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一间宅艺术:“我希望经过这座雕塑的民众能从不同的角度观察到简约弧线所产生的美感,抽象的造型留给民众一些想象空间,置身在这个场域,能联系起海湾,从而产生奇妙的美学体验。” —— 艺术家胡栋民


AART:“I hope the citizens who pass by this statue could observe the beauty of concise curves in different views. The abstract model leaves imagination space for the citizens. Staying in this area could remind the bay so as to arouse wonderful beauty experience.” — Artist Hu Tung-min

“We cannot see the moon in the old times while the moon shines also in the old times.” More than one thousand years ago, Li Bai expressed the philosophy of time and space through the relationship between the moon and human beings. The ancients and moon in the old times, human beings and the moon nowadays, though human beings are different, the moon remains the same. Within the time and space shift in the past, nowadays and in the future, there is always a time prodigal who “falls behind” on the time path. It links the history matrix with the future imagination.




The sea in front of One Shenzhen Bay is also a time prodigal. Since the end of the 1970s, Shenzhen has initiated sea reclamation plan, reclaimed the seacoast into the urban strategic land and managed to build the super headquarter base. The sea has testified the development of Shenzhen Bay Wetland, inherited the dream of becoming global and witnessed the constructions of skyscrapers here. After decades, the time prodigal together with One Shenzhen Bay gather the world talents and top 500 enterprise headquarters and create the infinite future in the name of super luxury mansion.





The artwork site selection- in the east of Shenzhen Bay T7 office building lobby entrance square, faces to the sea and sunshine. Mingzhu Greenland is just across the sea. It is also close to the few remained wetlands after reclamation such as Neihuwan Park and Mangrove Park. It baths in the sunshine of sunup and sunset, sea wind and sea tides.

Therefore, “Leading Off” becomes the spokesman of this area. As the time prodigal, it links the history matrix of Shenzhen Bay land with the city future of Shenzhen Bay super CBD…





The ribbon-style concise curves look like the sea ripples and link to the bay. Its abstract kinetic mode reminds us not to forget the past and have no fear for the future.


▼艺术家手稿 Artist Manuscript



▼艺术总监Jeremy与胡栋民艺术家就项目进行探讨 Art Director Jeremy discussed with artist Hu Dongmin about the project


▼作品长达15.9m,高4m,采用不锈钢锻造 ,考虑临海环境的盐碱腐蚀情况在雕塑表面附贴银箔 The length of the piece of work is 15.9m. The height is 4m. It adopts the stainless steel as material. Silver foil is gilded on the statue surface in the light of salinization corrosion of coastal environment


▼安装现场 Installation site


▼落地时刻 大雨骤降 The moment of landing, the rain fell sharply

▼雨过天晴后的‘衍’ After rain


“在经历了漫长的创作过程,最终亲眼所见艺术品从半空中缓缓落地的时刻,是非常激动人心的。当它安全着地的一刻,每一位项目参与者的心情真就像紧跟着的那场大雨一样,是如释重负,是放心,更多的也是为大家努力付出最终得以完满而感到喜悦。这是一次非常难忘的经历。” ——AART一间宅执行总监赵英彤

“After a long production process, the moment that sees the artwork landing on the ground from the midair gradually eventually with own eyes is very exciting. When it lands on the ground safely, every project participant feels a sense of relief just like the following heavy rain. And we also feel delightful for the efforts and eventual achievement made by all of us. It is a quite unforgettable experience.” –AART Executive Director Katherine




AART is honored to cooperate with artist Hu Dongmin and produce the artwork for Parkland One Shenzhen Bay T7 office building entrance this time. It is a gift for the sea. With the inspiration from the artwork, we hope our human beings could pay further attention to the living environment, protect and nurture the nature which makes contribution to the city development and human beings.






Project: One Shenzhen Bay
Estate Developer: Parkland Real Estate
Location: Shenzhen China
Art Consultant: AART
Year: 2018


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