Reed Hilderbrand : 一系列的花园标志着休斯顿最终的下一代公园的入口。花园位于阿伦公园路和斜坡,堡垒边缘的河口。其中包括安静地休息的阴凉空间、休闲的小径和开放的草坪、一个城市广场和一个人工种植的湖——所有这些都是城市正在显现的城市美。

Reed Hilderbrand : A series of gardens mark entrances to Houston’s definitive next generation park. Thresholds and gateways, the gardens are situated between the Allen Parkway and the sloping, bulwark edges of the Bayou. Among them are shady spaces for quiet repose, trails and open lawns for recreation, an urban plaza and a planted lagoon — all examples of the city’s emerging civic beauty.



布法罗巴尤公园(Buffalo Bayou Park)实现了20世纪早期的一个宏伟目标:建造一座线性公园,以展现休斯顿标志性的自然景观。里德·希尔德布兰德(Reed Hilderbrand)曾在这个更大的公园内的四个独立区域担任园林设计师。我们还通过城市树木、环流、景观特色等主题的设计开发,为SWA集团提供整个园区的咨询。

Buffalo Bayou Park brings to fruition an early 20th-century ambition for a linear park expressive of Houston’s iconic natural landscape. Reed Hilderbrand has served as garden designer for the following four discrete areas within the larger park. We also provided consultation to SWA Group on the entire park through design development on the subjects of urban trees, circulation, and landscape character.


日期: 2012 – 2015年
景观: SWA集团,Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Location:  Houston, Texas
Dates:  2012-2015
Landscape: Buffalo Bayou Partnership ,  SWA Group

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