目地点:浙江省 安吉 山川乡 大里村
合作方: 北京倬安建筑设计有限公司、北京卡林建筑设计有限责任公司、安吉匠策建筑设计有限公司
摄影师:雷坛坛(Jonathan Leijonhufvud)

Project name: Anji YAZA Wild Mountain Resort Hotel
Year completed: May 2022
Project area: Base area: 25,687.70 square meters Building area: 12732.83 square meters
Project location: Dali Village, Shanchuan Township, Anji, Zhejiang Province
Design company: Zhao Yang Architecture Studio
Company website: zhaoyangarchitect.com
Contact email: info@zhaoyangarchitects.com
Chief Designer: Zhao Yang
Design team: Zhao Yang, Wu Zhou, Huang Chuyang, Zhou Duchuang, Ling Han, Bai Haowen
Customer: Anjihara Shuwuxiang Information Technology Co., LTD
Partners: Beijing Zhuoan Architectural Design Co., LTD., Beijing Kalin Architectural Design Co., LTD., Anji Crafce Architectural Design Co., LTD
Photographer: Jonathan Leijonhufvud



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