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天仝建筑设计:仝亭是由三个片状结构围合的临时空间,形态与“仝”字的相似。一百根五十毫米直径、 笔直的竹子,形成一个向上的曲面空间,为宽阔的场地提供一个可进入的小空间。结构虽然小,但这个空间是可以容纳站立的人的。在其中一端,我们甚至布置了两个人可以对坐的空间。竹子的长度随着倾斜的角度变化,在大的空间包裹;在小的空间释放。小的空间和大的空间形成相互对望的关系,既独立又亲密。

TEKTONN ARCHITECTS :Cabanetek is a temporary space enclosed by three sheet-like structures, and its shape is similar to Chinese letter “tong”. One hundred bamboos with a diameter of 50 mm form an upward space, providing a small livable space for the wide site with two curved surfaces. Although the structure is small, this space can accommodate standing people. At one end, we even arranged a room where two people can sit opposite each other. The length of the bamboo changes with the angle of inclination, wrapped in a large space and released in a small space. The small space and the large space form a mutual-looking relationship, which is both independent and intimate.


▼项目视频   Project video

▼场地空间   Floor space

▼竖直镜面   Vertical mirror

▼始祖棚屋   Father shed


仝亭的建造地点离水面有一些距离,是一个宽阔的场地,让我们可以不必过于纠结毫厘之间的尺寸进退。这里是环湖步道的一个放大节点,想必有着承载某些活动的希望 :景观中设置的竖向的镜子加大了这个场地的尺度。宽裕的状态对设计有着积极的影响,希望设计的介入采用如始祖棚屋般原始简单的构建逻辑,形成能和人互动的空间,和这种独特的空间结构相得益彰:松弛、有趣而舒适。

The construction site of Cabanetek has some distance from the waterfront; it is a broad site so that we don’t have to be too entangled in the size of the advance and retreat. The site is an enlarged node of the trail around the lake, and there is the hope of carrying some activities: the vertical mirror set in the landscape enlarges the scale of the site. The ample state has a positive impact on the design. It is hoped that the design intervention can create a primitive hut like structure, simple and livable, complement this unique spatial structure: relaxation, fun, and comfort.


▼场地鸟瞰   Site have a bird’s eye view of

▼银杏林下的仝亭若隐若现   Tall pavilions under ginkgo trees are looming

▼仝亭与场地的景观空间呈现   The landscape space of the pavilion and the site is presented

▼透过树叶的仝亭鸟瞰   A bird’s eye view through a pavilion of leaves

▼笔直的竹子形成的仝亭曲面   The curved surface of the pavilion formed by straight bamboo

▼与现状景观的互动   Interaction with the current landscape

▼植入的仝亭   Implanted pavilions

▼仝亭与场地的整体和谐   The overall harmony between the pavilion and the site


由于仝亭只会存在三个月,竹子这种更有 亲和力的材料被选择运用。这不光是对环 境的友好;还有让进入的人有放松的感觉。 我们希望亭子呈现一种让人感到可以被随意使用的状态 :地板的高度刚好是让人舒 服的坐下的尺寸;没有太刚性的连接,这是个微微可动的亭子;竹子、麻和木头的质感可以提供一些弹性和声音。我们想亭子能提供在平时正襟危坐的建筑里不一样的触感,感受春夏交替柔和的光线和让人松弛的空气,从而激发更多在户外活动的 畅想。

Since Cabanetek will only exist for three months, bamboo, a more affinity material, was chosen to be used. This is not only about being friendly to the environment; it also makes people who enter have a sense of relaxation. We want the pavilion to present a state where people feel free to use: the height of the floor is just the size that makes people comfortable to sit down; there is no too rigid connection, this is a slightly movable pavilion; bamboo, hemp rope and wood texture can provide some flexibility and sound. We think the pavilion can offer a different sense of touch in the building where you usually sit and feel the soft light and relaxing air in spring and summer that inspire more imagination of outdoor activities.


▼仝亭与人的尺度   The same pavilion as the human scale

▼预制竹零件(左)& 现场安装(右)   Prefabricated bamboo parts (left) & On-site installation (right)

▼编好号的零件(左)& 夜间形成菱形的纹理(右)     Numbered parts (left) & Rhomboid textures are formed at night (right)

▼横向的连接件(左)& 等待加工的竹子(右)     Lateral connection (left) &  Bamboo waiting to be processed(right)

▼体量生成   The volume of the pavilion is generated

▼鸟瞰  Both kiosks have a bird’s eye view of

▼仝亭细节  8, booth details

▼技术图纸   Technical drawings

▼技术图纸   Technical drawings





联系邮箱:info@tektonn.com business@tektonn.com (商务邮箱)
项目设计 & 完成年份:建筑设计 & 2021年4月
摄影版权:天仝建筑(王翔)、存在建筑(苏哲维 / 何震环 / 马承融)、何耀

Project name: Tong Pavilion
Designer: chengdu tiantong architectural design co., LTD
Company website: www.tektonn.com
Contact email: info@tektonn.com
Project Design & Completion Year: Architectural Design & April 2021
Designer: Wang Xiang, Ni Yan, Tian Wenmu, Yang Yue (graphic design), Luan Yan Structure (structure)
Engineering personnel: Li Qian, Wang Xiang, Yong Changlin, Liu Jianwen
Project Address: Luhu Broken Line Park, Tianfu Avenue South Extension, Tianfu New District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Floor Area: About 12㎡
Copyright: Tiantong Architecture (Wang Xiang), Existence Architecture (Su Zhewei/He Zhenhuan/Ma Chengrong), He Yao
Construction unit: Chengdu Tiantong Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Client: Chengdu Luhu A8 Design Center
Remarks: “Tong Pavilion” is an independent building in Southwest China. It is an architectural design work in 2021 Luhu Cross-boundary Joint Exhibition.
The exhibition will last for three months.


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